Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Riddle for Rules.

A few weeks ago I wrote a blurb with the headline “Riddle for Rules?”  I got a call yesterday from a very credible source telling me to remove the question mark and make it a period.  So it is:  Rep. Jeanie Riddle will have the Rules chair next year.  It’s also said that Rep. Eric Burlison has also ended any talk about floor leader.  Thus it even clearer than ever that Rep, John Diehl will be unopposed for floor leader.


And on the Senate side

Folks are saying that the Ron Richard’s talk of running for floor leader might not have been his own idea.  They think the notion may have been planted in his brain.  Which brings us to the real question: why? Who benefited? Who has the power to cover it up?...



LaFaver Gets a Pass

Yesterday a little after 3pm Chris Miller withdrew from the House 25 Democratic primary.  That means that Jeremy LaFaver is now unopposed in his primary.  There are two Republicans running, but the district (the old Kander district) is heavily Democratic.


LaFaver does have a fundraiser tomorrow with Mayor Sly James, Senator Jolie Justus, & Minority Leader Mike Talboy headlining the event.



Minority Leader Mike Talboy, as expected, also withdrew from his re-election bid.



Humphreys to Auditor: Here’s $100K

While I was befuddled by yesterday’s contribution from David Humphreys to Auditor Tom Schweich given that he’s not running for anything right now, one observer saw a pattern.


The tipster offers this rationale behind the check: “Unbelievable – just as Schweich is about to draft the fiscal note to Humphrey’s own SJR 51 on the court plan… His timing is curious.  For example, on April 7, 2009 Floor leader Tilley brought up HJR 10 (court plan) for perfection (82-72) then third reading on the 8th (85-72). Seven days later Tilley gets a check for $25,000 from Humphreys. Then a month later the HRCC gets $100,000 from him.”



Petition Bits

The Missouri Supreme Court has notified the parties in the Payday Loan initiative case that they intend to have the case argued on June 25.  Lawyers are Chuck Hatfield, Marc Ellinger and Eddie Greim (of the Graves Bartle law firm).  Speculation is they may have that day as initiative day and hear minimum wage and tobacco while they are at it.


One tipster who’s given a quick look at the payday petition signatures says that they are “cutting it close in the 7th Congressional District… We won’t really know until the secretary of state’s office sends it out to county clerks to go signature by signature.  But based on the page count, if they don’t make it, the 7th will be the problem.”



Who Wants to be Judge?

From the St. Louis Business Journal (Read it Here):


Eighteen people applied for the vacancy that will open on the Missouri Court of Appeals, Eastern District, when Judge Kenneth Romines retires in August.


They are: Douglas Churovich of Polster, Lieder, Woodruff and Lucchesi LC; Michael David, a judge in the 22nd Judicial Circuit Court of Missouri; Joel Ferber, of Legal Services of Eastern Missouri; Gretchen Garrison, of Gray, Ritter and Graham PC; Richard Gartner, of Gartner Law Firm, St. Peters; Robert Guinness of Guinness & Buehler LLC, St. Charles; Michael Jamison, a judge in the 21st Judicial Circuit Court of Missouri; Joann Leykam, St. Charles County counselor; Benjamin Lipman, of Lewis, Rice and Fingersh; Steven Ohmer, presiding judge in the 22nd Judicial Circuit Court of Missouri; Lisa Page, presiding judge in the 23rd Judicial Circuit Court of Missouri; H. Scott Summers, Schuyler County prosecuting attorney; Erwin Switzer, of Greensfelder Attorneys at Law; David Truman, an assistant prosecutor in St. Louis County; Lisa Van Amburg, circuit judge for the 22nd Judicial Circuit Court of Missouri; David Vincent III, circuit judge of the 21st Judicial Circuit Court of Missouri; Stanley Wallach of the Wallach Law Firm, Thomas Weaver, of Armstrong Teasdale LLP.



Wyatt to White House

From the Facebook status of Rep. Zach Wyatt:  “Today I got invited to a White House reception celebrating LGBT month on June 15th. I'm so honored to be able to go and represent Novinger, District 2, and the State of Misssouri. Many know I don't agree with many of the policies this President promotes, but I still respect the Presidency. Remember, when we loose respect for people that is when we as a nation will fail!”



