MOScout Daily Update: CLEAN Debate Continues - GOP Polls - Labor Gives $600K to Gas Tax - Health Care the "Dominant Campaign Issue?" and more...

CLEAN Debate Continues

Supporters of CLEAN Missouri argue that the proposal was written with sensitivity to representation by racial/ethnic minorities.  They point to Section 3 c 1. (b)“Districts shall be established in a manner so as to comply with all requirements of the United States Constitution and applicable federal laws, including, but not limited to, the Voting Rights Act of 1965 (as amended). Notwithstanding any other provision of this Article, districts shall not be drawn with the intent or result of denying or abridging the equal opportunity of racial or language minorities to participate in the political process or diminishing their ability to elect representatives of their choice, whether by themselves or by voting in concert with other persons.”

This hasn’t allayed all worries about the potential impact on African American representation because how the lines would actually end up is completely unknown.  But the fear is that if you take districts that are current 60%-ish black and they end up being 55%-ish black in a new scheme, could that result in the loss of seats for African Americans?  It seems like a legitimate concern to me.


GOP Polling

Looks like Republicans are doing their due diligence and continuing to poll to make sure they’re not caught off guard by a sudden blue wave.

From their polling things look OK in the state senate.  The safe seats remain safe.

A September 17-18 poll has Sen. Jeanie Riddle leading her Democratic opponent in Senate 10 by a nice margin:53%-30%.  President Donald Trump’s approval rating in that district was at 55%, by the way; and Sen. Claire McCaskill was trailing AG Josh Hawley there 50%-40%.

Meanwhile in Senate 18, Republican Cindy O’Laughlin leads Democrat Crystal Stephens 49%-34%.  And Hawley leads McCaskill in that district 53%-41%.


Quarter Ends This Week

The September quarter ends this week.  Lots of fundraisers and phone calls.  And with six weeks left before Election Day, big checks are funding PACs.

In today’s large contributions: Stan Herzog’s company gave two $100K checks to GOP PACs; the Carpenters gave $225,000 to Middle Class Missouri PAC which looks like it will be helping Dem candidates; and the transportation tax got $600K from a labor group as they continue to add to their coffers.


Hawley Ad

Washington Post has an opinion piece about Josh Hawley’s new ad in which he vows support for the pre-existing condition provision of ObamaCare.  See it here.

Pull Quote: Despite all the attention we pay to the Russia scandal, Brett M. Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination and President Trump’s tweets, health care has been the dominant issue on the campaign trail; half of all the ads aired by Democrats have included it.



Governing Magazine mentioned Missouri’s transportation tax proposal.  See it here.


In 2-CD, Cort VanOstran released a new TV commercial.  See it here.  It dings Congresswoman Ann Wagner for taking special interest money.


The first-rate Jason Hancock continues to dig and report on the use of Confide during the Greitens administration.  See it hereDavid Steelman steals the article by talking about how he won’t talk: refusing to lie + refusing to “throw a young staffer under the bus” = shhhhhh.



Kevin McManus re-election fundraiser at Bier Station, Kansas City – 5PM.

Jill Schupp with Stephen Webber at The Shack, Frontenac – 5:30PM

Scott Sifton at Cheshire Inn, St. Louis – 5:30PM.

Tom Gorenc (Dem, House 16) at The Brass Rail, Kansas City– 5:30PM

LaDonna Appelbaum (Dem, House 71) with special guest Jake Zimmerman at The Post Sports Bar & Grill, Creve Coeur, - 6PM.

Doug Clemens (Dem, House 72) with Russ Carnahan at 50/fifty restaurant, St. Louis – 6PM.

Jim Ripley (Dem, House 34) Llywelyn’s, Lee’s Summit – 6:30PM

Fall Fest hosted by Joni Perry (Dem, House 3) at West Winery/Jackson Stables, Kirksville – 6:30PM.


Help Wanted

Civil PAC seeks Deputy Field Organizers.  “Now hiring full time Deputy Field Organizers to conduct voter outreach for progressive, Democratic candidates in Missouri. This is a fun and exciting opportunity to get involved in politics and participate in some of the most important races in the region! Deputy Organizers will be responsible for various tasks centered around communicating the message of the campaign to voters, namely though phonebanking and canvassing. Organizers should be high energy, outgoing, enthusiastic, and committed to a regional, ethical, and solutions-oriented approach to government… Salary: $15.00 /hour…”

See ad here.   See Civil PAC’s paperwork here.


New Committees

Christina Buie formed a candidate committee (Citizens To Elect Christina Buie) to run for Monroe County Clerk as a Democrat.


Lobbyists Registrations

Alexandra Dominquez added Excellence In Education National, Inc., DBA/b/a Excellence In Education In Action.

Jane Duecker added St. Louis County Police Association

Jamie Morris added Missouri Catholic Conference.

Liesl Sheehan added Prolacta Bioscience Inc, and Tremont Strategies Group.

Avery Welker added University of Missouri Board of Curators.


$5K+ Contributions

Missouri Alliance For Freedom - Grace River PAC - $100,000 from Herzog Contracting Corp.

Middle Class Missouri PAC - $225,000 from CHIPP Political Account.

American Democracy Alliance - Ridgely PAC - $100,000 from Herzog Contracting Corporation.

Find The Cures - $15,000 from Bradley Bradshaw.

SaferMO.Com - $600,000 from Eastern Mo. Laborers' District Council.

Catalyst PAC - $5,500 from Strategic Link Consulting LP.

Jobs with Justice Ballot Fund - $100,000 from VOQAL USA Philanthropy (Boulder CO).

Living Well PAC - $15,000 from Walgreens.

Find The Cures - $14,000 from Bradley Bradshaw.

Find The Cures - $15,000 from Hosmer & Wise, P.C.

MO Opportunity PAC - $10,000 from Cheyenne International, LLC.

Professional Fire Fighters of Eastern Missouri 2665 PAC Fund - $11,544 from Professional Firefighters of Eastern Missouri.

SaferMO.COM - $25,000 from Kansas City Chamber of Commerce.

House Republican Campaign Committee Inc - $15,000 from Robert Miller.

House Republican Campaign Committee Inc - $5,001 from Citizens to Elect Bruce DeGroot.

House Republican Campaign Committee Inc - $25,000 from RSLC-Missouri PAC.



Happy birthdays to Sen. Lauren Arthur, Rep. Justin Hill, Mike Reid, Penny Hubbard and Walt Bivins.