Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Ed That Can’t Say No

Candidate Ed Martin went on KMOX yesterday, inflaming speculation that he will be switching to the gubernatorial race.  Hear it Here.  It was a rollicking eight-minute interview.


On Kinder’s Exit

“Candidly how he did it was very odd.  It struck me as one of these Party, you know, backroom things…. It was very unhelpful.”


What People Are Asking

“People are asking me to consider (the governor’s race).  That’s very nice, and I appreciate it.  I’ll talk to anyone who will talk… They’ve been talking about me running for everything except presidential. And it’s very flattering…”


Considering the Governor’s Race

“Yeah. I am. I will consider it.”


On the Congressional Campaign

Ann Wagner and I are running hard and we’re competing… I have a great chance to win that race.  She’s a formidable opponent.”


On Others Getting into the Governor’s Race

“I’m encouraging anybody who wants to, who’s serious, to get in the race, and get in races…”


On His Decision-Making

“Serious people that care should consider when people ask them and I’m doing that, but ultimately you don’t work as hard as I’m been working on a race for congress and sort of turn around on a dime…”


On Schweich as a Potential Candidate

Tom Schweich is a proven campaigner who has gotten votes and succeed state-wide. So I don’t know why again that there’s this shift in the Republican Party and he’s not been a serious part of the conversation… I talked to him last week and I encouraged him to consider it too because I think he’d be a strong candidate…”


The Plan

“I’m going to work my tail off to win for congress. And if at some point it becomes obvious that there’s a better way that my wife think we can serve, then we’ll decide and I’m not going to worry about who says I should or shouldn’t…”



Reaction Negative

Inside Republicans – not Ed’s crowd, but gatekeepers to any serious money – are all down on Martin’s machinations.  The whole “people are asking me” routine draws guffaws from this crowd because they’ve played it themselves.


One says, “I’ve heard Spence may drop $5 million.  Against that Ed has no chance.”


Says another, “The last thing we need is Ed running statewide reminding everyone of the Eckersly scandal.”



Quip of the Day

Political savant John Lee, on Martin’s potential third campaign this cycle: “Ah. I’ve been waiting for the Republican answer to Bill Haas.”



Spence Files

See $5K+ Contributions below, the Dave Spence for Governor campaign booked two large checks last night.  And not from himself.  This looks like a demonstration that Martin may say people want him to run, but Spence has people showing their support… $125K worth of support right out of the gate.


Plus according to one tipster, Spence is gobbling up the consultants.  In addition to David Barklage and Jared Craighead, “Jeff Roe and James Harris ushered him through the luxury suites at Mizzou’s last home football game.”  And, says the same source, “I’m fairly certain that Andy Blunt is the one who took him to the RGA.”



Lager Waits

Meanwhile Sen. Brad Lager waits in the LG slot.  Those with some understanding of the brain of Brad say that Team Lager isn’t convinced that Peter Kinder’s heart is in the re-election campaign.  Rather than panic-switch, they’re inclined to wait and see if Kinder shows any signs of real fire in the belly.


Meanwhile on the other side, those who claim to know Kinder’s mindset say that he’s happy to keep Lager at bay due to the perceived slight of Lager undermining him by going to RGA during his summer troubles.  With his name ID and $1+ million war-chest, Kinder’s a very hard person to beat in a down-ballot Republican primary.



Cunningham Working on a Strong Quarter

Sen. Jane Cunningham, who weeks ago had her annual fundraiser at the Savvis Center in St. Louis County, is said to be in the middle of a strong fundraising quarter.


Her October report showed $73K on-hand.  Look for that to more than double, probably beyond $150K on-hand.  This is the beginning of ramping up for her re-election bid next year.  With the uncertainty of the redistricting maps, smart politicians are preparing any way they can until they know the lines.




Politicos at Jay Z / Kanye West concert tonight in Kansas City: Sens. Kiki Curls and Jolie

Justus, Reps. Mike Talboy, Chris Carter, Clem Smith and Steve Webb, and politicos Danny Pfeifer, Greg Porter and Brian Grace.




A portrait of a kinder, gentler Jeff Roe by Steve Kraske in this morning’s KC StarRead it Here.


Yesterday’s Mamtek hearing.  Read it Here.  Day Two today…


And central banks across the globe unite this morning to pump enough water in the tub to keep the rubber duckies afloat…



$5K+ Contributions

Spence for Governor - $25,000 from Daniel Creston.

Spence for Governor - $100,000 from William Koman.