Monday, February 21, 2011

Listening to Koster

In a recent interview with Missourinet, it sounds like Attorney General Chris Koster will be joining the healthcare lawsuit.  Read it Here.


Here’s the way Koster is viewing the question:  “Can Congress do anything that it wants under the Commerce Clause or as we live in an environment of enumerated powers of the Congress and the rest of the powers are left to the states,” says Koster. “In that enumerated environment, does the Commerce Clause have a limit? And that is the constitutional question.”


Framing it that way almost had to send Koster against the healthcare law.  And while that might be polling well with the general Missouri population, it’ll be a major weakness if he draws a strong Democratic challenger.



Nixon and Transportation Costs

News that Governor Jay Nixon’s travel budget, discretely dispersed among other state agencies, has reached $400,000, elicited this fine quip from Appropriations Chair Sen. Kurt Schaefer, “I do think it is ironic that the governor is over-withholding on transportation for grade school kids and overspending on his own transportation.”  Read the article Here.


Schaefer refers to the fact that budget revenues are ahead of expectations, but Nixon continues to withhold money from various budget areas.



Schweich’s First Target?

Auditor Tom Schweich announced a “rapid response” auditing unit, that would act like a SWAT team swopping in when wrong-doing was suspected.  They’d file subpoenas and begin their audit within 24 hours.


What sort of situations is Schweich thinking this would apply to?  “Doing political work on state time.”  See the news conference excerpt Here.



Gordon Leaves HRCC

Mega fundraiser Christine Gordon is parting ways with the House Republican Campaign Committee after six years.  Gordon took the HRCC to a whole new level of fundraising, credibility, and management.  She has said to be wanting to spend a little time with their two young children before gearing up for the 2012 election cycle.  Gordon will likely be highly sought after by Republican candidates for the 2012 cycle given her record with HRCC.



Jones Funder: “Special Announcement”

Hitting mailboxes is a fundraiser for House Floor Leader Tim Jones.  The March 10 event promises “fine food and wines,” but more tantalizing is the “with a special announcement from Representative Jones.”  Maybe an early launch to the Speaker’s race?...



Gallup: Missouri Shifts Right

From this morning’s Politico Playbook comes something we knew, but here it is in numbers.  Based on daily tracking polls asking people if they are Republicans. Democrats or independents, Gallup says Missouri has moved from slightly Democratic to competitive.  See the Poll Here.



eMailbag on Tom Smith

“This is really weird and counterintuitive but I think the stuff you wrote on Tom Smith very slightly helps the Republican Caucus. Everyone is in the open. More likely they get things resolved either way instead of the back stabbing passive aggressive shit they have been doing.”



“The issue about Tom Smith should not be defended by examples of others doing the same. Smith or anyone else doing campaign work should not justify it because they used a private computer or stepped outside the building. It should be either you work for the state or you don’t.  If you work for the state and take the health care and qualify for the pension then any other work should be performed in the evening or on weekends and you can’t tell me these political consultants abide by that policy.”



“Having been a teenager, raised teenagers, does the old adage ‘If your friends jump off the bridge will you follow’ ring a bell??  Another example of how the more things change the more they remain the same.”



Lobbyist Principal Changes

From the Pelopidas website:


Greg Johnston added Cassidy Turley.

Daryl Duwe added Composting and Organic Association of Missouri.

Valinda Freed added Concerned Women of America of Missouri.

Sarah Gentry added National MS Society.

Kevin Houlihan added Vitaver & Associates; and deleted Lake Ozark Marine Dealers.

David Klarich added CCA Global Partners.

Mindy Patterson added Missouri Federation of Animal Owners.

Shelia Short added Missouri Equine Council.



$5k+ Contributions

Save Kansas City Committee - $25,000 from Kansas City Southern.

Kansas City PAC - $10,000 from David Fenley.

North County Firefighters PAC - $6,000 from Black Jack Firefighters.

Citizens for a Stronger St. Louis - $60,000 from Civic Progress Action.

Citizens for a Stronger St. Louis - $25,000 from Anheuser Busch.

Supporters of Community Fire Protection District - $8,000 from Community Fire Fighters.




Former Rep BJ Marsh turns 71.  Former state senator Harry Kennedy turns 57.