Friday, April 20 - Where Things Are

Terrible Week for the Governor

Last week the release of the House Investigative Committee’s report was a terrible day for the governor.  Then this week happened.

This week was absolutely miserable.  All of the investigations/scandals are now in a much worse place than they were just a week or two ago.

St. Louis City Circuit Attorney: Despite multiple motions to dismiss by Eric Greitens’ defense attorneys, the invasion of privacy trial remains set for May 14.

The assumption is that Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner will be filing an additional felony charge today – based on evidence provided to her office by Attorney General Josh Hawley.

House Special Investigative Committee: The Committee issued their report, putting the allegations of the governor’s revolting behavior into the public domain.  But if the governor was hoping this was the worst of it, that like the trial on May 14, he just has to get past an event, he misunderstands the nature of what he’s involved in.  The investigations into his scandals are an unfolding process, not an event.  The House Committee now has the evidence concerning the donor list too.  At the very least they will be issuing another report.  And probably they will do more.

Missouri Attorney General: AG Josh Hawley’s office held a devastating press conference in which he said his office found evidence of criminal behavior by the governor.  The governor’s statement – a childish insult of the attorney general – generated an emetic response from legislators.

But that’s not all.

The investigation is on-going.  Word is that the AG’s office is looking at the MEC filing of the governor to see if that’s another crime.  And it’s believed that Greitens’ former campaign staffer, Danny Laub, was interviewed “for hours” by the AG’s office.

And that’s not all.

There’s reason to expect that the office is investigating other aspects of the relationship between the for-profit Greitens Group, and the non-profit- Mission Continues.

And that’s not all!

Yesterday, the House approved HB 2523 which the Post-Dispatch reports on here. “The Missouri House fulfilled a request from Attorney General Josh Hawley on Thursday, approving a souped-up Sunshine Law.  Hawley, a Republican, argued the current law related to public record keeping constrained his investigation into Gov. Eric Greitens and his staff's use of Confide, a message-deleting app. If the legislation becomes law, Hawley has said his office would reopen the inquiry...”

Sunshine Lawsuit: Meanwhile the lawsuit by The Sunshine Project over his use of the Confide app continues. And….

Federal Bureau of Investigation: Operating quietly below the surface as usual, but there are ripples that hint they are active among the many leads of criminal behavior.


Understand: The situation is worse for the governor than a week ago.  And I don’t mean politically.  (Yes, politically, he’s much worse off.  The legislative leadership of both parties in both chambers has now denounced his behavior and called for him to resign. This includes members of his own political party, folks who aren’t given to rash pronouncements, who aren’t angling for higher office, and who have given decades of their life in service to the state).

I mean the chance that this governor ends up in jail has increased.  You can cry “witch hunt” all you want, but these are serious criminal allegations.



The mounting troubles have fostered rumors in the building (as demonstrated by Sen. Jamilah Nasheed’s letter) about the governor’s state of mind.

As if aware of these rumors, the governor’s twitter feed has been methodically showing him “working,” listening to state workers, department heads etc.  But because he’s hiding from the media (one observer remarked how Josh Hawley, holding a press conference and answering questions for a half-hour, looks more gubernatorial than Greitens now), some capitol denizens are becoming near-Kremlinologists, looking at each picture (are those dungarees the same as yesterday’s?) to ascertain clues about the governor.


ROTO (Reminder of the Obvious)

When you governing via Twitter and Facebook because you’re scared a reporter will ask you a question, you’re probably a little “distracted” by the multiple investigations swirling around you.



The Twenty-First Circuit Judicial Commission announced the panel of three nominees to fill the associate circuit judge vacancy in St. Louis County created by the appointment of Judge Mary Elizabeth Ott as a circuit judge.  Those nominated by the commission are: Ashley Bailey-Smith, Lorne J. Baker, and Nicole S. Zellweger.


Dan Sena, DCCC Executive Director, tweets:  Last month (before latest Gov Greitens news) we polled in #MO2 where generic Dem led the generic ballot +2 (46-44). This is a suburban, educated district to watch.


Today’s Events

Josh Hawley Senate Campaign Kickoff Tour – Able Manufacturing – 1000 S Schifferdecker Ave, Joplin – 4PM.


New Committees

Tami Owens formed a candidate committee (Friends Of Tami Owens, Milton Day, Treasurer) to run for Clerk Newton County Clerk.


Lobbyist Registrations

Chris Roepe, Jacqueline Bardgett, John Bardgett Jr., and John Parris added National Basketball Association (NBA), and Major League Baseball (MLB).

Guy Black added Central Bancompany.



Happy birthdays to Chris Moody, Chris Roepe, Pam Dixon, and Amanda Latty.

Saturday: Rep. Paul Curtman, Dan Mehan, David Barklage, and Maynard Wallace.

Sunday: Sen. Gary Romine, and Dana Rademan Miller.