Friday, April 15, 2011

Clearing out the bits and scraps today…


Again, Akin In

Yesterday I wrote on a good source declaring that Rep. Todd Akin was running for Senate.  Now comes someone who doesn’t claim to be in Akin’s inner circle, but is equally certain.  Here’s his reasoning:


When the redistricting process started Akin was one of the loudest (most nervous) incumbents, intent on finishing with a map to his liking.  That posture faded.  In the end, the map for his district is not great … yet, there’s nary a peep out of Akin’s camp.  He’s 100% focused on Senate, and letting the other Republicans worry about the lines of his congressional district.



The avalanche of Republicans who will tumble toward his congressional seat must wait until he officially announces.  And that will drive them mad, rubbing their political skin raw against the bars of the protocol.  It’s okay to feel bad for the them, but please… DON’T FEED THE POLITICIANS!



House Pouts, Senate Shrugs

On adjournment, Floor Leader Tim Jones announced that the House would take the day off on Monday while they wait for the Senate to catch up.  Specifically, Jones expressed disappointment that the Senate didn’t respond to their message asking for a conference committee on redistricting.


It’s the beginning of the back and forth the two chambers play at the end of every session.  Representatives have a natural inferiority complex made only more acute by the fact that senators have a natural superiority complex.


Minority Leader Mike Talboy and Democratic elder Rep. Chris Kelly cheered the move as necessary to “stand up for the House position.” 


Of course it’s smart for Dems to encourage inter-chamber rivalry.  The last thing Dems want is the two Republican majorities working well together.



Koster’s Kansas Nightmare?

One lobbyist walking by Sen. Eric Schmitt’s office in the Capitol offered this possible reasoning behind Attorney General Chris Koster’s amicus brief the federal healthcare law.  “There’s a (Schmitt) in Kansas… Derek Schmidt was a state senator too… And he ran against the incumbent attorney general there by saying that Kansas should have joined the lawsuit… and he won by 30 points… I bet Koster looked at that and got the shivers…”



Silver Lining in the Rainbow?

Wednesday when SB 188 (employment discrimination) came to the House floor, Rep. Stephen Webber offered an amendment which added sexual orientation to the definition.  Although it lost (only 48 in favor), one Dem thought the lack of debate on the issue was symptomatic of progress on the issue: the opposition lacks coherent arguments.


Republicans voting for the amendment: Reps. Vicki Schneider, Sheila Solon, Noel Torpey, Ray Weter and Anne Zerr.



Democrats growl that they can’t get any commitment from the governor’s office to veto the bill…



From Combest today, Coffee Wonk getting “hassled by the man” for selling the synthetic pot stuff.  Read it Here.  I had wondered back when I saw a lobbyist register to represent them, what Jeff City agenda does a coffee shop have?  Now I know.  It’s Steve Carroll, by the way, who got the bidness.



Also from Combest: Sen. Robin Wright-Jones negotiating with Sen. Jason Crowell for CWIP-lite resolution?  Read it Here.  Anyone wanna guess who gets the better of that deal…



Love the Hub: China’s GDP grew nearly 10% again last quarter…



For House 83, vacated by Rep. Jake Zimmerman, multiple sources say that Tracy McCreery doesn’t have the committee votes to nab the nomination for a special election… Where they end up is still unclear.



Best part of the Senate redistricting debate this week… Sen. Rob Schaaf admitting that he’s been too busy to get into the details of the map… one day after reading a poem he penned on local control…



Lobbyists Principal Changes

From the Pelopidas website:


Jim and Chris Moody added Hewlett Packard.

Winton and Penman added Missouri Retailers Association.



$5k+ Contributions

Committee to Elect Tom Villa - $8,111 from Villa for Representative.

Lewis & Clark Regional Leadership Fund - $12,000 from Kiel Center Partners L.P.



Today’s birthdays: Rep. Ira Anders (69); Rep. Jonas Hughes (32) and former Rep. Scott Muschany (45).


And Sunday:  Reps. Ryan Silvey (35) and Sue Allen celebrate birthdays.