Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Special Report: Republican Primary Races for State Senate

Today under the “Special Reports” tab of the website is a rundown of the Republican primary races for state senate.  See it Here.


These reports include the maps of the new districts with county and House district breakdowns, fundraising numbers, racial demographics and early analysis.  I encourage you to download or print them out for future reference, but they will also be on the website under “Special Reports.”


If all goes as planned tomorrow will be the Democratic state senate primary race, and early next week the House primary races.



Prevailing Wage Doesn’t Prevail

The Senate spent hours on prevailing wage legislation but the Democratic senators (Sens. Tim Green, Ryan McKenna and Victor Callahan) refused to stand down.


One could assume that the legislation won’t be pushed again this week as a late night doesn’t appear in the cards….  Everyone’s gotta get out to the ball field tonight for the legislative softball tournament…



The Senator from Troy

During debate yesterday, Sen. Jolie Justus was referred to as “the senator from Troy.”  It’s been said that in the redistricting process – which moves Senate 10 to MidMO – the city of Troy has been unenthusiastic about welcoming the liberal senator from Kansas City.


When she added a sunset provision to a bill yesterday that rural senators liked, Sen. Bill Stouffer good naturedly commended her work for Troy.



Press Release from the Siege of Troy

“It has come to the attention of the Troy Area Chamber of Commerce that due to a revised redistricting map currently proposed by the nonpartisan committee, Lincoln County may soon be represented in the Missouri Senate by Jolie Justus, the incumbent Senator for District 10 currently located in Jackson County in the Kansas City area.


“This could potentially have an adverse affect on local businesses and the way of life for those who DO reside within the 10th Senate district. How can a state Senator from Kansas City properly and fairly represent the interest of our area? It appears that our region is snared in a purely politically driven agenda with an absurd result. It is highly unlikely that a Senator from metropolitan Kansas City understands the specific challenges and particular interests of Lincoln County.


“Is this the vision of representative government that our forefathers envisioned?...”



Education Legislation Being Prepared for Launch

Yesterday Sen. Jane Cunningham’s General Laws Committee reconsidered SB 706, after paring it down a bit.   It shed the student scholarship provision.  This bill is expected to become the primary vehicle for education legislation.


Look for a “Turner fix,” and perhaps a foundation formula fix , to be added in addition to a teacher tenure reform.  If it meets the House’s standards, they may just pick it up and pass it.



Quarter Bits

McGhee’s Odd Quarter

Rep. Mike McGhee had perhaps the oddest quarter.  On February 8, he loaned his committee $100,000.  On February 10, he repaid himself $55,005; on February 17, he repaid himself $5,000; on February 20, he repaid himself $10,000; on March 13, he repaid himself $5,000; and on March 31, he repaid himself $20,000.


But nothing really happened as a result of the financial gymnastics. He started the quarter with $14,101 on-hand and ended with $12,783.



Kratky’s Weak Quarter

A closer look at the April fundraising report of Democratic lieutenant governor candidate Fred Kratky reveals that the quarter was even weaker than I originally thought.  The topline nuymbver of $47K raised isn’t enough to compete statewide.  But inside the report, the contributions line shows that almost all of that – $40K of the $47K – was from his old state representative committee.



Robin Wright Jones’ Extremely Weak Quarter

The most baffling quarter was recorded (a day late) by Sen. Robin Wright Jones.  Facing a primary from two state representatives, she has amassed a war-chest of just a little over $12 – $12.30 to be exact.


One lobbyist insisted to me that even on a no money budget, Jones couldn’t be entirely discounted because her consigliore, John Bowman know his way around a campaign; I disagree. I think fine dartboard projection would be Jones getting the crumbs (10-12%) between the two vigorous campaigns of Reps. Jeanette Mott Oxford and Jamilah Nasheed.



Senate 13

Gina Walsh’s fundraising quarter shows that’s she raised $12,840 and has $127,062 on-hand.  Her primary opponent Redditt Hudson still hasn’t filed his report…



Schoeller Pays Keyes

Rep. Shane Schoeller’s report shows that he paid Alan Keyes $1,353 for “fundraising services.” Keyes had endorsed Schoeller earlier this quarter.  No reported checks to John Ashcroft




Birthday gift?  Lobbyist Andy Blunt last night jumped off the fence in Senate 17 and endorsed Rep. Ryan Silvey for state senate…



Ed Rolwes to drop?  That question probably begs the question: who is Ed Rolwes?  He’s the Republican who filed to primary Rep. Don Gosen.  A workout in progress…



Primary Passion?  Were those Dem eyes rolling as Rep. Jason Holsman gave an impassioned speech about the “war on women” on the House floor yesterday?



File Under Wow! – Reuters says that some Missouri “companies are collecting state income taxes from hundreds of thousands of workers – and are keeping the money with the states’ approval.”  Read it Here.




Coming to a comedy station near you?   Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show has interviewed Reps. Wanda Brown and Mike Colona for a segment about Wanda's bill establishing a special protected class for gun owners (Read it Here).  As one building denizen imagines, “I like Wanda, but there is zero chance she comes out of this looking anything but bat-shit crazy.”




Asked about the cast on her arm, lobbyist Deanna Borland explains lobbyist fiancé Brent Hemphill hurt it when her was twisting her arm to get her to agree to marry him…




Happy birthdays to Rep. Mike Colona (43), Lori Becker, MATA’s Amanda Good (33), Jane Bogetto, and Charlie Hinderliter.