Tuesday, June 12, 2012

McCaskill Finds a Line of Attack?

What’s more frightening to Missouri voters to scary “Obamacare?”  Maybe a risky scheme to change Social Security?


Social Security has been called the “third rail” of politics.  And Sen. Claire McCaskill’s campaign put out a press release after last night’s Senate Republican debate blasting the candidates for their “plan to hand Social Security over to Wall Street.”


The Debate Quotes

STEELMAN: I think you could go two ways, one would be then that people have a choice to stay with the current system or they could go a different way at a certain age. So in order to fix the existing program, I believe we need to raise the eligibility age and phase that in over a period of time. However, I don't share your view necessarily that people can't make good investment decisions.


And so, for younger generations and whatever age that is appropriate, I think that they should be able to pursue their own type of investments and make those decisions on their own. We do that with a lot of things, the MO Savings plan in Missouri is an illustration of that.


AKIN: I think we might start first of all about being honest about Social Security—that it’s broken—and the money is not going to be there before very long. And that it needs to be changed.


And I think those changes—first of all—people who are much older who are dependent and paid into the system. I think we want to be able to protect those people. And I think the system is changed more and more as you move younger in ages to give people more choices. And if they want to take responsibility for investing their own money, I think they can do better than the Federal government does…


BRUNNER:  I'm a firm believer in choice. Choice provides great options, lower cost, greater flexibility. You know, we can fix Social Security by gradually increasing the eligibility age over a decade. Because it was set up when the retirement age was at 62, and now people are living to 72 – I should say, the longevity. So there's issues to fix this right now. But let's bring some choice into the equation, so that people have a choice to continue the same system or do something new.



The Secret of Silvey’s Success

The reason Rep. Ryan Silvey has successfully built bipartisan bridges with one hand while lobbing bombs with the other is because his bombs are usually aimed at the governor.  And lots of elected Dems have ambivalence toward the governor’s office. Therefore they don’t mind if Silvey snipes at the governor.


Those shots allow him to keep his partisan credentials with his own party, satisfying their desire to draw political blood even as he reaches across the aisle on other issues.



Kehoe Saved The 4th of July

Governor Jay Nixon signed SB 835, sponsored by Sen. Mike Kehoe, yesterday.  From the press release: “The bill that removes a discrepancy between Missouri and federal laws on the labeling of commercial fireworks, and makes those fireworks that are legal under federal law now legal

under Missouri law. Because Senate Bill 835 contains an emergency clause, it takes effect immediately, and brings clarity for communities and civic organizations that plan and sponsor Fourth of July fireworks displays.”



Tea Party Blog 24th State Endorses Sauer

“Were the race for Governor a cage fight in which the combatants were judged on demonstrably solid character, principles, and selfless dedication, Fred Sauer would be Royce Gracie, and leave the best comers in his wake. Like the famed Brazilian jui jitsu artist who at less than 200lbs stunned the mixed martial arts world by defeating the biggest meanest opponents in a time before they even had weight classes, Fred Sauer quietly, humbly and strategically gets the job done vanquishing any task or opponent with grace. In the Governor's race this August, Republicans have two great choices and one stellar choice. The stellar choice is Fred Sauer.”  Read it Here.



One politico says he expects the TV equivalent of a “surge” from the Dave Spence campaign.  He needs to continue spending money to build name ID as he has been doing, but he’ll also want to nail shut the primary.  There’s no doubt that he wins it, but he doesn’t want to be embarrassed by a weak win if Sauer and Bill Randles siphon off some hard-core activists.



White House to Honor Carey Casey Tomorrow

The press release: “On Wednesday, June 13th, the White House Office of Public Engagement and Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships will honor Carey Casey as one of ten individuals who are doing tremendous work in the field of fatherhood and are addressing the needs of low-income men and boys…


“Carey Casey is Chief Executive Officer of the Kansas City-based National Center for Fathering, a non-profit organization established in 1990 to encourage and equip men in their role as fathers and father figures…”



The Daily Bits


“I find it interesting that Sara Lampe still does not have a website for her LG campaign. Go to her website, the main page still has her announcement concerning the kick off to her campaign - which went up on Super Bowl Sunday.”



“Polls are looking good for Steelman. Especially considering the fact that Brunner is uncontested on the air at this point.”




Rep. Shane Schoeller announced Sen. Jim Lembke’s support for his SOS bid.



Rep. Jason Holsman gets AFT in Senate 7.



Vic Hurlbert lands Missouri Right to Life in House 16.




If Westinghouse lands that Department of Energy grant for small modular nuclear reactors, legislators are expecting an economic development component to incent Westinghouse to choose Missouri to build its training center, and/or manufacturing plant.  It would leap to the top of the legislative agenda.



A photo was circulating yesterday showing John Bowman talking with a shop-owner wearing what looks like a badge.  Supporters of Jamilah Nasheed apparently were using it to suggest that Bowman was doing something unethical, having heard stories that someone telling business-owners to take down their Nasheed signs.  The picture of Bowman was taken down by this morning though.  Stay tuned…




CCP Is All That

“Not a big deal, but your emailer is incorrect, CCP does both money and mail piece.”



Lobbyists Registrations

From the Pelopidas website:


Michael Hanna deleted Veritec Solutions LLC.

Kathryn Ann Harness          added Harness & Associates LLC.



$5K+ Contributions

Missourians for Equal Credit Opportunity - $181,500 from Missourians for Responsible Government.

Ameren UE Political Action Committee - $57,500 from Ameren Missouri.




Happy birthday to  Scott Charton.