August 13, 2018: McDowell Blames Obama - Leader Curls? - Mehan Sues to Bounce CLEAN and more...

MOGOP Defends McDowell

The Missouri Republican Party sent out an email blast of Saundra McDowell defending herself against concern of her financial troubles and about whether she meets the residency requirement for auditor.


On Behalf Of Saundra McDowell

Sent: Friday, August 10, 2018 5:46 PM

Subject: Don't Listen to Liberal Attacks - Here's the Truth

There have been a lot of claims made about my personal life, and instead of letting the Democrats and Nicole Galloway run wild, I want to address them right now.

My husband and I did struggle to make ends meet earlier in our careers, like so many Americans did under President Obama's stagnating economy. We have made every effort possible to pay off the debts that we owe, and we will continue to do so.

My husband and I established intent for residency more than ten years ago, and any attempts to mischaracterize that as inadequate are ridiculous.

The attacks on my private life perpetrated by my opponent are wildly inappropriate, and I've responded to these claims multiple times before.

I've always said this race should be about the issues, not personal attacks, and I'm disappointed in my opponent for immediately making it about the latter. However, I will continue to vocalize the needed changes in the Auditor’s office and how I will bring accountability to the State of Missouri.

I proudly served my country as a tech sergeant in the Air Force, I prosecuted tough crimes as a Missouri Assistant Attorney General and as Chief of Securities Enforcement for Missouri’s Secretary of State, and now I'm ready to serve the people of Missouri again.

I humbly ask for your support in November.

Thank you,



The Galloway campaign responded that McDowell’s attempt to “blame onto Obama for her financial struggles” are a recent invention.  “In spite of her self-admitted struggles early in her career, on December 16, 2014, as her firm was closing, Saundra McDowell signed a lease-option-to-purchase a five bedroom, five bath mansion in Springfield, complete with pool, sauna, and home theatre. The legal agreement she willingly signed required her to pay rent of $3,600 per month and $50,000 towards the option to purchase the home in $7,000 a month installments. Whatever financial difficulties she had faced early in her career certainly didn’t dissuade her from committing to the purchase of a lavish home valued at more than half a million dollars… In a July 20 debate in St. Louis County, Saundra McDowell said she believed in total transparency and then offered an entirely different explanation for why she stopped making payments on this home. (Click to listen to audio file.)”


What It Means

Inside Republican circles the real concern is not about the financial mess (although yes, it looks bad and gives Galloway a great commercial).  The real concern is that McDowell doesn’t meet the residency requirement.  As one explains to me “IF Democrats file a suit and she is bounced after September 8th the GOP cannot select a nominee.”

McDowell’s residency claim – according to this Rudi Keller article – is that “she met her husband, a native of St. Louis, while in law school and decided quickly they would marry and make their home in Missouri after school. That created an intent to be a Missouri resident before Nov. 6, 2008, 10 years before the election for auditor…”

Meanwhile Republicans power-players (mostly all men) navigating this must be aware of the overtones of sexism.  As one MOScout reader, a Republican woman, wants to know… “The GOP wants to oust McDowell? Would they even consider this if she were a man?”


Curls for Minority Leader?

Kiki Curls has been privately encouraged to seek the Minority Leader position.  This comes on the heels of Karla May’s surprise win in Senate 4 which brings the African American representation to a record high in the Senate.  There will be at least four African Americans in the Democratic Caucus.  If Martin Rucker II succeeds in Senate 34, there could be five.

My source says Curls was lukewarm to the idea, not wanting to cause a rift in her relationship with the current Senate minority leader, Gina Walsh.

One imagined path for Curls to win six votes would be to carry the four African Americans plus two of the three Kansas City senators (Lauren Arthur, Jason Holsman, and John Rizzo).

While I would bet Curls doesn’t challenger Walsh, the larger story holds: African Americans are poised to wield greater power in the Senate and in the Democratic legislative caucuses.



Last week, A New Missouri sued the Missouri Ethics Commission, apparently to quash a subpoena (18AC-CC00315 - A NEW MISSOURI, INC. V MISSOURI ETHICS COMMISSION).


And Dan Mehan, topper of MOChamber, sued to get CLEAN Missouri bounced from the ballot (18AC-CC00318 - DANIEL P MEHAN V JOHN ASHCROFT).


Dems Reject “Whole-Life” Amendment

Over the weekend there was a bit of internet traffic about the Missouri Democratic Party “closing the door on Pro-life Democrats.”

