Friday, January 20, 2012

Trouble for Gubby Appts?

Word from Senate observers is that the confirmation process for some of Governor Jay Nixon’s appointees is going to be like traversing a firing range: treacherous and some will likely go down.


The main reason for the pessimism is simple Election year politics.  Sens. Brad Lager and Luann Ridgeway are running for lieutenant governor; Sens. Scott Rupp and Bill Stouffer are running for secretary of state.


Additionally, one source thinks Sen. Jason Crowell – term limited with no future stated ambitions – has set his sights on some appointments as well.


All are pro-life.  So when, say, Jason Hall’s nomination hits the floor, all will likely have a few words to say about stem cells.


Hall isn’t the only one in danger.  According to that source: “I think they are going to take out Jim Avery and some random others.”


Avery was appointed to Labor and Industrial Relations.



You Make the Call: Leak or Slip?

KMOX reports that an aide to Congressman Russ Carnahan said he will “run in the district he lives in.”  Read it Here.


The campaign quickly backtracked that it was a case of misunderstanding and mis-speaking.



A Baker’s Duel

Former state representative Judy Baker formally announced her entry into the lieutenant governor’s race, and started a campaign committee.  She joins Susan Montee vying for the Democratic nomination.  And – if rumors have any truth – creates the possibility for that others may now follow.  Those names are Rep. Sara Lampe and former Rep. Fred Kratky.


Dems can now begin the gnashing of teeth that they’ve blown their previously thought advantage this cycle of having a primary-less state-wide slate.  But it’s hardly the end of the world as it’s contained to the LG’s race.


In  head-to-head, one assumes that Montee’s reservoir of name ID carries her to victory.  In a four-way (I’m not counting Becky Plattner, here) Kratky clearly has a path, but still needs to raise the requisite half-million.  We will see.



Death-Match Quarters

Here how the campaign accounts of some incumbents warring against each other look:


In House 43, Rep. John Cauthorn raised $2,900 and has $11,984 on-hand.  And Rep. Jay Houghton raised $2,270 and has $10,157 on-hand.


In House 72, Rep. Mary Nichols raised $4,247 and has $16,313 on-hand.  And Rep. Eileen McGeoghegan raised $3,372 and has $4,407 on-hand.


In House 87, Rep. Stacey Newman raised $7,915 and has $30,607 on-hand.  And Rep. Susan Carlson raised $1,500 and has $6,976 on-hand.



Other Quarter Reports

In Senate 13, Redditt Hudson raised $8,399; spent $7,612 and has $1,213 on-hand.  He’s wayyyy behind for state rep. Gina Walsh right now.



Former state senator Ken Jacob raised $400 and has $176 on-hand for his House 44 race.




St. Louis Business Journal’s Ellen Sherberg reviews our friendship, and calls me middle-aged.  Read it Here. (May be a pay wall).



2012 Watch

John Sutton filed a campaign committee to run as Democrat in House 29.  That’s where Republican incumbent Noel Torpey is running for re-election.  It’s a solid (60%) Dem district now, but Torpey seems resolved to stay and fight.  One report has him already walking the doors.


Rich McCane filed a campaign committee to run as a Democrat in House 115.  It’s aslo a 60% Dem district.  Republicans, though, express optimism about their candidate, Elaine Gannon.



Lobbyists’ Principals Changes

From the Pelopidas website:


Richard I. Martin added H&R Block and Coventry Health Care of Kansas; and deleted Emmaus Homes Inc, and IMG.



$5K+ Contributions

Montee for Missouri - $10,000 from Davis, Ketchmark, McCreight, & Ivers PC.

Jay Nixon for Missouri - $55,000 from Democratic Governors Association – Missouri.




Happy birthday to Chris Moreno.


Saturday: Senate Majority Caucus communicator Farrah Fite.


Sunday: Michelle Colbert (44), Mike Lodewegen (27), Amber Kadera (29), and MO Optometric’s Jay Hahn (27)