Thursday, April 19 - Greitens Legal Filings

Greitens Legal Filings: Trying to Toss the Felony Charge

Judge Rex Burlison is expected to rule today on Greitens’ legal team’s motion to dismiss the case in St. Louis.  St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that “his lawyers claim dismissal is the appropriate and necessary sanction for prosecutors' failure to turn over evidence the defense says is favorable to Greitens and Tisaby's alleged lies under oath. ‘This case shouts out for dismissal,’ lawyers wrote in a court filing… [Prosecutors] said that the woman who had an affair with Greitens had been ‘wholly consistent in the core of her testimony.’  Prosecutors also submitted complete transcripts of the woman's grand jury testimony and a Jan. 29 interview with investigators, as well as the grand jury transcript of her friend for Burlison's review…


Greitens Legal Filings II:  Trying to Cuff Hawley

Kansas City Star reports “Gov. Eric Greitens’ attorneys have asked a Cole County judge to issue a restraining order blocking Attorney General Josh Hawley from investigating the governor. The motion was filed the night before Hawley announced that his office had uncovered ‘potentially criminal acts’ committed by Greitens regarding his use of a charity’s donor list to benefit his 2016 gubernatorial campaign. He turned over the evidence to the St. Louis prosecutor to consider criminal charges, which he said could be a felony…”

Some lawyers I spoke to called the move unprecedented, unable to think of another similar case.  They expect Judge Jon Beetem to eighty-six it.


Laub Deposed

I have a strong source saying that Danny Laub was deposed by the Attorney General’s office yesterday in Washington DC.  In the Greitens’ Missouri Ethics Commission guilty plea Laub was named as the person who received the donor list.  Since then, reports have surfaced that this isn’t true.


This comes from two conversations yesterday, but is unconfirmed, so file it under “Rumorville.” They say that among the items that has caught the attention of Attorney General Josh Hawley’s investigation is how Eric Greitens’ book sales were handled in the sometimes intersecting relationships of Greitens’ for-profit entity, the non-profit Mission Continues, and his nascent political campaign at the time.


What Are Gov’s Legal Bills?

I asked several attorneys to give me a guesstimate of the governor’s legal bills.  The guesses ranged from $500,000 to $1.2 million and beyond.

The calculations that some of them made involved assumptions of hourly rates (“$400-$750/hour and up”), the expansive team (Jim Martin, Ed Dowd, Jim Bennett, Jack Garvey, Scott Rosenblum, Michelle Nassar, and maybe others) and “considering all the fronts their battling in.”

One person thought that maybe they’re discounting.  “But the question is does a discount mean an in-kind” contribution? Or a personal gift?  Either way it’ll be reportable.


Legislative Mood

Take this for what it’s worth, a small sampling, nothing more.  But I spoke to three Republican Reps yesterday who haven’t called for the governor’s resignation, but who all seem to be in the impeachment camp.  One mentioned being a father and being disgusted by Greitens’ acts, another echoed Mike Parson’s line of the state being “bigger than any one person,” and the third just seemed to assume that’s where we’re headed.


Staff Morale

Don’t forget the staff.  Yes, the governor is distracted as he juggles the indictment and investigations.  Yes, the legislature is distracted as it feels its way toward impeachment with session entering its final month.

But don’t forget about the toll on the staff.  Folks who have been working hard, have had to ignore this circus, while wondering in the back of their head what the next day will bring.

I talked to two lobbyists who are aware of Greitens staffers “looking around.”  That is, they have fielded calls from staffers who are considering parachuting out.

One building denizen found this to be completely unsurprising.  Of course, he said, it happens everywhere in the world.  When you’re in a company and your boss is under fire, you automatically starting thinking and working on what your next gig will be.


Jami Seeks Additional Security

Sen. Jamilah Nasheed sent a letter to Drew Juden, Director of the Department of Public Safety, asking for additional security around the capitol because of allegations and rumors of erratic and dangerous behavior by the governor.  She also asks that she be notified whenever the governor leaves his 2nd floor office.  See the letter here.



The first-rate Jason Hancock is on Soundcloud here, being interviewed on the Greitens scandal.


On Facebook Sen. Doug Libla writes: It is with great pleasure that I announce Ashley Bax has been promoted to “Chief of Staff” in our senate office in Jefferson City, MO. Many know Ashley as a professional hard worker and friendly voice when needing important work done on their behalf. Please join me in congratulating Ashley as she takes on her new responsibilities.


So many conversations now in the hallways are starting with “Last I heard was…”  That’s how fast the news is breaking.


eMailbag on Senate 16

The Dems can get as excited as they want about Senate 16, but they will not win it even in this environment.  They used to hold a different Senate District (redistricted) when the swing House seat within the District was the one Jason Smith represented that is now largely held by Reps Pogue and Chipman (not swing districts anymore).


Today’s Events

Meet Paul Curtman at Oliver's Restaurant, Warrenton – 6:30PM.

Statehouse Blend Missouri Live! Gun Legislation Forum with Reps. T.J. Berry and Jon Carpenter at The Buffalo Room, Kansas City – 6:30PM.


Help Wanted

Missouri River Relief seeks Executive Director.  “Responsible for overall management and operation of Missouri River Relief (MRR) and protection of the organization’s financial assets and organizational culture while ensuring compliance with board directives and applicable grantor, federal, and state requirements…”   See it here.


Centene seeks Director, Finance.  “Direct, negotiate and handle activities of the business unit’s finance department and aid in formulating and administering organization financial policies and procedures… Serve as contact for the State, corporate and business unit functions regarding financial matters; Monitor legislative and political developments affecting the business unit from a financial perspective; Coordinate political contribution activity, interact with lobbyists, attend political fundraisers, and ensure compliance with political contribution statutes…”  See it here.


New Committees

Citizens Against BSL was formed.  It’s a PAC.  Its treasurer is Andrea Roach.  This is a group of folks fighting Springfield’s proposed pit bull ban.  BSL stands for breed specific language.


Lobbyist Registrations

Ryan McKenna added St Louis Community College.

Sonette Magnus added Associated General Contractors of Missouri.

Jon Bloomfield added Adapt Pharma Inc.


$5K+ Contributions

UAW Region 5 Midwest States Political Action Committee (PAC) (MO) - $6,000 from UAW Region 5 Exchange Account.



Happy birthdays Bert Atkins, Sylvester Taylor, Bill Stouffer, and Jean Peters Baker.