Thursday, June 7, 2012

Bits and bits, but let’s start with unrumoring something….


No Truth to Tilley-AB Rumor

A received an emphatic denial yesterday to the rumor I wrote of yesterday that Speaker Steve Tilley and Anheuser Busch were hooking up.


No offers of a business arrangements or any sort have been made or even discussed.



DESE Rolls Out Formula Changes

Front page of the Post-Dispatch (Read it Here), the Department of Secondary and Elementary Education rolls out its special modifications to the foundation formula which determines how state monies will be distributed between among the school districts.


This maneuver was predicted – and denounced – on the Senate floor months ago by Sen. Eric Schmitt.  He told his colleagues that it was illegal and would result in a lawsuit which DESE would lose.  He also maintained that although DESE would lose the lawsuit, and that they know by defying the plain language of the statute, they know they will lose the lawsuit.


So why go through this charade?  The motive is said to be Governor Jay Nixon wanting to keep as many rural districts as placated as possible until after his re-election.



Speak His Language: Numbers, Not Percentages

When you talk to Governor Jay Nixon keep the math in numbers, not percentages.


Recent economic reports showed Missouri grew 0%.  Didn’t grow, that it.  Nixon’s response: “Some talk about percentages, I talk about numbers.”  Read it Here.



Good to HSUS

Amanda Good, fundraiser for Missouri Association of Trial Attorneys, is hopping to a new job next month… state director for the Humane Society of the United States.



Endorsement Parade

Committee for County Progress

The peerless John Combest, tells us to go to fearless Tony’s KC for the endorsements from the Committee for County Progress.  From Tony’s KC (you’ll have to imagine Red headlines): “MO STATE REP. JASON HOLSMAN WINS THE CCP ENDORSEMENT FOR HIS STATE SENATE RUN!!! THIS IS A BIG WIN FOR BIG RED!!!


“Rookie Show-Me State House Rep. Brandon Ellington earned a nomination with no opposition.


“No opposition For Gov. Jay.


“No opposition for Lt. Gov Susan Montee.


“No CCP opposition for Kansas City's Favorite Son Jason Kander in his race for Missouri Secretary of State.


Joe Runnions wins the CCP nod for the 37th District over contender Chris Moreno.”



Not on Tony’s, but Randy Dunn won CCP for House 23.


Schoeller Gets Schaaf

“Momentum continues for Republican Secretary of State Candidate Shane Schoeller, R-Willard, as he announces the endorsement of State Senator Rob Schaaf , R-St. Joseph.  Dr. Schaaf joins 88 Republican legislators that have endorsed Schoeller’s candidacy for Secretary of State.”  For those tracking the Senate grudges an spats, recall that Schoeller’s primary opponent Sen. Scott Rupp backed Schaaf’s primary opponent John DeStefano in 2010.  DeStefano is pops to Rupp’s former legislative assistant Melissa Furey.



Crystal Endorsements

Crystal Williams announced endorsements from former Reps. Marsha Campbell, Beth  Low, Jenee Lowe, and Tim Van Zandt.  And also from NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri, “the state’s largest grassroots pro-choice organization.”



More Bricks for Wallingford’s Endorsement List

“Today, Wayne Wallingford is announcing that his campaign for State Senate has received the support of several community leaders, including John Clifton, Diane Diebold, Melvin Gateley, Roger Hudson, John Jordan, Barbara Lohr, Harry Rediger, David Schwab, and Trent Summers.”


Observer: This list is fairly impressive. Shows some good out couny support.  I’m sure Wayne did it to counter Ellen’s Cape fundraising list of sponsors which is pretty impressive.  This is going to be close.”




St. Louis Business Journal “Legislative Award” winners: Sen. Victor Callahan, Sen. Kiki Curls, Sen. Tom Dempsey, Rep. Kevin Elmer, Sen. Timothy Green, Rep. Timothy Jones, Sen. Michael Parson, Sen. Ron Richard, Rep. Todd Richardson, Sen. Scott Rupp, Sen. Eric Schmitt, Rep. Anne Zerr.



Lobbyists Registrations

From the Pelopidas website:


Joseph L. Treadway added Missouri Association of Nurse Anesthetists, and deleted CRNA.

Bradgett and Associates deleted Missouri Optometric Association.

John E Bardgett Jr deleted St. Alexis Hospital Corporation, and Kansas City Missouri School District Board of Directors.

Brian Millner and John Parris deleted The Missouri Bar

John R Parris dleted MedCo Health Solutions Inc.

Christopher H Wiltse deleted LeadingAge Missouri.

Ted Mathys deleted Environment Missouri.


Registration Commentary

It’s the time of end – with the legislative session over – when we see more deletions than addition.



$5K+ Contributions

One Air Alliance - $41,856 from American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network.

Citizens for Timothy Jones - $10,000 from Forest Hill Properties LLC

House Republican Campaign Committee Inc - $15,000 from Forest Hill Properties LLC.

MO Democratic State Committee - $48,500 from Jay Nixon for Missouri.

United Parcel Service Inc – PAC Missouri - $8,700 from United Parcel Service Inc.

Save our States Jobs Coalition - $24,153 from Missouri Restaurant Association.

Save our States Jobs Coalition - $7,500 from K.R.M. Inc.


Cash Commentary

Forest Hill Properties LLC is a business of Greg Hoberock, Washington, MO.  Hoberock formerly ran a fee office under Governor Matt Blunt.




Happy birthdays to Tom Vansaghi (44), and former rep. Trent Skaggs (39).


Tomorrow: St. Louis alderwoman Kacie Starr Triplett (32), and wonder-lobbyist Tricia Workman (the big 4-0).


Saturday: Lon Lowrey (64).