Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tilley Asks for Endorsements

Speaker Steve Tilley apparently called every single Republican state representative during the last weekend asking them for their endorsement for his Lieutenant Governor bid.  One Rep reports that Tilley humbly said, “I’m not taking anything for granted and wanted to personally ask you for your endorsement.”


Republican Reps comparing notes began joking that they’re pretty sure that the speaker went through the 100+ list alphabetically, based on when folks received their calls through the weekend.  That is a reflection of Tilley’s incredible discipline and workman-like approach to his political career. “He’s a machine.”



Tucci to Nixon: You Baffle Me

Democratic donor Kim Tucci sent a scathing letter to Governor Jay Nixon last week, scolding the governor for undercutting the film industry.  The letter, on Pasta House letterhead, cc-ed scores of people (an eclectic mix including law-makers, law-shapers and media, including former Rep. Rachel Storch Akrongold).


From the letter:




Denying Paramount Pictures tax credits for the Movie “FunSize” is an insult to Missouri’s film community. I am so embarrassed, as former Chairman of the Missouri Film Commission and current Chairman of Cinema St. Louis, that I was not able to convince you and the economic development “powers that be” how valuable these tax credits are.


To think that the state receives a very small percentage of the economic impact of these credits and the cities and municipalities receive the bulk of the economic impact is ludicrous…


Jay, without a major production every year, it is impossible for film professionals to continue honing and perfecting their craft.  Therefore these people move on to other cities or seek other employment.  Without these qualified technicians, not only film production but also commercial production suffers…


The House and the Senate have approved $175K to keep the Missouri Film Office opened. Please do not eliminate this office.  If eliminated Missouri would be one of two states without a film office.  It’s bad enough there are no tax credits for film in 2011.  However, without a Missouri Film office we would definitely be a dead player.


It still baffles me and many others, both Democrats and Republicans, that the Department of Economic Development and you do not believe that tax credits for film production are of any value to our state….


And in other letters to Nixon

Prime Buzz reports that the Missouri Roundtable for Life sent a letter to Nixon asking that he not call a special session for economic development because they oppose the MOSIRA aspect of the legislation.  Read it Here.



Drebes Not So Wrong on Revenues?

One observer thinks that I have not been so wrong on the revenue front, pointing out that the latest month showed a spike in refunds – up 187% from the year earlier.  That, they speculate, is the result of a “speed-up” or “push-through” to bring the overall number more in-line with projections, but which will lead to better comparisons in the new fiscal year.  We’ll see…



Other Economic Bits

Nixon says Missouri bucking national trend. Read it Here.


Not quite.  See it Here.


And the top ten signs were entering a double dip… See it Here… but don’t believe it.  Absolutely every single recovery ever of all time is uneven.  “Double dip” is a convenient topic to fill column space.



HRCC Pulls in $50k at Event

The House Republican Campaign Committee raked in $50,000 at a recent event in St. Louis.  HRCC is budgeting for the same ballpark as last cycle when they raised $3.2 million and overwhelmed Democrats who were relying on fundraising from the governor which never meaningfully materialized.


There are conflicting reports concerning HRCC fundraising this cycle.  It’s said that they are “on-target,” but that it’s a tougher environment with more competition for money this cycle than last cycle. 


However, the lobbyist community seems to be even more obliging toward the Republicans Caucus.  (Look for a long list of sponsors at their summer caucus).  This is likely the result of last cycle’s huge Republican gains which positions them as the majority caucus for the foreseeable future.



Schmoozing at the HRCC event was congressional candidate Ann Wagner, wife of Ray Wagner whose company Enterprise was the lead sponsor of the event (See $5k+ Contributions below).   Said one Republican: “It shows why she will be a tough competitor; they’ve been working relationships for ten, twenty years, for a run like this… they’ll be able to raise the money.”



$5k+ Contributions

Engler for Missouri - $8,500 from Engler for Missouri.

Missourians for Crowell - $10,000 from Pyramid Home Health.

House Republican Campaign Committee Inc - $6,000 from Enterprise Holdings Inc.




Former state representative Trent Skaggs turned 38.