Monday, January 23, 2012

Rumorville: Martin for AG?

Making the rounds again is the rumor that Ed Martin is being pushed to consider dropping his congressional campaign in favor of another office.  This time the rumor has him jumping into the attorney general’s race. Republicans have so far drawn a blank in finding anyone to oppose incumbent Chris Koster.



Koster Does Dem Circuit

Meanwhile Chris Koster seems to have at least one eye on 2016.  It hasn’t escaped the notice of one of his fellow Dems that Koster has been aggressively making the rounds of various Dem clubs and county committee functions.  It’s the sort of retail politics that Koster has eschewed in the past as he’s focused his energy on high-level donors.


But he’s slowly building credibility with the party activists who four years ago would have rejected him as a complete political opportunist.



Spence’s Story

Republican gubernatorial candidate Dave Spence released a web commercial.  See it Here.  The two-minute introduction focuses on his family-man and businessman image, making a few references to Jay Nixon as a career politician.



Risky Scheme Part III

Coalition for Missouri’s released part three of their series of “white papers” detailing their opposition to the initiative petition to eliminate the income tax and replace it with a higher and broader sales tax.  Read it Here.


This one looks at the impact on the health care industry.  If the many parts of the economy affected by the proposed change can unite, it will spell certain doom for the proposal.



Two Sides of the Coin

MO Budget warns TABOR would institutionalize tough budget battles, “Today, the House of Representatives passed HJR 43, a proposal to cap state spending growth… Once the state returns to pre-recession revenue levels, the spending lid would take effect the following year, making it unlikely that Missouri would ever be able to restore funding for higher education… As a result, Missouri's priorities would be pit against each other, with services for seniors competing with services for kids and economic development for more limited funds.”



The Missouri Chapter of Americans for Prosperity says “thank you”-  “The Missouri State House has taken a stand for fiscal responsibility and limited government,” says Patrick Werner, State Director of Americans for Prosperity – Missouri. “This amendment will require the state government to exercise spending restraint just like Missouri families.”



Meet the New Media, Same as the Old Media

Following the well-established St. Louis city tradition of starting a publication just in time for campaign advertising, old PR maven Gentry Trotter unveiled his latest vehicle “Globe Trotter.”  See it Here.  He’s apparently importing the headline grabbers from his last affiliation, The Evening Whirl.  And honestly I did find myself clicking to read “What Bit-Mitt? Who Wants A Broke-Ass President”



Bill Watch

Sen. Eric Schmitt’s SB 457 (See it Here) which requires mandatory reporting of suspected child abuse has a hearing tonight in Judiciary Committee (6pm).



Sen. Kevin Engler’s SB 440 (See it Here) which would put stricter solvency requirement on malpractice insurance companies was referred to Sen. Luann Ridgeway’s Health, Mental Health Committee.  It never received a nearing last year, causing Engler to angrily question the reason it was being killed on the Senate floor last year.  The bill would regulate a company associated with Sen. Rob Schaaf.



The House version of the employment discrimination changes, HB 1219, gets its hearing in the House Workforce Development Committee today (noon).



Committee Quarters

Here’s the January quarters from the legislative campaign committees:


House Republican Campaign Committee raised $133,510 and has $537,936 on-hand.

MO House Democratic Campaign Committee raised $54,750 and has $127,325 on-hand.


MO Senate Campaign Committee (Republican) raised $172,550 and has $227,411 on-hand.

MO Senate Democratic Campaign Committee raised $35,755 and has $70,175 on-hand.



2012 Watch

Dennis Johnson started a campaign committee to run as a Democrat in House 20.  It’s a solid Dem district with a Republican incumbent, Rep. Brent Lasater, a shock winner in the 2010 GOP wave.




Columbia Tribune cartoonist John Darkow draws about Governor Jay Nixon’s cuts to higher education.  See it Here.



Missouri Votes Conservation hosts the 10th Annual Environmental Summit on Saturday.  The topic of discussion hints at some soul-searching: “Is the environmental movement still relevant in Missouri? Join us as we discuss this and other key conservation challenges and trends as we move into 2012.”



Washington University hosts a panel discussion on the Turner case this Thursday.  See the details Here.  Wash U law professor Kimberly Jade Norwood will moderate with panelists including Sens. Maria Chappelle Nadal, and Jane Cunningham, Reps. Scott Dieckhaus and Tishaura Jones, and Commissioner Chris Nicastro and Don Senti of the Cooperating School Districts.



PD editorialist Tony Messenger takes on free meals.  Read it Here.  That’s all fine and good, just keep us gossipists out of your moral broom-sweep.




Lobbyist on changing the Non-Partisan Court Plan

The notion that the redistricting mess is the solely the judiciary’s fault is laughable if the implications weren’t so serious.  The judiciary would be more than happy to give up the responsibility of the redrawing the maps but the legislature knows that they can’t do it themselves so instead of doing the logical thing (changing redistricting) they are going to get their pound of flesh by screwing up the non-partisan court plan.


The Fed system for judges doesn’t work and it’s evidenced by recent studies that show it is taking longer and longer for appointments to be confirmed.  And the country isn’t getting any less partisan.


The classic example that should give everyone pause about the notion of senatorial consent of judicial nominees is happening right now.  Look for Sens. Luann Ridgeway and Brad Lager (for different reasons) to hold up the gov’s appointments until they get their way.  Well what happens when a senator wants to be an appellate judge or on the supreme court?



Lobbyists’ Principals Changes

From the Pelopidas website:


Robert Barrett added Sheet Metal Workers Local 36.

Jeffery N Brooks and Jorgen Schlemeier added City of St. Charles.

Kyna Iman and Trent Watson added Boeing Company.

Kyna Iman deleted Missouri Whitetail Breeders and Hunting Ranches, and Missouri Professional Auctioneers Association.



$5K+ Contributions

Voters for Good Government - $12,100 from Survey St. Louis.




Happy birthday to Jordon Overstreet.