Friday, February 25, 2011

Legislative Pipeline

It was a quiet day yesterday in the Capitol as Thursdays often are with the House and Senate moving quickly through measure they debated and perfected earlier in the week.


But soon there’ll be more action…  MO Chamber added “right-to-work” to its previously stated agenda of “Fix the Six.” 


Perhaps they heard from their members who are watching Wisconsin and elsewhere and wondering , why not here?  Perhaps they’ve noticed how easily the House has been chugging through their wishlist and figure there’s plenty of capacity to move items.


But the Senate might start to slow things down.  Next week the whistleblower legislation will hit the floor in that chamber.  Will it be Senate Dems first stand?  We’ve been waiting… healthcare resolution, voter ID, nothing yet…


But they might also find on some of the more aggressive anti-labor stuff there will be Republicans from swing districts – thinking of Sens. Kevin Engler, Kurt Schaefer and others – who will be important, if quiet, allies for Dems.



Shoemyer for Missouri

Former state senator Wes Shoemyer has filed a new campaign committee… Shoemyer for Missouri, seeking a “statewide office.”



Schweich Sues for Peace Rather than Being Sued?

Sighted!  Anti-fair tax lobbyists Jim Moody, Sam Licklider and Chuck Hatfield entering Auditor Tom Schweich’s office. 


Speculation is that Schwiech asked for the meeting to try to avoid litigation over his fiscal non-note on Rex Sinquefield’s initiatives.



Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste?

Census data showing St. Louis City lost population again – down to 319,000 – drew this response from Mayor Francis Slay: “This is absolutely bad news. We had thought, given many of the other positive trends, that fifty years of population losses had finally reversed direction. Instead, by the measure of Census to Census, they continue, though at a slower pace. Combined with the news from St. Louis County, I believe that this will require an urgent and thorough rethinking of how we do almost everything.


“If this doesn’t jump-start regional thinking, nothing will.”



See Missouri Data by County and City Here.



Mark Your Calendars

I love my job, but it’s mostly a series of surprises.  There are very few events I actually look forward to – Senate Bowling, Softball Tournament, that Cinco de Mayo rooftop party, and… next Tuesday… March 1, the Missouri Health Care Association’s Texas Hold’em tournament.   The reception is 6-8pm, at the Capitol Plaza but the real action starts promptly at 8pm when folks walk into the adjoining room for the game of cards.  There’s a bar and food.  Legislators and their staff are comp-ed.  You learn a lot at this event (I mean Sen. Jason Crowell doesn’t bluff, he just goes all in).


The hosts are Jon Dolan and Nikki Strong of Missouri Health Care Association.



$5k + Contributions

Citizens for Jake Zimmerman - $15,000 from Simmons, Browder, Gianaris, Angelides & Barnerd, LLC.

Jay Nixon for Missouri - $10,000 from Greg Wendt.




Pro Tem Rob Mayer turns 54 today. 


On Sunday Rep. Mike Lair turns 65.  Former rep Wayne Cooper is 62; and Doug Crews blows out an undisclosed number of candles.




I’ll be at Lincoln Days tonight eavesdropping and I-spying.  May tweet some, feel free to follow me Here.


And of course I’ll be playing John Combest’s Lincoln Days Bingo!