Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Some House Committee Guesses

It’s never too early to start thinking about next session.  Here’s some landscape of House committees.


It’s thought that Speaker Tim Jones will respect seniority.  That means that any incumbent chair who has not displayed “gross negligence” will keep their spot if they want it.


Look for a slight reduction (3-5) in committees.  Some special committee (Renewables, for example) may get cut.  And also you might see some consolidation.  There’s Health Care Insurance and Insurance Policy.  Those two might be consolidated.


According to this math, about half the current freshmen class will get chairmanships next year; about half won’t.  Some folks might be miffed.


Here are some guesses – with varying degrees of confidence.


Rules – Jeanie Riddle.


Budget – Rick Stream, the current vice-chair, is the favorite.  Tom Flanigan is also in the running.  But since he has four more years, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s Stream for two, then Flanigan for two.  For those looking down the road: Marsha Haefner and Lincoln Hough could ascend to Budget Chair in four years.


EcoDevo – Anne Zerr.


Local Government – Chuck Gatchenberger.


Judiciary – Stan Cox.


Insurance – Chris Molendorp.


Education – Steve Cookson.


Professional Registration – Eric Burlison.


General Laws – Caleb Jones.


Utilities – Todd Richardson.


Government Accountability – Jay Barnes.



Campaign Talk

In Senate 3, Gary Romine will open a headquarters on Friday in St. Genevieve – with Sen. Kevin Engler and Congresswoman Jo Ann Emerson…



More labor endorsements for Rep. Ryan Silvey in his Senate 17 race: AFL-CIO and Taxpayers Unlimited.



One lobbyist shakes his head at the recent endorsements Rep. Shane Schoeller was able to pull down from Sens. Rob Schaaf and Jim Lembke.  “That would have never happened in the Old Senate… just wouldn’t have happened… maybe quietly help an opponent, but never never endorse against a colleague… just wouldn’t happen.”  Is it yet another effect from term limits?  But then again the continued erosion of traditions of the institution of the Senate may or may not be good.  It depends what replaces it.



Wagner Ad

From Politico’s Morning Score: “MISSOURI HOUSE SNEAK PEEK - WAGNER RELEASES FIRST TV AD: Ann Wagner, running in a Republican primary for Missouri's second district, is going up today on broadcast and cable with a bio spot called "Lessons." Script read by a soothing male narrator: ‘She was 12 years old when she began working alongside her parents in their small carpet business. Ann helped run the store, learned how to stick to a budget and saw jobs created by hard work. Those lessons live with Ann Wagner today. Wife and mother of three, Wagner knows by stopping the spending, balancing the budget and removing the red tape America can get back to work.’ Sadly, the ad is not posted on YouTube yet.”




CNN Money says Missouri is #6 in the nation for start-ups. Read it Here.

Still many racists; Obama will lose.  Read it Here.

Ag Science says it’s time for a robust investment.  The press release from the Danforth Plant Science Center: “The scientific community must make a 10-year, $100 billion investment in food and energy security by funding plant research, says Dr. Tom Brutnell of the Enterprise Rent-A-Car Institute for Renewable Fuels… If we are to be successful in addressing critical challenges facing a rapidly growing global population we must make an investment that is on par with President John F. Kennedy's promise to put man on the moon-a project that took a decade and cost 24 billion, ($150 billion in today's dollars).”



Tweet of the Day

Joe Smith ‏@rep_joe_smith “Job Searching these days is like being that kid that NEVER gets pick to be on the ‘recess kick ball team’ back in grade school.”



Lobbyists Registrations

From the Pelopidas website:


Robert L. Hess II added The Curators of the University of Missouri, and deleted Missouri Republican State Committee, and Missouri Health Care Association.

Jason Ramsey added Office of the State Treasurer.

John Eggleston deleted MO Renewable Fuels, Nemo Grain Processors LLC, and Northeast MO Grain LLC.

Jeremy LaFaver deleted ACLU of Eastern Missouri, Operation Breakthrough, LaFaver & Associates LLC, Missouri Health Advocacy Alliance, and Child Care Aware of Missouri.

Michael Hanna deleted Veritec Solutions LLC.



$5K+ Contributions

Missourians for Koster - $10,000 from AT&T.

Missouri Senate Campaign Committee - $10,000 from Dempsey for Senate.

Missouri Senate Campaign Committee - $10,000 from Committee to Elect Ron Richard.

NEA Fund for Children & Public Education Non Federal Itemized Account Missouri - $25,100 from NEA Fund for Children and Public Education Non-Federal Itemized Acct.

House Republican Campaign Committee Inc - $7,500 from Husch Blackwell LLP.

Missourians for Mayer - $10,000 from Noranda Aluminum Inc.

Vitale for Missouri - $5,001 from Rio Vitale.




Happy birthdays to Rep. Rory Ellinger (71), and MEDA’s Michelle Galloway.



MOScout News

A few things:  first, just a reminder that I am going on vacation next week.  No updates, nothing.


Second, when I return I will finalize the Primary Book.  This is a 375-ish page analysis of every statewide, state senate and state house primary of the cycle.  In addition to candidate biographical information, and relevant news articles on the candidates, it will also breakdown all the new district, showing their make-up and offering some demographic information. There’s also a small analysis section in which I handicap the race.


The Primary Book will be delivered to subscribers on the last week of June.  (I am offering it to non-subscribers for $250; but it is free to subscribers).  I also have a presentation that goes with this.  If you have a group, you’d like me to speak to, let me know.


There will be a General Election Book produced as well after the primaries.  It, too, will be free to subscribers.