See a blog post here.

Pull Quote: A few weeks ago, there was a meeting to amend the Missouri Democratic Party platform. A vote took place, and the amendment was accepted. The Missouri Democratic Party then said that they welcome Whole Life Democrats in the party.  The “conscience language” to include pro-life Democrats did not dilute the abortion-rights plank in the Democratic Party platform.

Unfortunately, it does not appear that the acceptance, along with the compromise language, lasted. Party Chairman Webber held a meeting this morning to strip the inclusive language from the platform because nothing says “We we want your vote” more than overturning a fair process of debate and approval. It is very unusual to remove language unilaterally after a platform has been ratified…

The amendment passed a few weeks ago when former Missouri State Representative Joan Barry decided that Whole Life Democrats should not have to hide their pro-life position or keep quiet any longer. Joan didn’t ask for much.  She put forth a reasonable amendment that merely made a point of recognizing that while some Democrats do not agree with the party position on abortion, they should be treated with respect and included in the party.

The amendment reads: “We respect the conscience of each Missourian and recognize that members of our party have deeply held and sometimes differing positions on issues of personal conscience, such as abortion.We recognize the diversity of views as a source of strength and we welcome into our ranks all Missourians who may hold different positions on this issue.”…

The actions of the party chairman send the message that pro-life Missourians are unwelcome in the party…


Get Ready for Bingo

In the new committees (below), you’ll see Citizens For Bingo has been formed.  It’s a campaign committee to pass a constitutional amendment which will be on the ballot in November.  It removes language that limits advertising for bingo games.

This ballot question comes from Rep. Wanda Brown’s HJR59.  See it here.


Meanwhile in Cole County

Can anyone make heads of tails of this email going around from the wife of Mark Richardson who lost the Republican primary for Cole County ?

From: Gina Richardson <>

Sent: Friday, August 10, 2018 6:35 PM

Subject: PSS - Greg Rollins, Bill Farr & Locke Thompson

Pss… Please note that Greg Rollins, Bill Farr and Locke Thompson, may and probably will delete all posts about Mark and I, as well as other Republican Candidates in this last election before you get a chance to review; but that's ok, because the Cole County Sheriff's Department and the Jefferson City Police Department have printed off all of the information for their records in case something suspicious would happen to Mark and I as well as 1 other Republican Candidate in this republican race.

Love my friends with all my heart!

Gina Richardson


The Democratic nominee in that race, D.K. Hirner, is having the first fundraiser of her campaign tonight (5-9PM at Paddy Malone’s).  Hirner is a former Mel Carnahan and Bob Holden adviser, and one tipster says that “there has been so much interest they’re double-staffing the check-in table…”


Help Wanted

American Association of Orthodontists Foundation seeks Regional State Affairs Coordinator. “Under the direction of the Director of Government Affairs: Be responsible for leading and managing the legislative and regulatory strategy in the states within the Coordinator’s region; Set strategy, grow and lead a team of member volunteers, coordinate activities and collaborate with allied associations and lobbying efforts; Be responsible for the monitoring of all legislative and regulatory activity, including proposed and pending legislation/regulation, in the states within the RSAC’s region….”  See their website here.


New Committees

Citizens For Bingo was formed.  It’s a campaign committee.  Its treasurer is Phillip Hanson.

MO Energy Dev Association Gateway Political Action Committee and MO Energy Dev Association State Line Political Committee were formed.  They’re PACs.  Their treasurer is Laura Ruediger.

Citizens For A Better Butler County was formed. It’s a PAC.  Its treasurer is Tyler Travers.


Lobbyists Registrations

Jennae Neustadt added SHI International Corp.

William Brown deleted B.M. Scott & Associates, Board of Public Utilities of Springfield MO, and Willco Technologies.

Rodney Boyd, Brian Grace, Katherine Casas and Kelvin Simmons deleted Tesla Motors and Community Gaming Association.


$5K+ Contributions

Missouri Senate Conservatives Fund - $45,000 from Jeffrey Roe.

Raise Up Missouri - $42,500 from Sixteen Thirty Fund (Washington DC).

Raise Up Missouri - $42,500 from The Fairness Project (Washington DC).

Committee to Elect Tom Johnson - $6,000 from The Johnson Family Living Trust.



Happy birthdays to Edward Wildberger, Tony Pousosa, and Aaron Baker.