Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Exclusive: Team Cunningham Hires Top Law Firm

Sen. Jane Cunningham has retained the law firm of Graves Bartle Marcus and Garrett.  These guys aren’t chumps.  Todd Graves is a former US Attorney, and Matt Bartle is a former colleague of Cunningham’s in the state senate.


One Republican expert says that the eventual Cunningham lawsuit has merit.  He expected them to argue that the map exhibits a pattern of discrimination as the urban districts all have less the average population while the rural districts all have higher than average population.


He gives it a 60% chance of success.


But if it does succeed then there’s no obvious resolution.  Would federal court send it back to the bipartisan commission and let the process continue?  Would they do so but mandate that given the deadlines of this cycle the state should use the old 2001 lines?  Would they draw their own map based on the tentative map, or on the second appellate map?



What Happened at Filing Yesterday

See list of candidates Here.


The biggest headline is: Congressmen Russ Carnahan and Lacy Clay to square off in the 1st District.  Beacon’s Jo Mannies has nice article capturing feisty Clay.  Read it Here.  And Post-Dispatch does a nice video. See it Here.


Lacy Clay on his Facebook page

I'm proud 2 b the Democratic incumbent seeking re-election n the 1st Congressional District. As a strong, committed progressive with a backbone, my campaign is guided by the core values and key issues that I have always fought for, saving good jobs and creating new employment opportunities, making quality healthcare accessible 4 all, keeping a college education affordable, & helping working families restore their economic security. I'm also striving 2 keep America safe & 2 defend the voting rights of every citizen


Slay Endorses Quickly

St. Louis mayor Francis Slay jumps in early with endorsements.  Here’s his endorsement of Clay: “Barring a court decision throwing out the Congressional maps, the City’s Democratic voters will likely find both Lacy Clay and Russ Carnahan on their August primary ballots. That's too bad. Being represented by two members of Congress is better than one. The map will make it difficult for voters who like both of them.


“But, the map is not up to us. We will have to make a hard choice. I have.


“It is my intention to support Lacy Clay in that election. I have had a great working relationship with State Senator, then US Representative, Clay over the years. His commitment to the City of St. Louis is deep and long-standing. Because of his experience, he fully understands the issues facing our City, and the people of our City.


“It is my strong belief that the City’s many interests are better served by returning Lacy Clay to Congress in November 2012.”


Slay also endorsed Susan Montee in her 6-way LG primary.



Primaries Will Aid Clay

So far there are more primaries in the northern portion of the congressional district – Clay’s base – than the in the southern portion.  This will help drive up turnout for Clay and in a close election may be the difference.


Those primaries are listed below – three of them House 72, 74, 75 will have two incumbents running against each other.  One – House 84 – has a former state Rep against an incumbent.  And another – House 78 – will mobilize the Hubbard machine.  (I’ll try to handicap these primaries tomorrow).


The only primary on the southern side is central corridor House 87 which is only partially in the new congressional district.




Other news from filing…

Lager Kinder Stand-off Continues

Both incumbent Peter Kinder and Sen. Brad Lager filed for the Republican primary in the lieutenant governor’s race.  However one Kinder supporter gleefully emailed me a picture of a Lager banner again without an office on it.  The email was titled “another printer error…”



Top Spot

Those who drew low lottery numbers and  ended up in the top spot on the primary ballot – thought to be advantageous, adding perhaps 1-2% - were: Todd Akin for Senate; Susan Montee for LG (Neither Kinder, nor Lager drew the top spot for the Republicans); and Sen. Scott Rupp for SOS.



The Next Tommy Sowers

File under “Here we go again?”  Jack Rushin says he’s exploring a congressional bid in CD-8, Congresswoman Jo Ann Emerson incumbent.  See it Here.



Kratky Jumps into LG Race

It’s officially a free-for-all with former state representative Fred Kratky joining Montee, Baker, Lampe, and less known Plattner, and unknown Dennis Weisenburger.  And the field may not be finished yet.



From Senate to Judgeships

Sen. Jack Goodman filed to run for Circuit Judge in Circuit 39, and Pro Tem Rob Mayer filed to run for Circuit Judge in Circuit 35.



Senate Bits

In Senate 1, assuming the tentative senate map holds, multiple sources believe that Sue Schoemehl will face a primary…



In Senate 5, Rep. Jamilah Nasheed sent out a press release saying she was waiting until the maps were finalized before filing and calling on Sen. Robin Wright Jones to do the same.  Jones filed.



In Senate 13, Redditt Hudson is attempting to become the first male African American in the state senate in over a decade.  Ever since Lacy Clay left to go to Washington, blacks have been represented by women in that chamber.  He faces former state representative Gina Walsh in that primary to succeed termed Sen. Tim Green.



Rep. Mike McGhee filed to primary Sen. David Pearce in Senate 21.



Reps. Wayne Wallingford and Ellen Brandom are looking at a primary in Senate 27.  Brandom is the favorite.



Former Rep. Ed Emery seeks to return, filing in Senate 31.  Rep. Scott Largent is the favorite.  Again this assumes that the tentative map becomes final.



It’s a four-way to succeed Sen. Chuck Puragson in Senate 33.  Rep. Ward Franz is the favorite over Reps. Don Wells, Darrell Pollock and former Rep. Mike Cunningham.



Other Bits

Perennial candidate Bill Haas made his return to the ballot, filing at 3pm for the 2nd Congressional district as a Democrat.



In House 2, no Glenn Klippenstein.  Did he blink when considering a primary with Rep. Casey Guernsey?



In House 7 Harry Wyse – a Democrat ran in 2008 against Rep. Mike Lair lost 51-48 in a good race – is back.  But unfortunately for Wyse, Lair is now an incumbent and the district has gone from 55-45 Republican, to 60-40 Republican.



In House 49, Travis Fitzwater insists that he will withdraw if Rep. Jeanie Riddle runs for re-election.



In House 78, MO Budget Project’s Ruth Ehresman primaries Penny Hubbard.



In House 83, Gina Mitten files after Reps. Susan Carlson and Stacey Newman decline to move into that district, preferring a primary instead.



$5K+ Contributions

Doctors Rural Political Action Committee - $10,000 from Cape Radiology Group, PC.

CWA District 6- Political Education Committee - $11,570 from CWA COPE.

MADA Dealers Interested in Government - $5,310 from Missouri Committee of Auto and Truck Retailers.

Holsman for Missouri - $5,001 from Harold Myers.



Lobbyists’ Principals Changes

From the Pelopidas website:


Sherry L Doctorian added Missouri Captive Insurance Association.

Joseph F Reagan added St. Louis Regional Chamber and Growth Association.

Mike Sutherland added Joseph Sansone Co.




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