MOScout Daily Update: WSJ on How MO Lost CZ-USA Expansion - Osmack Announces in Senate 15 - Fitz Out in Senate 3? - Axios on 2020 Turnout and more...

More Senate 3 Talk: Fitz Out, Henderson Locking It Down

Tipster says: “Paul Fitzwater is not running; he’s content serving on the Parole Board.”

And… [Rep. Mike] Henderson will make an official announcement in July but has already secured endorsements from the 'Who's Who' of donors, activists, and elected officials throughout the district including all current Reps (Wright, Dinkins, Gannon, and McGirl) and former Reps Fitzwater, Black, and former Sen. Engler.”


WSJ on Site Selectors

Wall Street Journal reports on the business of “site selectors—consultants who jet around the country helping corporations decide where to build new headquarters, factories or expansion projects, often pitting communities against each other in multistate bidding wars to maximize tax breaks, grants, land deals and other incentives.”  Read it here.  It’ll make some folks shake their fist at the incentives game, and others shrug and say, “See what we’re up against, we have to do more…”

In some ways, the site selectors act like lobbyists, interacting with government officials as they help their clients obtain favorable deals that sometimes require legislative and regulatory changes. Unlike lobbyists, site selection consultants often work on commission, which is frequently tied to the size of the incentive package they negotiate for their clients…

When the U.S. arm of Czech firearm maker Česká Zbrojovka began looking for its first U.S. factory site last year, the company had already committed to the expansion. Even if the subsidiary, called CZ-USA, received no incentives, it still would have proceeded with the project, said CZ-USA’s chairman, Bogdan Heczko.  Still, he decided it would make sense to “see how much we can get.” Mr. Heczko’s company was originally deciding between two states—Kansas and Missouri—which have a long history of competing on incentives. Then CZ-USA hired Mr. Mullis to help with the search. Mr. Mullis advised CZ-USA to broaden the search to more states, according to Mr. Heczko. Mr. Mullis said he helped the firm scout locations in a dozen states, including Arkansas.

In early December, Mr. Mullis and a handful of other site selectors spent the day hunting at a private retreat with Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson. Mr. Mullis said events like these are good “relationship-building” opportunities.

At the end of the day, as Mr. Mullis relaxed on a couch in a spacious hunting lodge in Northeast Arkansas, Mr. Hutchinson approached him to ask for his advice on how to attract the gun manufacturer to his state.  “What do we need to do to close this deal? We want this project,” Mr. Hutchinson said, according to Mr. Mullis…

Mr. Hutchinson—who has okayed 435 incentive deals since becoming governor in 2015—ultimately allocated $4 million from a fund he controls, the “Quick Action Closing Fund,” to pay for improvements at the site in Little Rock selected by CZ-USA. That was in addition to more than $20 million of loans, rebates, tax breaks and other incentives Mr. Mullis helped negotiate….


2020: Monster Turnout

Axios says 2020 is going to be a “100-year flood” turnout scenario.  See it here.

Maybe this “liberal media elite” dream-speak, but they think it’s bad news for Trump….

According to Michael McDonald, an elections expert at the University of Florida, turnout for the 2020 presidential election could be as high as 67% — the highest it's been since at least 1916. If that happens, President Trump will have a tougher fight for a second term. He's driving turnout among those most unhappy with him (younger voters and people of color) even when he's not on the ballot. And Trump voters aren't a growing demographic group. The share of whites with less than a 4-year degree — Trump's constituency — dropped by 3% from 2014 to 2018… “The safest prediction in politics is for a giant turnout in 2020,” said Larry Sabato of the University of Virginia. “Nobody’s going to believe the polls after 2016, and everyone will assume a tight race…”

With that kind of increase, turnout rates would likely go up for everybody. But: Older white people already tend to vote at high rates, and they’re close to their maximum turnout already. By contrast, you’ll see bigger turnout increases among young people, people of color, and low-income people — generally important constituencies for the Democratic Party — because they vote in lower numbers…


More on Conservative Caucus

Observations from a veteran politico…

·         Judging the Conservative Caucus’ legislative accomplishments needs to include killing bills and amending bills.  That can be as important as passing bills.

·         That’s especially true with “more moderate” Senate leadership.

·         Look for the Conservative Caucus to actively attempt to recruit new members in the non-incumbent 2020 races.

·         Increasing their numbers will increase their impact.


Osmack Announces for Senate 15

Mark Osmack on Facebook announced… Friends, I've got thrilling news...I'm running for State Senate in District 15 and challenging Sen. Andrew Koenig!..

