Friday, February 4, 2011

Maybe I’ll Join the Weathermen’s Union

Rep. Sam Graves announced yesterday he wouldn’t run for Senate.


Speculation has turned to Rep. Jo Ann Emerson.  Folks say she is a NO as well.


Then it’s on to the last floated name is Ann Wagner.  Here there are conflicting reports.  One on-the-ground source says she’ll run.  A  different, well-placed, observer snarks – “when the waters don’t part for her, she’ll pass.”


Ed Martin and Sarah Steelman shouldn’t prepare for mano-a-mano just yet.



Luebbering Downplays Revenue Number

Budget Director Linda Luebbering in an interview really minimalized the year-to-date revenue numbers as the Nixon administration continues its campaign to horde as much cash as it can for next year’s budget.


“Well for the year right now we’re up 6.3% compared to last fiscal year at this time.  That’s just a little ahead of where we thought we would be… so we’re just a little bit ahead, not much, but just a little bit ahead…


The 6.3% growth rate is 75% higher than the consensus revenue number was +3.6%.


The governor may withhold appropriations whenever actual revenues are lower than the revenue estimates.



LG Names

While Speaker Steve Tilley seems to have wrapped up the Republican nomination for Lieutenant Governor about 18 months in advance of the primary, Dems are still searching.


Rep. Sara Lampe has reportedly been approached by some Springfield leaders as well as education groups to run.  But one savvy observer thinks it’s tough for a Democrat from Springfield to win a statewide primary because there are so few Democratic votes to her base.


By contrast, Jackson County Executive Mike Sanders is also said to be mulling an LG bid, and there are a lot more Democratic votes in his neck of the woods.



Silvey for Senate

Rep. Ryan Silvey amended his campaign committee to run for Senate 17.  The incumbent, Sen. Luann Ridgeway, is termed.


With the redistricting process between today and November 2012, though, nothing is certain.



Lobbyist Principal Changes

From the Pelopidas website:


Jeff Brooks added St. Louis Sports Commission.

Bill Shoehigh added Community Education Centers.

Lynne Schlosser deleted Sprinkler Fitter Contractors & Associates.



$5k+ Contributions

PAC of the Greater KC Chamber of Commerce, in Partnership with the Civic Council of Greater KC - $10,000 from Hallmark Cards Inc.




Danny Pfeifer turns 33 today.


Tomorrow former state rep Steve Hobbs turns 51.