MOScout Daily Update: We Are MO for CLEAN and Minimum Wage - House Dems' Leadership Race - Prop D's JCity Kick-off Tomorrow and more...

First in MOScout: Labor $$$ to Support Ballot Questions

We Are Missouri has amended its campaign paperwork to support Amendment 1 (CLEAN Missouri) and Prop B (increase in minimum wage).  See it here.

We Are Missouri was the committee for organized labor’s anti-right to work campaign.  RTW lost badly.  Only 32% of Missourians voting for its passage.

As of their latest campaign finance report earlier this month, We Are Missouri still had $525,000 in their campaign account leading to speculation about how they would use it.  Plus having recently mobilized their members, some suggested it would be a waste not to re-engage this November.

The answer now comes with this filing.  They will be supporting the CLEAN amendment which would change the redistricting process, and Prop B, the proposal to slowly increase the minimum wage in the coming years.

Both these campaigns have been recording strong fundraising – particularly from out-of-state dark money organizations – so the addition of labor support while presumably welcomed, isn’t necessarily a game-changer.


Although it’s not reflected in We Are Missouri’s amendment, one close observer of the Prop D campaign – transportation tax – believes we’ll be seeing some big checks from organized labor.  That would make sense as the investment in infrastructure is expected to create jobs in the short term, but also advance economic development in the state over the longer term.


Prop D’s Jeff City Kick-off

From the press release: The Missouri Association of REALTORS and co-host the Jefferson City campaign kickoff for Proposition D for Safer Roads & Streets at NOON on Thursday, September 13, at Revel Catering & Events, 102 East High Street. Speakers will include Missouri Lt. Gov. Mike Kehoe, Missouri Association of REALTORS© CEO John Sebree, and Scott Charton, Communications Director for, the statewide coalition supporting Proposition D.

What It Means

There’s oodles of differences between this transportation tax and the last time a transportation tax was on the ballot.  One of the differences is the level of support this proposal is getting in terms of “executive leadership.”  Lieutenant Governor Mike Kehoe is headlining this event, and has been dogged in working for its passage.  Governor Mike Parson hasn’t hemmed or hawed.  He’s 100% in favor.  It looks like a lot of legislators are taking notice and will be on-board with the tax – something unusual in Missouri politics.


KY3 notes the bipartisan support from both Governor Mike Parson and Senator Claire McCaskill here.


House Dems Mull Their Leadership

House Dems are staring at a potential leadership race this fall.  Former Minority Leader Gail McCann Beatty resigned earlier this year, and Assistant Leader Gina Mitten has been the de facto caucus leader.

I had assumed Mitten would be the consensus choice to take Beatty’s spot next session.  However, some members are putting forward Rep. Crystal Quade as an alternative, and I believe Rep. Kip Kendrick is interested as well.

From my gallery seat… geography matters in these races, but it’s not ironclad. And the future of the Democratic Caucus will be determined by the Black Caucus – assuming they’re united.


Rep. Deb Lavender announced that she will seek the Whip position.


Holsy Opts Out of Council Race

Yesterday Sen. Jason Holsman used a point of personal privilege to thank the care-givers who have been helping his mom.  She has been diagnosed with cancer.

Holsman’s desire to focus on his mom is at least partially behind his recent decision to forgo a KC Council run.  Holsy endorsed Andrea Bough for that seat.   See her website here.  She’s the wife of Judge Stephen Bough.


MOScout Race Ratings

I updated the spreadsheet from yesterday (see it here), cleaned up a typo (“If there’s no typo, it’s not MOScout ®”).  Thanks for the feedback.  My plan is to update it each week until the elections according to new information and how the environment is shaping up.


Kit “Thumbs” Crancer

Yesterday in the lobbyist registration report, Kit Crancer deleted his registration.  But it was mistake.  He has not switched jobs.  He accidentally terminated his registration.

For what it’s worth, Crancer is hardly the first person to befall this fate.  I wonder if MEC should institute a double confirm on the terminate option.


No Tax Returns = New Normal

Post-Dispatch reports on U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill and AG Josh Hawley both “mum” releasing their tax returns.  See it here.  Pull Quote: “University of Missouri-St. Louis political scientist Dave Robertson said voters are interested in tax returns to help them vet their candidates… Robertson said Trump's refusal to release his tax returns may have ‘legitimized’ the practice. ‘I think you're seeing the spread of this,’ Robertson said…”



The Joint Committee on Administrative Rules meeting yesterday dissolved without resolution after debating a rule change from the Department of Health and Senior Services that would cut reimbursement rates.  The discussion – which went on for hours – was largely without partisan overtones as the members weighed their role in the process and how to proceed.


The Missouri Ethics Commission dismissed a complaint against Tony Luetkemeyer (GOP, Senate 34) alleging coordination with a third-party PAC.  See it here.  They found an internal firewall at Axiom Strategies was sufficient to rebut the charge.


The Trump rally in Cape Girardeau was cancelled as the president focuses on the hurricane bearing down on the East Coast.


Help Wanted

House Majority Floor Leader seeks Deputy Chief of Staff.  “The successful candidate will be proactive, meet tight deadlines, and communicate effectively; shall be responsible for reviewing

and summarizing legislation and amendments, monitoring and providing daily reports on legislative activity and aid in creating and maintaining floor calendars.  The successful candidate will be someone who is able to multitask in a faced paced work environment, interact with members of the General Assembly on a variety of legislative and procedural issues, and monitor legislation as requested… Starting salary range: $41,184 - $60,084/annually…”  See it here.


SEIU seeks Organizer National Fast Food Worker Union.  “SEIU NFFWU is working to expand the movement and deepen the successful fights to raise employment standards and unite workers in organizing their union in the fast food industry through national, state and community campaigns… Purpose of position [is to] represent and assist the SEIU-NFFWU in organizing fast food workers and implementing organizing goals of the Campaign… Annual Salary: $48,000/YR…”  See it here.



Aaron Griesheimer, Sarah Mills, Mary Elizabeth Coleman, and Jon Patterson fundraiser at Palm Strategic Group, Jefferson City – 7:30AM.

Hillary Shields BBQ at Shields Residence, Lee’s Summit – 5:30PM.


New Committees

Missouri United was formed.  It’s a PAC.  Its treasurer is Anthony A Kuenzel III.

Limited Government PAC was formed.  Its treasurer is Margaret Christine Yaudas.

HR Grenn Missouri PAC was formed. Its treasurer is Jason Dohrmann.

United Association Political Education Missouri Committee - Federal Committee was formed. Its treasurer is            Patrick Kellett.


Lobbyists Registrations

William Gamble, Kathryn Gamble, and David Jackson added Education Direction.

Jorgen Schlemeier and David Jackson added Paul Callicoat.

Salvatore Panettiere added Aligned.

Ginger Steinmetz added Facebook Inc, and Oaktree Transportation Infrastructure Fund LP.


$5K+ Contributions

CenturyLink Missouri Federal Employees Political Action Committee - $12,300 from CenturyLink Inc. Employees Political Action Committee.

Credit Union Political Action Committee of Missouri - $15,000 from CommunityAmerica Credit Union.

SaferMO.Com - $8,000 from George Butler.

SaferMO.Com - $25,000 from Burns & McDonnell.

Missouri Democratic State Committee - $10,000 from Pipe Fitters Local Union 533.

MO Energy Dev Association State Line Political Committee - $8,000 from Missouri Energy Development Association Political Action Committee.

MO Energy Dev Association Gateway Political Action Committee - $8,000 from Missouri Energy Development Association Political Action Committee.



Happy birthdays to Drew Dampf, Sam Brownback, and Rep. Steve Helms.