Thursday, December 15, 2011

And Then There Were Three?

There’s no incumbent in the newly drawn House 58, but one former state representative with two years left under term limits lives there… Kenny Jones, father of Rep. Caleb Jones and uncle to Speaker-elect Tim Jones.  A good source says that it’s not too far-fetched, Kenny is seriously considering it.  Maybe they’d start a Jones Family Caucus?...



Apres Le Deluge

Kenny Jones isn’t the only veteran considering a return. As I’ve been chugging through the districts looking at the new lines, a lot of old names are resurfacing, especially on the Democratic side.


In House 44, look for former state senator Ken Jacob to be the Dem nominee for that Columbia seat.


Elsewhere it’s folks who were washed away during the Republican tidal wave of 2010 see 2012 as time for them to return… On the KC side, could Jason Grill be angling for a rematch with Ron Schieber?  In the new House 33 (Harrisonville) there’s talk of Luke Scavuzzo running again.  In JeffCo, Jeff Roorda, Mike Frame are mentioned. And as previously reported Vicki Englund will be running against Cloria Brown again in St. Louis County.



Stoll for PSC

Yesterday Governor Jay Nixon picked former state senator Steve Stoll as his appointment to the Public Service Commission.


Although one source says that there is already grumbling in the senate from a “western side senator” because they lack representation on the powerful commission, Stoll wins praise from others.


Says one Republican, “Stoll is a throwback to days when the Missouri General Assembly was a lot less partisan.  He’s thought of as just a great guy liked by everyone who served with him.  Expect stalwart Republicans who still have some clout like former colleagues Steve Ehlmann and John Greisheimer to come out in support of him for that very reason.


“Stoll may not grasp the intricacies of utility ratemaking, but he’s got a lot of attractive attributes.  He’s a low-key, reasonable guy not beholden to utilities, industrials, environmental groups or any other special interest groups. He’s used to parsing through appropriations requests and making tough calls.  Most importantly, politically speaking ‘he gets it.’ You can’t put a price on that quality.”



GOP Candidates Announce

Donna Pfautsch in House 33

“Harrisonville resident and City Councilwoman Donna Pfautsch today announced plans to run for election to the Missouri House of Representatives from the newly drawn 33rd District, which includes parts of Cass and Jackson counties.


“Pfautsch will be a candidate for the Republican nomination in the August primary.  The 33rd District extends from Harrisonville east to the Johnson County line and north through Pleasant Hill, Lake Lotawana and Lone Jack to Old U.S. 40, including parts of Blue Springs, Grain Valley, and Oak Grove.  As a result of redistricting, the area does not have an incumbent representative.”


J.D. McGaugh in House 39

In the new House 39, a HUGE district which takes in some of Ray, Carroll and Chariton Counties, Republicans will announce today that Joe Don McGaugh is their candidate. Two GOPers expressed confidence that this is a district they can win.


From the bio: “While attending the University of Missouri Joe Don interned for State Representative John Quinn in Jefferson City and Congressman Kenny Hulshof in Washington D.C. Joe Don worked as a legislative assistant in the Missouri State Senate from 2006 to 2007. Joe Don graduated from the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law in May of 2010. After passing the Missouri Bar Exam Joe Don opened McGaugh Law Offices, LLC in Carrollton in October of 2010. Following the return to his home town to engage in the legal profession Joe Don was appointed to the positions of both Carrollton City Prosecutor and Carrollton City Attorney.”



St. Louis Tea Party Splinter

Last week, there was a tiff in the St. Louis Tea Party which led to the departure of the high-profile Dana Loesch.  Yesterday, the dissidents unveiled their new group… Gateway Grassroots Initiative See the Website Here.


The press release: “St. Louis grassroots activists have announced the formation of a new grassroots organization, dedicated to advancing conservatism at the national, state, and local levels. Scott Boston, Jennifer Ennenbach, Stacy Washington, and Dana Loesch formed the group out of a desire to promote issues and conservative principles in both policy and culture…

The group will launch its first initiative in the next few days with more initiatives planned for after the first of the year.”



Other Bits

In Senate 3, a good sources say there’s no way that Rep. Shelley Keeney moves into that district to run.  Still, observers wait for a Cape Girardeau candidate as there are already two from the northern part of the district.  Read Southeast Missourian’s coverage Here.



So far it’s mum from Will Royster, who lost to Rep. John Rizzo by one (1) vote last cycle in the Democratic primary.  Could Rizzo escape a primary?  We’ll see…



A strong source says that any rumors that Susan Montee would be retreating from the lieutenant governor’s race are completely unfounded.  The recent buzz about Judy Baker entering the race have only strengthened her resolve.  And there might be some push-back against Baker given that she passed on a statewide run six months ago.  The feeling is that when no one was willing to step up against Speaker Steve Tilley’s steamroller, Montee did.  Now that Tilley is out, it’s bad form for others to suddenly show up.



Rep. Tishaura Jones announced for St. Louis City Treasurer yesterday.  That opens up the assistant floor leader position in the Democratic minority’s caucus.  Possible names: Rep. Mike Colona, or Jeff Roorda (if he returns as rumored above).




On Who Should Run in House 2

I am not wishing the gentleman ill will and this is politically incorrect of me but my reaction to Rep. Glen Klippenstein stepping aside for two years is: do we know if he will be around in two years?  He will be almost 80 after stepping aside.  And he would be almost 85 when his 4th term would be up. Usually the young guy steps aside.



Lobbyists’ Principal Changes

From the Pelopidas website:


Arlene Boessen added Missouri Attorney General’s Office.



$5K+ Contributions

Your Vote Counts - $8,633 from The Humane Society of the United States.

United Food & Commercial Workers Local #655 Elect Political Action Fund - $6,369 from United Food and Commercial Workers Local #655 Elect Political.

United Food & Commercial Workers Local #655 Elect Political Action Fund - $6,328 from United Food and Commercial Workers Local #655 Elect Political.

MO Society of Anesthesiologists Political Action Committee - $30,000 from Anesthesia Associates of Kansas City.

Spence for Governor - $10,000 from Mark Mays.




Happy birthday tomorrow to MTIA’s Ric Telhorst.


Saturday: Rep. Barney Fisher (64) and Former Reps. Sam Komo (42) and TD El-Amin (41)


Sunday: Rep. Kevin Elmer (41).



Must RSVP by Tomorrow

Friday is the last day to RSVP for the “2012 Forecast” presentations.  The hour-long discussion will cover implications of the new redistricting maps, as well as the statewide races and the next legislative session.


Monday, December 19 – St. Louis, 8am

Tuesday, December 20 – Kansas City, 8am

Wednesday, December 21 – Jefferson City, 1:30pm


Each attendee will receive a booklet with analysis of every state House and Senate district. It’ll be approx. 200 pages, and it goes to print on Saturday, so you must RSVP to by tomorrow to attend.