Monday, June 11, 2012

Silvey Gets AFSCME

Rep. Ryan Silvey received the endorsement of AFSCME last week in his Senate 17 race.  The endorsement is not a huge surprise as AFSCME contributed $5,000 to Silvey’s campaign last December.  But it’s one more brick in the bridge the Republican is building to win over normally Democratic constituencies.



One of the fascinating aspects of the character of Silvey is his ability to build these cross-aisle allies, and simultaneously be a partisan bomb-thrower.  Witness this weekend’s tweets: “126 brave Missourians were deployed to Kuwait today on Gov's orders. Nixon was a no-show. Dem convention is today.


That was followed by even more pointed: “@Nixon4Missouri Here are the soldiers you ordered to Kuwait & didn't show up to see off. Enjoy the D State Convention.”



Rasmussen Poll

Last week, Rasmussen released some Missouri polling.  The numbers:

Presidential head-to-head

Romney 49%, Obama 42%.


Senate match-ups

Akin 50%, McCaskill 42%.

Steelman 51%, McCaskill 39%.

Brunner 51%, McCaskill 41%.


Favorable - Unfavorable

Nixon 54%-41%.

McCaskill 43%-54%

Akin 46%-31%.

Steelman 54%-28%

Brunner 50%-27%.


These are all tough numbers for McCaskill.


The sample might have had a slight Republican tilt.  It was 36% self identified Republican; 34% self-identified Democrat; 30% Independent.  When I’ve polled I’ve generally just done a straight up 33-33-33 split.  But because Missourians don’t register by party, the case can be made for a variety of scenarios.



Montee Keeps Pulling in Endorsements

Taxpayers Unlimited, Inc., representing the International Association of Fire Fighters Local 42 of Greater Kansas City, unanimously endorsed Susan Montee for lieutenant governor. Taxpayers United, Inc represents over 1,700 fire fighters, EMT's, paramedics, assistant prosecuting attorneys, public safety officers and their families in the Kansas City area.


This comes on the heels of the Laborers’ Union endorsement last week.



Saturday Celebrations

Congratulations to lobbyist Trent Watson whose wife, Amber, gave birth to a baby boy, Terry Samuel Watson.


And congratulations to lobbyists Brent Hemphill and Deanna Borland who tied the knot Saturday night.


Tongues were clucking that Ameren lobbyist Bill Gamble, who fulfilled the role of usher at the ceremony, was kneeling side-by-side with Noranda’s Charles Skoda at the communion rail.


Renewables Chair Jason Holsman nearly missed the ceremony when his hybrid car broke down on the way.


And it's said that the reception bar bill of the heavy-drinking Capitol denizens will ensure the solvency of the Jefferson City Country Club for the foreseeable future…




Expect a ruling on Jamilah Nasheed’s residency case on June 25.



From Lobbyist Kim Tuttle’s presentation to RCGA: Over 1,600 bills filed last session; only 114 ended up being truly agreed and finally passed.  That includes the 15 appropriations bills.



Dave Spence endorsed “right to work” at the RCGA event.  Read the mighty Jason Rosenbaum’s coverage Here.




CCP Not All That

“I’m not sure CCP is really a ‘win’ in any contested primaries. This is the group that has a pretty bad track record. Beth Low, Paul Levota, Crystal Williams, Theresa Garza Ruiz, Jason Kander, etc were all people who did not get the CCP endorsement. Couple it with the fact that no money, mailers (or votes, really) come from it, and I'm not sure it does much for a campaign.”



Lobbyists Registrations

From the Pelopidas website:


Melba L Price deleted Maximus, Price Consultants LLC, and Infocrossing.

Terry Schlemeier deleted SMACNA, MAPHCC, Mechanical Contractors Assoc., MOCIL and IKON.

Bill Shoehigh deleted ExtendHealth.

James Harris added Dominion Voting Systems.

Kent Gaines deleted MO Automobile Dealers Assn.



$5K+ Contributions

Clean Water STL - $25,000 from Jacobs Engineering Group Inc.

Missourians for Koster - $10,000 from William Danforth.

Jay Nixon for Missouri - $25,000 from Stueve Siegel Hanson LLP.

Jay Nixon for Missouri - $12,500 from Michael Ketchmark.

Friends of Bill Stouffer - $5,313 from The Lamar Companies.

Missourians for Ed Martin - $10,000 from Innovare Health Associates.




Happy birthday to Speaker Steve Tilley (41).