Obama to Joplin Grads

Excerpts from the President’s speech at the Joplin High School


“As others have mentioned, you’ve had to grow up quickly over the last year.  You’ve learned at a younger age than most of us that we can’t always predict what life has in store.  No matter how we might try to avoid it, life surely can bring some heartache, and life involves struggle.  And at some point life will bring loss.


“But here in Joplin, you’ve also learned that we have the power to grow from these experiences.  We can define our lives not by what happens to us, but by how we respond.  We can choose to carry on.  We can choose to make a difference in the world…  Of all that’s come from this tragedy, let this be the central lesson that guides us, let it be the lesson that sustains you through whatever challenges lie ahead.


“As you begin the next stage in your journey, wherever you’re going, whatever you’re doing, it’s safe to say you will encounter greed and selfishness, and ignorance and cruelty, sometimes just bad luck.  You’ll meet people who try to build themselves up by tearing others down.  You’ll meet people who believe that looking after others is only for suckers.


“But you’re from Joplin.  So you will remember, you will know, just how many people there are who see life differently; those who are guided by kindness and generosity and quiet service. You’ll remember that in a town of 50,000 people, nearly 50,000 more came in to help the weeks after the tornado -– perfect strangers who’ve never met you and didn't ask for anything in return.


“And so, my deepest hope for all of you is that as you begin this new chapter in your life, you’ll bring that spirit of Joplin to every place you travel, to everything you do.  You can serve as a reminder that we’re not meant to walk this road alone, that we’re not expected to face down adversity by ourselves.  We need God.  We need each other.  We are important to each other and we’re stronger together than we are on our own…”




The House Republican Campaign Committee has two big baseball fundraisers – both sold out – with an expected $40K cash hit for their bank account.



Yesterday Gina Walsh unveiled legislative endorsements from Reps. Steve Webb, Margo McNeil, Tommie Pierson, Churie Spreng, Sylvester Taylor.



Staffin:  Crystal Williams’ staff in Senate 7 is Missy Brissey, campaign manager; Lisa Honn Bindley, communications manager; Alex Woodruff, campaign coordinator; Eronn Cantu, scheduler/data; and Roy Temple as guru-in-chief.



Staffin: Ruth Ehresman, running in House 78 has hired recent UMSL grad Justin Stein, as her field organizer. Stein recently worked as student organizer for Jobs with Justice.



Lobbyists’ Principals Changes

From the Pelopidas website:


Amanda Petelin added American Cancer Society.

Michael T. White added Karbank Real Estate Compnay LLP, Dieomatic Incorporated, and Beet Lop.

John Bardgett Jr. deleted The Missouri Bar and Lounge Concepts.

Cheryl Dillard deleted Group Health Plan Inc., and Coventry Health Care of Kansas Inc.

Michael Michelson deleted Central Missouri Physical Therapy PC, and MO Organization for Clinical Laboratory Science.




Happy birthdays to Jeanie Riddle’s Zach Monroe and Ray Hartmann (60).



Congratulations - to lobbyist Tricia Workman who had a baby boy yesterday morning at 11:10 am.  He was a healthy 8 lbs and 20.5 inches long. Name has yet to be voted out of committee…



MOScout News

In previous years I’ve done both a primary and a general election “forecast presentation.”  I plan on doing the general election forecast presentation this year.  However for the primary, I’m going to try something different.


Normally these events have included a “book” with analysis on each race for which I charge something like $70 because Kinko’s kills me on the copying.


This year the reference guide will be produced electronically instead.  It will be an updated version – including candidate profiles, links to their websites etc – of the “special reports” from last month.  My best guess right now is that it will be in the ballpark of 400 pages.  Insane.


Anyway, this will be available to subscribers at production cost.  I’m guessing it will be around $10.  And I will also offer it to non-subscribers for something substantially more, probably $600ish, because if they’re not subscribers then they really don’t deserve it, right?


In lieu of my PowerPoint presentations in St. Louis, Jefferson City, and Kansas City, I’m just going to go to specific groups that want a “forecast presentation.”  If you represent one of those groups and are interested, let me know and we’ll find a date.