Monday, May 30, 2011

Exclusive: EcoDevo Huddle

Hoping to break the stalemate which doomed the economic development bill last session, principals from the House and the Senate met last week at offices of Emerson Electric.  Emerson with vast business contacts in China has been a prime advocate for the “China Hub” concept at the heart or economic development bill.  In attendance: Sens. Eric Schmitt and Brad Lager, Speaker Steve Tilley, Rep. John Diehl and Emerson lobbyist Dan Pfeifer, according to one source.


The two sides were said to have found acceptable language to govern the Missouri House Development Corporation, which has been in “slow-down” mode for approving tax credits, a vexing situation for developers.


Additionally, the latest proposal moved the sunsets on the two sticky programs – historics and low-income housing – down to eight-years (from the previous ten-year offer) with a small increase in their caps.  Included as well would be the mother lode of ecodevo incentive programs – MOSIRA, Data Centers, Sporting Events.


While there wasn’t a final agreement, the meeting ended with solid progress.



Here’s The Kicker

Assuming the two sides can meet, they plan to cut Governor Jay Nixon out of the show; the legislature itself will call a special session to consummate their deal.  


Although special sessions are normally called by the governor, the constitution provides for the legislature to call one, with the backing of 75% of the senators and representatives.  Republicans believe they have secured the support of House Dems to meet that threshold.


It would be a poke back at the governor who called them a “debating society” while offering very little legislative leadership this session.



Craighead Joins Team Kinder

Jared Craighead, former executive director of the Missouri Republican Party, has signed on to Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder’s gubernatorial campaign. 


During the most recent Kinder-quakes (burned car, hotel expenses) Craighead had been referred to as the “campaign attorney” or “compliance officer.”  According to a good Republican source, those titles obscure the larger role that Craighead is now taking which is more like a campaign manager.


The move will likely be hailed by insider Republicans as a sign that Kinder is finally seriously staffing up, and may mark a turning point from the recent spat of minor misfortunes to befall the 2012 contender. 


Kinder critics from within the GOP have tried to knock him with an anti-“next-in-line” campaign. Craighead, being a well-known and well-liked figure among the Republican establishment, will help deter those sentiments from spreading.



CORRECTION: Curtman Not At Martin’s Kick-off

Rep. Paul Curtman was not Ed Martin’s congressional kick-off last week.  He told Ed that he would try to stop by, but he didn’t make it.




From one Republican with a view: “Joe Smith has no intention of running for Congress.  He’s a good guy and someone should step up and give him a job.”


Germany retreats from nuclear, will retire last plant in 2022.  Read it Here.


From Combest, the text from President Barack Obama’s Joplin remarks. Read it Here.



Lobbyists Principal Changes

From the Pelopidas website:


Neal R. Hefferren added The Chas. Ball Market Inc.

Aaron March added Exergonix LLC, and Red Development LLC; and deleted Hertz Investment Group, 55th Street Realty Group, Hillside Redevelopment Corporation, American Royal Association, TLI LLC, BHA Group Holdings, Birdie Development LLC, American Royal Association Inc, and Coronet Windows.

Michael White added Briarcliff Development Company, Central Fiber, and Steve Jones; and deleted Bannister Partners LLC, Labor Ready, Concerned School Patrons, John David Dicapo and Steve Jones.

James C. Bowers, Jr. deleted KC Improv, Inc.

Patricia Jensen deleted McGowan & Walsh, Gary Walkup, Crossroads Live LLC, Medistar KCMO LTACH LP, 123 Global, Ladco Development, Bank Midwest, Peterson Enterprises LLC, Mackenzie House LLC, Glazer Shane, Plaza View LLC, Haden Property Investment Group LLC, Reese Development Inc, McBride & Sons Homes Kansas City LLC, SOHO West Loft Apartments LLC.

Dale Schulte deleted SOHO West Apartments LLC, Cohen Esrey Equity Partners III LLC, Stuart Hall Residential LP, Embassy Properties Inc, Library Lofts LP, Master Realty Properies, MRP Freighthouse LP, R&S Partners LP.

Clifford G Axelson added Prudential Financial Inc.

Grover Gamm added NEMO Grain Processors LLC, Clark County Water District #1, North East Missouri Grain LLC, Poet Biorefining Macon. 

Steve Jackson deleted Mid-South Title Loans.

William E Shoehigh deleted Community Education Centers.


$5k+ Contributions

Save Our Plaza - $9,500 from James Nutter Sr.

Your Vote Counts - $25,000 from The Humane Society of the United States.

Decline to Sign - $25,500 from Highwoods Realty LTD.

Save Our Plaza - $6,000 from Suzanne Allen.




Rep. Galen Higdon turns 57 today.