Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Catanese Kicks Kinder

Politico’s Dave Catanese paints a gloomy picture of a Missouri Republican Party demoralized in the face of Governor Jay Nixon’s approval ratings, and Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder’s sputtering start.  Read it Here.


His lede is overblown: “Missouri Republicans are growing increasingly despondent about their chances of reclaiming the governor’s mansion in 2012. Peter Kinder, the front-runner for the GOP nod, hasn’t even officially launched a campaign yet — but he’s already being privately written off by members of his own party.” 


And his sourcing is all anonymous and a little sloppy as he juggles former and current law-makers in a confusing stew.


But the point remains.  It’s one I’ve written about here.  Kinder has to quiet the detractors by running a professional campaign and jettisoning the distractions of his own making.


Nixon is vulnerable in the sense that his support wide but thin.  But to seize on that weakness, Kinder has to offer a strong alternative.



Perry Promotes Peter

Texas Governor Rick Perry will be headlining a fundy for Kinder in a few weeks.  The June 21 event has a host committee that practically leaps off the Blue Blood directory… August Busch III, Doug Albrecht, Jack Danforth, Sam Fox, Jack Taylor, Rex Sinquefield, and David Farr



Redistricting and Residency

The most likely scenario now in the House redistricting is that the map-drawing goes to a commission of appellate judges.  And it’s likely, says one source with a sharp eye on the calendar, that they will wait until after November 6 to complete their task.  That’s an important deadline.


If the districts are set with more a year before the 2012 elections, then candidates must reside in the districts they’re seeking.  If there’s less than a year, residency requirements are relaxed.  Candidates can run in any district that’s in the county of their current district.  (Rep. Susan Carlson, for example, whose district has pieces of both St. Louis City and St. Louis County, could run in any house district in either of those counties.)


It could be an important factor if the final map is drawn in a way to set two incumbents or allies against each other because they might be able to escape the redistricting trap.  It will also provide flexibility for party strategists trying to field their strongest candidates.




Congressman Dick Durbin files a bill allowing states to collect sales tax on internet sales.  Read it Here.   Because, “Online spending in May increased 15.9% year over year, the seventh straight month of double-digit growth for e-commerce, according to an estimate released today by MasterCard Advisors, the consulting arm of MasterCard Worldwide.”  Read it Here.



Speaker pro tem Shane Schoeller was appointed by Speaker Steve Tilley to chair a new interim committee on Disaster Recovery.



Letter to Editor in Post begs Governor Jay Nixon to nix Auditor Tom Schweich’s budget boost to cover new hires. Read it Here.



MODoT hits the wall today, starts cutting $500-600 million. Remember shifting the gas tax money from the general revenue to the highways?  Bonds issued, and money used up… From Combest, here are the articles.  Pick your poison: Missouri News Horizon or AP



Lobbyist Principal Changes

From the Pelopidas website:


Melanie Abrajano and Todd Abrajano added Turning Point Public Affairs LLC.

Todd Abrajano added Missouri Club for Growth.  

Tricia Workman deleted RH Montgomery Property Inc.



$5k+ Contributions

Friends of Tilley - $10,000 from Pyramid Health Services.

Missourians for Koster - $10,000 from Evergreen Investments LLC.




Happy birthday to Super-Lobbyist Tricia Workman.  And photog Suzy Gorman who looks absolutely nothing like 49.