MOScout Daily Update: No $$$ For New RTW Push - Wright on CC - Parson + Ivanka in KC - Morris Forms Non-Profit and more...

RTW Off the Table

Tipster says that “there is an effort among the consultant class in Missouri to create Right to Work on the local county level.”  But… “One important key component [is missing]: financial backing.  David Humphreys and others are outright opposed to the concept.”

What It Means

·         Coming in the aftermath of RTW’s defeat in a statewide referendum, it’s not surprising that even proponents of labor reform are taking a pass at it – at this time.

·         Additionally, some Republican strategists think the idea – unless surgically targeted – could dangerously backfire by increasing turnout for Democratic candidates.


Wright on Conservative Caucus

Daily Journal reports on Republican Rep. Dale Wright guest-speaking at the Ste. Genevieve Democratic Club.  See it here.

According to Wright, some of the biggest problems he encountered in Jefferson City during the last legislative session was the infighting among the Republican Party members. “When I went up there, I thought I would be the most conservative person they’ve ever met," Wright said. "Wrong. I believe there’s some crazies on the left, and there are just as many crazies on the right. In my observations in Jefferson City, probably more battles went on between the Republicans than there were between Democrats and Republicans.

"It was usually the Uber-Ultra-Right Wing Republicans against the more moderate Republicans. That’s where most of the battles were. Even in the Senate, there was what was called the ‘Group of Six.’ Those group of six held up so many bills that were good bills that we all agreed upon — both sides of the aisle — but they filibustered to high heaven. That kept a lot of good legislation from happening.”

What It Means

·         Wright has been mentioned as a possible candidate in Senate 3 (along with Rep. Chris Dinkins).  This likely puts him “on the radar” of the Conservative Caucus, should he decide to run.

·         The only declared candidate right now is Kent Scism.  It’s said that Scism can self-fund.


Driving the Day

Happening today… “Governor Mike Parson will travel to Kansas City for a Guidance for Childcare Roundtable with Advisor to the President Ivanka Trump and Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Alex Azar.  Senator Roy Blunt and HHS’s Administration for Children and Families Assistant Secretary Lynn Johnson will also participate in the roundtable… 12:30PM at Metropolitan Community College - Penn Valley…”


Morris Forms Non-Profit

Rep. Lynn Morris has formed a new non-profit.  Christian County Coalition on Substance Misuse filed its paperwork earlier this month.  See it here.  According to the document, “The corporation is organized to bring awareness to the communities in Christian County of the prevalence and dangers of illegal drugs and the misuse of legal drugs.  To provide to students of all ages and to the general public programs which help to educate and prevent drug addiction and provide resources for treatment.”


STL 3rd in Foreign Born Pop Growth

Post-Dispatch reports that the “St. Louis area is third among the nation’s top 20 metros for growth of its foreign-born population, according to new estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau… Between 2017 and 2018, the area added 5,640 foreign-born people — an increase of 4.1%. The only places in the country that added more were Riverside, California, 4.8%, and Seattle, 4.6%. ‘Foreign-born’ populations can include immigrants, refugees and temporary migrants, such as foreign students.”

What It Means

·         Immigrants and refugees have been an important part of St. Louis’ economy for decades. 

·         Like many issues, the disconnect between urban and rural communities can be explained by experience.  St. Louisans are thankful for foreign-born residents who come to live, work, and play in their region – and in so doing add to the economic vibrancy.


Keller Responds

“Always good to read MOScout Bits to find out when I’ve dressed too casually or when one of my tweets has gone over someone’s head!”


Cards Win

Sarah Martin and Jake Hummel bump into Claire McCaskill at a “Cardinal bar” in New York City to cheer on the 10-run first inning.  See it here.


Help Wanted

Liberty Power (formerly Algonquin Power) seeks Director Government Affairs.  “Assist senior officers in the development of governmental policy and strategy for the company. Direct state and federal governmental affairs projects and collaborate with other Company personnel on meeting strategic plan objectives for governmental relations. Lends governmental process knowledge and negotiation skills to other departments to facilitate operational success. Communicates results to senior management as necessary…”  See it here.


New IPs

Deirdre Hirner re-filed a new version of a marijuana legalization initiative petition.  See it here.


$5K+ Contributions

American Dream PAC - $12,500 from Pace-O-Matic.

Keep Government Accountable - $10,000 from Mary Sherman.

JW Leadership Fund - $10,000 from BlueCross and BlueShield of Kansas City.


Lobbyists Registrations

Kari Rinker added American Heart Association.

Jamie Farmer deleted University of Missouri System.

John Clark deleted ACT Inc.



Happy birthdays to Sen. Denny Hoskins, Roger Wilson, Bruce Holt, Terry Jarrett, and Jack Coatar.