Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Splitsville in Tea Party Land

Dana Loesch is OUT of the St. Louis Tea Party she helped start and organize.  Here’s the press release:


“St. Louis, MO - The St. Louis Tea Party Coalition Board of Directors has halted official relations with co-founder Dana Loesch. Dana was instrumental in the birth and growth of the Tea Party, nationally and, in particular, in and around St. Louis, Missouri.


“Board President Bill Hennessy said, ‘The St. Louis Tea Party certainly benefitted from Dana's rising stardom and talent.  And we can't help but think our energetic and effective grass roots have propelled Dana's career. But, as a local Tea Party organization, we need to focus on the grass roots going into 2012.’


“‘At some point, though,’ Hennessy continued, ‘one party must cleanly break the tension.  In this case, the board has moved in the interest of the movement.’


Michelle Moore, Executive Director of St. Louis Tea Party Coalition added, ‘I wish Dana the best. This organization and the Tea Party movement are forever grateful for her great work.’


“The St. Louis Tea Party Coalition will continue its grassroots efforts through The After Party and other events and activities. “



I’m not a Teapartyologist, but this looks like the fall-out from rising tensions over the 2nd Congressional race where Loesch has been sympathetic to Ann WagnerEd Martin is a favorite of others.  Recently there has been a back-and-forth on different blogs about Wagner’s fundraising – does too much come from Enterprise employees, does it come from lobbyists etc (Read it Here).


And St. Louis Activist Hub posts that Dana’s husband Chris Loesch is taking his Tea Party logo back from the organization…



More Map Bits

Reps. Andrew Koenig and Sue Allen put out a press release yesterday afternoon, announcing that Allen would run in House 100 and Koenig would move to House 99 and run.  It’s the latest accommodation in which the House Republican Caucus is untangling itself from the knots of the redistricting map.



In the immediate aftermath of the map release, there was some speculation that the landscape of incumbents pitted against incumbents could create serious disruption and infighting.  Now the opposite appears true.  It’s possible the Republican caucus will be even more unified now as the swap and accommodations is creating a team atmosphere.



From the twitter-feed of Rep. Todd Richardson: “Amazing to see the team work of my Repub colleagues over the past few days. Working together to advance our shared conservative priorities!”



Tim McKenna, cousin to Sen. Ryan McKenna, is on-track after redistricting.  He was going to run in House 114 (Rep. Ron Casey termed).  That’s morphed into House 103, but is largely intact with Crystal City at its core.



One rumor in circulation now is that Rep. Mike Colona’s eyes are wondering beyond his state rep seat, and he’s considering a charge at Senate 5.  This thinking might be that this is best chance at making the move.  In a three-way between Sen. Robin Wright-Jones, Rep. Jamiliah Nasheed and Colona, he would enjoy a favorable gender and racial split.



Look for Rep. Denny Hoskins to move from his new House 51 to House 54.  It’s a closer match to his current district, and much more Republican.



Brunner Hires Seaton

From Politico’s Morning Score: “Senate candidate John Brunner will name Jon Seaton as his campaign manager today.  Seaton served as National Political Director for Tim Pawlenty’s presidential campaign. He worked for John McCain’s presidential campaign, filling a variety of

roles including National Field Director…”



In the Court’s Defense…

Writes one sympathizer: “Redistricting constitutional issue: It is a fair reading of Article III, Section 7, that the prohibition on splitting less populous counties only applies to the Governor-appointed panel.  The language near the end of the section which provides that the appellate judge panel is called upon if the Governor-appointed panel fails, does not explicitly state that the prohibitions placed on the first panel apply to the judges.”


Rebuttal:  The prohibition against crossing county lines is in the same paragraph and follows immediately the instruction that there should be 34 districts of equal population.  Does that mean that the appellate commission was free to draw 20 or 50 districts had they so chosen?


And Bad Court Press

Bob Priddy Here.  And Hank Waters Here.



Merry Christmas Budget Chair

Sen. Kurt Schaefer’s December 16 fundraiser at the Blue Note includes some Dems on the host committee including the current southern district commissioner Karen Miller, Craig Van Matre, David Shorr, and Terry Schleimeier.




I do 2,000 words on the different districts in the redistricting map and the most commented bit is about the notion that Mitt Romney might pick Roy Blunt as a v.p. candidate.  The most common comment was that if Blunt did make it to the White House via Romney, Governor Jay Nixon would appoint himself senator – regardless of who is lieutenant governor…



Lobbyist Principal Changes

From the Pelopidas website:


Andy Arnold added Hub Inc.

Rodney Boyd and Brian Grace added Elantas PDG Inc.

Randy L Cole added Randy L. Cole.

Sherry Doctorian added Ceridian Corporation.

Chris McGeown and Edward Schollmeyer added Fidelity Investments Institutional Services Company Inc.

John Britton, Matt Hill, Jennifer Durham and James Durham deleted Silverleaf Resorts LTD.

James Durham deleted Telecommunications Assn of MO.

Jeff Glenn deleted Mississippi Valley Flood Control Association.



$5K+ Contributions

Spence for Governor - $10,000 from Keith Strope.

Citizens to Elect Kurt Schaefer - $5,001 from Lamping for Senate.

Citizens to Elect Kurt Schaefer - $5,001 from Friends of Munzlinger.




Happy birthday to lobbyist Joe Bednar.




Congratulations to the mighty Jason Rosenbaum on his engagement to Lauren Todd.