Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Jane Says

Roll Call asked Sen. Jane Cunningham about running for the 2nd Congressional district.  She replied that she was “seriously considering it” and then ticked off the reasons that she will win: her current state senate district is in the heart of the congressional district, and she – unlike the other two announced candidates – has a record to run on.  Read it Here.


That’s an unusual tack as the vogue, since before Tea Party times, has been to run against the establishment .  However neither Ambassador Wagner nor Blunt staffer Martin is exactly an outsider.


Meanwhile Cunningham is said to be “burning up the phone lines.”  Still an official announcement shouldn’t be expected until a campaign committee is set up, after the quarter ends at the end of this month.


And Remember

Observers expect more candidates.  The field is not settled.



Bad News for Dems

It’s best not to get whipsawed by every data point, but these two items this morning should worry Democrats.


First, ADP’s jobs survey showed the private sector added an anemic 38,000 jobs last month.


Second, Hamilton Place Strategies has a poll out saying that 66% of Americans think the economy is still in a recession, and another 29% say that even though the recession is technically over it still feels like a recession.  That leaves me and 5% of the population believing that the recession is over.  Ouchy-wa-wa.  See it Here.




In Texas, like Missouri, redistricting is pushing Dems into increasingly minority majority districts.  


From Politico - “ ‘This map is the very definition of an unfair and illegal congressional plan, one that was constructed behind closed doors with reckless disregard for the testimony of Texans who asked for a plan that adheres to the Voting Rights Act and preserves communities of interest,’ said state Rep. Marc Veasey, who last week filed an alternative that likely would create 14 Democratic districts—rather then the current 9—all but one of them minority-based.”  Read it Here.



KCPL Gets 21% Hike

“The Missouri Public Service Commission, in a 4 to 1 vote, approved the phase-in of a 21 percent electric rate increase for L&P services territory customers of the KCP&L-Greater Missouri Operations Company. The rate increase primarily reflects the addition of the Iatan II coal-fired power plant, serving Andrew, Atchison, Buchanan, Clinton, DeKalb, Gentry, Holt, Nodaway, Platte and Worth Counties.”  Read it Here.


What It Means

The Public Service Commission is the beef of the hamburger.  That’s why the funding of the Office of Public Council and other PSC provisions (rate case review time, for example) have been part of the CWIP/ESP  negotiations.




In the continuing e-tailers war with state governments seeking tax revenues from the new sector, Overstock says it’s pulling out of affiliate sites in Connecticut where they’d be subject to a new tax.  Read it Here.



The matchless John Combest points out that the latest St. Louis Business Journal online poll seems to assume that Rep. Todd Akin will dispense with Sarah Steelman in the Republican primary for Senate.  See it Here.



And the oddest inclusion in the list of St. Louis Business Journal honorees at its Legislative Awards Breakfast (June 17, Register Here) must be Sen. Brad Lager whose past campaign material includes of an Arch menacingly looming over a cornfield with the promise to stand up against “St. Louis special interests” against “our way of life,” and whose past legislative agenda included capping historic tax credits by population which would have limited St. Louis City’s portion to $5 million.



Two readers noted that yesterday bit about Nelly contained the mistaken information that the rap star was the product of the St. Louis Public School system.  He attended University City high school.



One reader adds to the MATA Joplin response: Certainly credit goes to MATA for having in place a Disaster Legal Assistance Program. The Missouri Organization of Defense Lawyers and the Missouri Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers have both joined with MATA to work under their program in this effort.



Seen touring Ladue… Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal whose Senate district would encompass the plush suburb if the “Harpool map” prevails.



Sen. Brian Nieves has taken over the marketing job for KWMO, AM 1350.



Lobbyist Principal Changes

From the Pelopidas website:


Zachary Brunnert, Janet Hirschman, and Richard McIntosh added Ashbritt, Inc.

Todd J Jacobs added Missouri Gas Energy.



$5k+ Contributions

Local 41 Political Action Fund - $10,252 from DRIVE.