Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Maxwell for LG?

In the continuing cluster that is the lieutenant governor’s race, the latest rumor has former LG Joe Maxwell considering a reprise of his old role.


Maxwell ascended from the state senate to the LG’s office in 2000, and didn’t run for reelection in 2004.


Word of his possible candidacy comes after former state representative Judy Baker formally declared herself a candidate last week.  With Baker, Susan Montee and the less known Becky Plattner in the race, the crowded Democratic field seems poised to gain a man to seize the political demographic opportunity created by three women running.


Other names mentioned include Rep. Sara Lampe and former Rep. Fred Kratky.


Remember When

Remember when the Dems couldn’t find a candidate for LG?



Lawsuit on House Map Now Also

The redistricting maps face yet another challenge.  Yesterday a bipartisan group of plaintiffs sued, saying that the state House map was unconstitutional.


AP has it Here.


Pull Quote: ‘In the legal challenge, opponents of the new map said one-quarter of the new House districts depart from the ideal population by at least 3 percent or 1,100 people. Some districts with too many people are located next to districts with too few. In addition, the lawsuit says maps suggested by members of the bipartisan redistricting commission that failed to agree had closer population margins. Besides population differences, the legal challenge filed Monday contends a half-dozen new House districts are not contiguous because they cross rivers where there are no bridges.’



Although the group is bipartisan – Republican incumbents got screwed as badly as Democratic incumbents – one source says that Paul Wilson, former aide to Governor Jay Nixon, was instrumental in the suit.




The Supreme Court accept the writ and the AG’s office has until Noon tomorrow to answer.


Around the Corner

There’s talk of things becoming such a mess that the courts retreat to using 2010 lines for the 2012 elections before switching over to new maps in the 2014 election cycle.  Others though shake their head at that arrangement saying it would be a blatant violation of the sacrosanct one-person / one-vote principle.



Hartnett New AG Chief of Staff

Matt Dameron, former chief of staff for the attorney general, has and moved back to Kansas City.  He’s become a partner at Stueve Siegel Hanson law firm. He worked there prior to joining AG’s office. One source says that with three kids, he wanted them to be back in KC “around friends and family as they got older. They never sold their house in south Kansas City so this was planned.”


Andrew Hartnett is the new chief of staff.  He moved over from the consumer division.



House Quarter Reports

Speaker-elect Tim Jones raised $153,234 and has $295,010 on-hand.

Floor Leader candidate John Diehl raised $76,015 and has $219,726 on-hand.

Pro Tem candidate Jason Smith raised $6,674 and has $15,346 on-hand.

Pro Tem candidate Mike Leara raised $5,650 and has $8,449 on-hand.

Pro Tem candidate Bill White raised $3,100 and has $12,972 on-hand.

Pro Tem candidate Denny Hoskin raised $1,540 and has $8,655 on-hand.

Assistant Floor candidate Kevin Elmer raised $11,170 and has $20,000 on-hand.

Assistant Floor candidate Dave Hinson raised $11,100 and has $14,400 on-hand.

Caucus Chair Shelley Keeney raised $10,425 and has $17,367 on-hand.

Caucus Chair candidate Sheila Solon raised $9,575 and has $32,838 on-hand.

Whip candidate TJ Berry raised $3,800 and has $16,351 on-hand.

Caucus Secretary candidate Marsha Haefner raised $5,525 and has $8,131 on-hand.




What’s the world coming to?  Lobbyist Bill Gamble is now on twitter… @billmolobby.



Randy Jotte will enter the 2nd congressional district race today.  Read it Here.  Minimal impact, but still a second man entering is negative for Ed Martin.


In the continuing Turner wars, the St. Louis firefighters are joining the fray – on the side of Turner.  Read it Here.





2012 Watch

John Kallash started a campaign committee to run for House 40 as a Republican.  He’s running against Democratic incumbent Rep. Paul Quinn.



Robert Conrejo started a campaign committee to run House 64 as a Republican.  There’s no incumbent in the new 64.  It’s a lean Republican district that includes Chain of Rocks.



Lobbyists’ Principals Changes

From the Pelopidas website:


Richard K McCullough added City of Bridgeton.



$5K+ Contributions

Komo for Missouri - $5,400 from Friends for Komo.




Happy birthdays to Crystal Williams and Bill Skaggs (70).