With you, we can make Missouri:

* A place where public education stays strong, teachers are paid well, and college is affordable

* A place where all Missourians have healthcare they can actually afford

* A place where women’s rights are preserved...not eliminated

* A place where we end gun violence, not perpetuate it

* A place where people want to move to, not away from

* A state that attracts talented people and innovative businesses to make our economy stronger and more exciting

We can be that state.

I hope truly you’ll join us and to see you at our campaign kickoff on D-Day, June 6 from 5:30 to 7:30. Space is limited so please register your spot and I'll see you at: Llywelyns Pub [in Webster Groves]…


Clay County, Tear Down That Wall

Kansas City Star has a crazy story of stonewalling out of Clay County.  See it here.

The Kansas City Star has filed a civil lawsuit alleging Clay County officials knowingly and purposefully violated the Missouri Sunshine Law by denying a reporter’s request for copies of bills it paid to a private law firm… At issue in the suit are public records pertaining to allegations that the Clay County Commission held a secret, illegal meeting in June 2016 when it agreed to hire the Kansas City law firm Spencer Fane…  Steve Vockrodt, an investigative reporter for The Star, sent an open records request to the Clay County Clerk in February for billing statements it received from Spencer Fane… In response to Vockrodt’s request, attorney W. Joseph Hatley of Spencer Fane said the billing statements contained privileged information. The Star would have to pay $4,200 for the law firm to review the bills to determine what parts, if any, he would be able to hand over.  Hatley also said The Star would have to pay him to do that because he could not charge Clay County for it. He said that would violate the Hancock Amendment, a provision of the Missouri Constitution… Hatley said the $4,200 estimate was based on how long it would take him to read each page of his law firm’s own invoices. Hatley said it would take him a day and a half to read 45 pages, according to The Star’s lawsuit. Spencer Fane later provided Rhodes [the KCStar reporter] with copies of the fully redacted bills.  Rhodes wrote back to Hatley and said he was able to review all of the law firm’s invoices “during a single episode of NCIS: New Orleans, which included fast-forwarding through the commercials.” Rhodes said that was in stark contrast to the day and a half Hatley claimed he needed to review the same information….


Change may be coming to the Clay County Commission finally – through the ballot box.  Former Rep. Doug Ervin is running against Commissioner Luann Ridgeway, and Democratic Rep. Jon Carpenter is also running against Commissioner Gene Owen.



·         Interesting maps showing state by state electrical rates for residential, commercial and industrial use.  See it here.

·         St. Louis City Board of Aldermen President Lewis Reed with “Blues fever.”  See it here. (You make the call: funnier with or without sound?)

·         Washington Post reports that Johnny DeStefano (brother-in-law to Centene lobbyist Shawn Furey) is leaving his post in the White House and will work for e-cig company Juul.


New Committees

Tammy Harty formed a candidate committee (Tammy Harty For 33 District Mo Senate) to run for Senate 33 as a Democrat.  The current incumbent, Sen. Mike Cunningham, is termed.           

Joshua Hurlbert formed a candidate committee (Hurlbert For Missouri) to run for House 12 as a Republican.  The current incumbent, Rep. Ken Wilson, is termed.

Mitchell Boggs formed a candidate committee (Boggs For Missouri) to run for House 157 as a Republican.  The current incumbent, Rep. Mike Moon, is termed.

Clean And Accountable was formed.  It’s a PAC.  Its treasurer is Chris Grant.  Its deputy treasurer is Mike Pridmore.


Lobbyists Registrations

Jeff Brooks, Cynthia Gamble, Kathryn Gamble, Bill Gamble, David Jackson, Sonette Magnus, Jorgen Schlemeier, Sarah Schlemeier, Dave Sweeney, Sarah Topp, and Olivia Wilson deleted Macquarie Infrastructure & Real Assets Inc.

Richard AuBuchon deleted Independent Colleges & Universities of Missouri, and Missouri Rising.

Thomas Robbins and Steven Tilley added Bootheel CannaCare, LLC. This is a medical marijuana dispensary.

Andrew “Drew” Weber added Spring Branch Farms HOA.

Douglas Davis added Apollo Consulting Group, LLC.


$5K+ Contributions

Missouri American Water Company Employees Political Action Committee $10,000 from Flynn Drilling.

Uniting Missouri PAC - $10,000 from Site Improvement Association of MO PAC.

Uniting Missouri PAC $30,400 from AGC OF MO PAC.

Vote Yes For Rolling Hills Library - $7,500 from Friends of the Rolling Hills Consolidated Library.

UFCW Active Ballot Club-Missouri Federal Committee - $25,000 from United Food and Commercial Workers International Union Active Ballot Club.



Happy birthday to Rep. Travis Fitzwater.