Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thompson Takes Reins at Camp Kinder

Rumor is that Speaker Steve Tilley’s former lieutenant Logan Thompson has taken over the reins on the Peter Kinder campaign.


That would explain the batch of subtle new changes we’ve seen – new logo, upgraded website, Facebook activity etc – breathing fresh life into the campaign.


But that’s the easy stuff.  The larger challenge is whether the burn rate can be contained.  Last quarter Kinder paid the following amounts: Jared Craighead’s Highland Consulting ($30K), James Harris Company ($10K), Gentry Trotter’s Multimedia ($7,500), Donna English’s Capitol Consulting ($60K), David Barklage ($30K), Jeff Roe’s Axiom ($12K), Miles Ross’ Veritas Public Relations ($18K), Chris Martin’s Show Me Politics ($18K), Weston McKee’s Laurus ($7,500) and probably a few I missed.



Unpacking Rex’s Tax Plan

Coalition for Missouri’s Future has been rolling out a series of “white papers” looking at the tax proposal championed by Rex Sinquefield which would eliminate the tax income tax and replace it with a larger, expanded sales tax.  Missouri’s Future is opposed to the measure and has enlisted MOWonk’s Brian Schmidt to write a series of papers considering the implications of the tax change.  See them Here.


The latest focuses on the impact of the new proposed tax on advertising, comparing it to Florida’s attempt to tax advertising.


Pull-Quote: “Florida businesses were provided with an idea of how the tax would work before it passed, but even with this information, they found the tax too complicated and cumbersome. Missouri businesses, on the other hand, have not been told how the tax on advertising will work as the proposals lack details on the subject. The only certainty for Missouri businesses is that advertising will definitely be taxed under the tax scheme.”



Rumorville: Koster 2016

Out of Springfield the other day comes word that Attorney General Chris Koster, responding to a question from some labor leaders, confided that he saw himself running for governor in 2016.


For those looking past this cycle to the next, this set Koster on a collision course with State Treasurer Clint Zweifel.  And for labor it brings the prospect of a civil war as both have been stalwart labor supporters.


In gaming out the potential scenarios, the more likely course would be to see labor split during the primary with the western side organizations backing Koster and the eastern side rallying behind Zweifel – and an unpleasant tug-of-war for the statewide organizations.



Now Back to the Present: Hensley for Congress

Cass County Prosecutor Attorney Teresa Hensley is embarking on a congressional campaign.  Writes on tipster, “Formal announcement coming soon… she will be at the Boone County Chili Dinner Monday, January 23, 2012… January just got a lot warmer for those of us in the 4th Congressional District.”


Here’s the bio: “Hensley was a former Raymore Alderman, former Raymore Planning and Zoning Board member, and former member of the Missouri Child Abuse and Neglect Review Board.  As a former member of Hope Haven of Cass County, she remains active with the Domestic Violence Coalition.  She is a member of the Bel-Ray Sunrise Lions Club, a Paul Harris Fellow through the Harrisonville Rotary, a member of Harrisonville Business and Professional Women, Harrisonville and Raymore Chamber of Commerce, and a life-long member of the St. Paul’s United Methodist Church.”



Rumorville: State of the Judiciary

It’s said that the redistricting mess has drawn the attention of national “interests groups.”  Don’t be surprised to see some of their resources dump into the state as the legislature starts considering legislative changes to the judicial branch.  One idea now circulating in the House is to scrap the non-partisan court plan and replace it with something modeled on the federal process: judges nominated by the governor, confirmed by the senate.



Teach Tenure Initiative Coming?

According to the MSTA website an initiative petition has been filed with the Secretary of State to end teacher tenure.  See it Here.



2012 Watch

Noel Shull started a campaign committee to run for House 16 as a Republican.  Shull, a former Missouri Gaming Commission chairman, ran for state representative last cycle and lost to TJ Berry in the primary.  Now it looks like he’ll face Vic Hurlbert.



Lobbyists’ Principals Changes

From the Pelopidas website:


Richard and Sam Wiles deleted Multistate Associates on behalf of Sanofi Pasteur.



$5K+ Contributions

Your Vote Counts - $23,068 from The Humane Society of the United States.

Surgery by Surgeons PAC - $17,000 from Des Peres Eye Surgery Center LLC dba St. Louis Eye Surgery & Laser Center

Keep Greene County Safe - $10,500 from Opinion Research Specialists.

Citizens for Donna Pfautsch - $5,001 from Doug Kinney.

United Union of Roofers Waterproofers & Allied Workers Political Education & Legislative Fund of MO - $10,000 from United Union of Roofers, Waterproofers and Allied Workers.

Committee to Elect Jeff Roorda - $35,233 from Roorda for Senate 2014.

United Food & Commercial Workers Local #655 Elect Political Action Fund – $6,531 from United Food & Commercial Workers Local #655.

United Food & Commercial Workers Local #655 Elect Political Action Fund – $6,321 from United Food & Commercial Workers Local #655.




Happy birthday to Deb Dubin.