Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Talboy Goodbye, Day Two

The early talk minority leader race from various observers of various perspectives:


On Hummel: “Hummel would be effective. He’s a fighter, but he’ll save the effort for things that matter. (House Dems would show their own smallness if they rejected Hummel because he’s pro-life – there’s usually one or, at max, two pro-life bills per session and they always pass with veto-proof majorities.)”


And  another says Hummel’s switched on the life/choice issue: “Pro-choice votes all this year.”



On Schupp: One person says there’s talk that she’ll look at assistant floor leader instead.  And another writes, “If you’re looking for a liberal woman to lead, it’s probably two years premature but Tracy McCreery has serious potential. She passes all the liberal litmus tests - and is respected on both sides of the aisle.”



On Colona: “He’s told caucus members that his primary opponent can self-fund & unless the SOS kicks (Rio Vitale) off the ballot for residency issues, his top priority is getting reelected.”


Colona may be haunted by having watched former Rep. Vicki Englund flirt with a leadership race while getting beaten by Cloria Brown two years ago, and wants to be sure he doesn’t get surprised.



Joplin One Year

Excerpts from Nixon Introduction of Barack Obama

“Over the past year, the Joplin Schools have faced - and overcome - many daunting challenges. That was possible because of the vision, leadership and dedication of Superintendent C.J. Huff.


“With unwavering courage and unshakable resolve, C.J. has led the Joplin Schools forward.  He has been an inspiration to us all.  I'm proud to have worked closely in partnership with C.J., and I'm even more proud to call him my friend.


“Mr. President, ladies and gentlemen, please join me in thanking one of Missouri's - one of America's - finest leaders and educators, Superintendent C.J. Huff…


“In Joplin, the sun rises every morning on a different place... and sets every evening on a better place.  And so, just 87 days after the most devastating tornado in our history, Joplin schools opened - just as Dr. Huff promised - on August 17th…


“Just a few days after the tornado struck, President Obama came to Joplin. As we walked the ravaged streets ... he spoke with many of our families ... folks who had lost everything.


“He prayed with us... remembering the courage of those who gave their lives protecting others...and asked the Lord to watch over us and guide us through the difficult days ahead.


“The President pledged that our country would be with us ... and stay with us ...at every step ...as Joplin recovered and rebuilt.  And he has kept that commitment...as a true partner and a true friend of Joplin…”



Candidate Withdrawals

Yesterday several candidates withdrew from races.  Today is the last day to remove one’s name form the ballot.


Senate 25

Republican Rep. Billy Pat Wright withdrew.  That gives Republican businessman Doug Libla a clear shot to the general where he will meet Rep. Terry Swinger.  Swinger doesn’t have a primary either.

One source says, "Wright's being a team player.  He was approached by numerous people that he respected.  he made the right decision for himself, the party, and for SE Missouri."


House 34

Republican Chris Heckadon withdrew.  This give incumbent Rep. Jeff Grisamore a certain re-election as he’s now unopposed in both the primary and the general.


House 40

Republican John Kallash withdrew.  As a result Republican Jim Hansen will not a primary as Republicans attempt to knock off incumbent Democratic Rep. Paul Quinn.  As noted in earlier reports, redistricting has thrown Quinn a tough map in that not only is his new district a toss-up voting district, but it’s also 85% new to him.  His six years of incumbency will be much less relevant.


House 48

Republican Stephanie Fuemmeler withdrew.  That leaves Dave Muntzel as the lone Republican to face Democrat Ron Monnig.  Like House 40, this is a toss-up district.



For those keeping score at home – that’s four Republicans dropping yesterday eliminating four Republican primaries…




The Rush Limbaugh bust appeared in the Capitol rotunda yesterday. Saga not over.  Stay tuned.
John Brunner announced he’d won the endorsement of the John Deere PAC.  According to FEC filings the PAC has made contributed $245,500 to candidates this year and has $373,563 on-hand at the end of April.



In St. Louis at McGurk’s Rep. Mike Colona holds a fundraiser (5-7pm).  And Congressman Lacy Clay’s fundraiser is at Portfolio Gallery (5:30-7pm).  On both host committees: Mayor Francis Slay.



Lobbyists’ Principals Changes

From the Pelopidas website:


Mark Levison deleted Hexagrid, COCA, and Pinnacle Entertainment Inc.



$5K+ Contributions

Friends of Tom Schweich - $100,000 from David Humphreys.

Clean Water STL - $25,000 from Regional Business Council.

Give Missourians a Raise - $15,000 from Service Employees International Union.

Missourians for Responsible Lending - $15,000 from Service Employees International Union.

Missouri Health Care Association PAC - $6,000 from MHCA District IV.



Contribution Commentary

Would have loved to have heard the pitch that Auditor Tom Schweich made (successfully) to Humphreys as to why he needed a $100K contribution now for his 2014 re-election…




Happy birthdays to Bryan Cave’s Dan White (41), Jason Growe (28) and Travis Fitzwater (31).