MOScout Daily Updates: Springfield for Medicaid Expansion? - Brattin vs Bondon - AG and Dark Money and more...

Market Vs Public Policy

A handful of stories from the St. Louis area in recent days show how the private sector is galloping ahead with new policies – sometimes ahead of Jefferson City policy-makers; sometimes in a direction contrary to their agenda.

·         The big St. Louis grocery chain Schnucks announced it will cease selling tobacco products.

·         Planned Parenthood has constructed a new facility across the Mississippi river in Illinois.

·         Healthcare giant BJC is increasing its minimum wage to $15/hour by 2021.

·         Washington University said it will no longer charge tuition for any Missouri student coming from a household which earns less than $75,000/year.

These various actions demonstrate the power of free market. 

As one reader opined on the PP news: Kind of ironic with the new planned parenthood secret super center in southern Illinois only proves the free market theory. Women can drive an extra 10 minutes or so and skip the BS regulations - waiting periods – etc…


Brattin vs Bondon

The in-box received dueling announcements yesterday in Senate 31 where Rep. Jack Bondon and former Rep. Rick Brattin are facing off.

Brattin release: “I am honored at the outpouring of support I have received, including endorsements from Senator Ed Emery and Former State Representative Rex Rector.  With support from conservatives across the district, we can send a message in the upcoming election – we have had enough of politicians who put corporate giveaways and big-government bureaucracy ahead of the needs of Missourians.  I am a proven conservative, and I will work hard to protect taxpayers from wasteful spending, eliminate red tape that gets in the way of small businesses, and stand up for Missouri values,” said Brattin.

“Our state should be leading the nation in reforms that will protect our ideals and make Missouri a magnet for jobs.  Instead, commonsense legislation languishes in committee while special interest-backed bills move forward.  This has to stop, and I will work hard to change the direction of our legislature if I am elected to the State Senate.  We have to do more for the families and small businesses of Missouri, and we have to work harder at the state level to help President Trump move his commonsense agenda forward.”

Bondon release: Answering the Call to Serve… My call to serve is built on a foundation of hard work, faith, family, liberty, respect for individual rights, and protecting life. For you and your family, for my daughter and myself—It’s time to stop the noise and get on with solving the problems that affect Missourians.  I’m Jack Bondon and that’s my call. I’d appreciate your vote to be your next State Senator—to continue raising our sights in Missouri—working past the job-jumping career politicians and around the arguing class—to truly give Missouri families and communities their best shot for a great future.   See Bondon announcement video here.


Dark Money and Conflicts of Interest

Jack Suntrup reports on a dark money contribution to the PAC associated with Attorney General Eric Schmitt.  It raises questions of how the AG’s office is implementing its conflicts of interest policy.  See it here.

A St. Louis-based company that contributed to a committee supporting Attorney General Eric Schmitt’s election will not disclose anything about itself. The EC I Fund donated $10,000 on Tuesday to the MO Opportunity PAC, which was formed in support of Schmitt’s 2020 election bid… State records and interviews connect the fund to P. Joseph McKee III, the son of developer Paul McKee Jr., whose NorthSide Regeneration had recently been entangled in a state lawsuit alleging tax credit fraud… it raises questions about whether the attorney general’s office can, or should, wall off Schmitt from cases that may involve EC I Fund officials — especially if the identities of those officials are unknown…


Springfield for Medicaid Expansion

Springfield News Leader reports that “the Springfield City Council is set to ask the Missouri legislature to pass Medicaid expansion.”

What It Means

As acknowledged in the article, there’s no one who really expects the Missouri legislature to expand Medicaid.  However this does bode well for the expansion coalition….


New Committees

Conservative Leaders Of Missouri was formed.  It’s a PAC.  Its treasurer is Alexandria Kane.

Working Americans Leadership PAC was formed.  Its treasurer is Rebecca Arps.

Rik Combs formed a candidate committee (Combs For Missouri) to run for governor as a Libertarian.


$5K+ Contributions

Uniting Missouri PAC - $10,000 from Cigna.


Lobbyist Registrations

Rodney Boyd and Kate Casas added Renovate America Inc.

Alex Scharf deleted St. Louis Home Builders Association.



Happy birthdays to Jerry Nolte, Randy Asbury, and John Scott.

Saturday: Joe Keavney, and Nick Marshall.

Sunday: Yancy Williams.