Thursday, July 19, 2012

KY3 Refuses Anti-Kinder Ad?

That anti-Kinder ad funded by anonymous donors that I wrote about yesterday appears to have been rejected by Springfield television stations, KY3 and KSPR.  As one observer says, “If you’re not on KY3, you’re not on TV in Springfield.”



Here are some excerpts from the letter sent to KY3 arguing they shouldn’t air the ad.


“I am writing on behalf of the Friends of Peter Kinder campaign committee to request that your station immediately cease running the false and defamatory advertisement about Lt. Governor Peter Kinder by the Missourians for Conservative Values PAC (“MCV”). MCV is intentionally making false and malicious misrepresentations about Peter Kinder for the sole purpose of defaming him.


“MCV’s advertisement attempts to smear the Lt. Governor’s character and reputation with patently false statements. The ad deliberately misinforms voters as to Kinder’s indisputable attendance record in the Missouri Senate and his personal life. Further, an unverified 501-C4 was created on July 13th and that same day donated $100,000 to MCV for the purchase of this ad. A complaint is being filed with the IRS on the 501-C4...


False and Defamatory Statement on Kinder at Non-Existent Bar

“First of all, the Horny Toad Bar does not exist and did not exist on October 17, 2011, the night which MCV claims Peter Kinder was there. The property on which the Horny Toad bar was once located was bought in 2010, renovated, renamed H. Toads Bar and Grill and became part of an entire resort called Camden on the Lake…


“Second, at no point was Peter Kinder at the H. Toad’s restaurant on October 17, 2011. Instead, Peter Kinder was on official state business as Missouri’s Senior Advocate speaking to over 120 people at the Missouri Assisted Living Association’s Conference…


“This statement is demonstrably false, malicious, and intentionally published by MCV to defame Peter Kinder and cast his character in a false and untrue light to the public. MCV either had knowledge of the falsity of this statement or acted in total disregard of the facts.


“Attached to this letter is an email from the Camden on the Lake’s event planner with an event receipt that details the group, time and location of the event where Lt. Governor Kinder spoke, as well as his official calendar with the event details included.”



Meanwhile, Cerner strikes back?

A leaked email (see it here) shows that despite Kinder’s recent protestations against the Lager-Cerner-Obamacare connection, he solicited Cerner for a campaign contribution himself recently.



Supreme Court Vacancy

See a list of those who have applied for the Supreme Court vacancy here.


Note: three of the applicants (Jeff Harris, Karen Mitchell, and Paul Wilson) are from within the Nixon “circle of trust.”  If one of them makes it through to the panel, they’d be the favorite for the appointment.


But if that seems problematic, understand the real implication here.  If the nonpartisan court plan falls at the ballot this November, the appellate commission, which now vets the applicants, will be loaded with gubernatorial appointments.  The ability of a governor to appoint his trusted lieutenant (or crony, choose your own rhetoric) to the supreme court will be unobstructed.



Carnahan: Call Him Pay Day Clay

Today Congressman Russ Carnahan unveils a website attacking Congressman Lacy Clay for his allegiance to the pay day loan industry. See it here.  It features a speech from Clay saying, “And one of the things I am most proud is our success in advancing the vital interests of the rent-to-own industry.”


The video claims that Clay received $80K in campaign contributions in return to his fidelity to the industry.  And in fact Clay’s stone-walled delivery of the speech makes it seem quite possible that there’s a pay day loan boss just off camera holding a check, or a gun.



Schoeller’s Second Ad

Rep. Shane Schoeller released his second television advertisement.  See it here.  In it he offers his support for the Voter ID law, and his name stays on the screen the whole time through.  This is a name ID battle after all…



Snarks an opposition camp regarding Schoeller’s campaign finance reports: “Schoeller recorded 50K from the Humphreys in the 1st Quarter report.  It didn’t match up with 48-hour reports though since it came in after the deadline (April 3).


“He wanted his 1st quarter #s to be highest so he fudged the Humphrys money into the 1st

Quarter.  Then he had to go back and amend his filings to show it in 2nd quarter, after he’d been blasting our press releases about being the top fundraiser.  It seems this was done on purpose, since he’s was only ‘top’ with that $50K.


“Then by shifting it to the 2nd Quarter he makes that number look better after revising the 1st Quarter when no one looking.  Misleading, at least.”



Senate 1

Scott Sifton smoked Sue Schoemehl in fundraising last quarter, raising $82K to Schoemehl’s $14K.  That, combined with reports from the field that, Sifton has been more active on the ground, are increasing my confidence level in a Sifton win.


Folks have suggested that incumbent Sen. Jim Lembke would favor Sifton as a competitor to Schoemehl because Sifton’s pro-choice position could be exploited among the Catholic voters.


One supporter of Sifton disputes that, “I think overall the new district is a wash on abortion. Doesn’t help but doesn’t hurt. Will stay a party line issue. But I think it helps him with women in the northern part of the district like Webster that may have moderate pro-choice Republican women.”




Sens. Jason Crowell, Jim Lembke, Rob Schaaf, and Brian Nieves all endorsed colleague Sen. Brad Lager for LG.  See it here.



The Cape County tea Party reminds us why straw polls three weeks before an election are ridiculousCynthia Davis leads the LG field, Bob Parker trounces Jo Ann Emerson, and Hector Maldonado battles with Todd Akin for US Senate.



Missouri Right to Life writes a letter to the editor for Rep. Wayne Wallingford, their candidate in Senate  See it here.  “Many incumbent candidates failed to qualify for an MRL PAC endorsement because of their anti-life votes involving funding for human cloning and embryonic stem-cell research, something that MRL and the pro-life citizens of Missouri adamantly oppose. Unfortunately, Sen. Brandom is one such candidate.”



Rep. Zach Wyatt writes on his Facebook page: “Okay, so I have been getting a lot of questions about when I plan on leaving for Hawaii. Just to let everyone know the earliest that I would leave would be the end of September. I have pushed back school until the 2nd Semester. In the coming months I will be going across the country and state helping statesmen get elected. Some canidates that I plan on helping Nate Walker(MO), Blake A. Smith (IOWA), Richard Tisei(MA), and Scott Brown(MA) to name a few. More information will be coming. I just wanted to let everyone know.”



Lobbyists Registrations

From the Pelopidas website:


Amanda Good added Humane Society of the United States.

Matt Hill added Ground Control Lawn Fertilizing Inc.

Imre E Komaromi deleted Independent Living Resource Center.

Tom Rackers deleted C & C Group.



$5K+ Contributions

Give Missourians a Raise - $50,000 from International Brotherhood of Teamsters.

Missourians for Koster - $25,000 from Simmons Browder Gianaris Angelides Barnerd LLC.

MO Cable PAC - $8,600 from Missouri Cable Telecommunications Association.

Citizens to Elect Kurt Schaefer - $10,000 from Jennifer Bukowsky.

Friends of Wayne Wallingford - $10,000 from Cape Radiology Group.

Progress KC Committee - $20,000 from Operating Engineers Local 101.

Fred Sauer Governor - $25,000 from Fred Sauer.

Missourians for Health and Education - $10,000 from BlueCross BlueShield of Kansas City.

Missourians for Health and Education - $25,000 from Kansas City Southern Railway Co.




Happy birthdays to former senator John Griesheimer (hits the big 6-0 today), Springfield Chamber of Commerce’s Jim Anderson, and lobbyist Dave Overfelt.



And Congratulations

Jeff and Mindy Mazur welcomed twin girls into the world yesterday (Melody Lou and Eliza Gray).



MOScout News

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