MOScout Daily Update: Abortion Battle Continues - Parson Signs Budget - Parson's Next Session - Butler Opens Bar - Bush to Challenge Clay Again and more....

Abortion Ball Back in Parson’s Court

Public Radio reports that Judge Mike Stelzer ruled “that the dispute between state health officials and Planned Parenthood is essentially over whether the state can allow the organization’s license to lapse. Stelzer wrote that the proper venue for a review of the state's actions on a license is the Administrative Hearing Commission. But he said that can't occur until the state makes a decision on Planned Parenthood's application for a renewed license, as the commission would need an action to review. He said the Department of Health and Senior Services must take an official action on the clinic’s application for renewed license so that Planned Parenthood can be entitled to a review of that action.”

What It Means

·         Parson administration makes the next move.  If the governor denies the license, he’s doubling down on the strategy of regulating the abortion clinic out of business.  It would be popular with his base but risky with the broader electorate.

·         Axios reports that nationally Dems are working on their talking points.


Parson’s Next Session

While abortion has taken center stage during the past month, political observers expect that next session Governor Mike Parson will return to his bread and butter issues of workforce development and infrastructure.

From folks around the rotunda….

·         It's an election year so I would expect maybe a bit more catering to the business community, but overall yes I think it will be workforce and infrastructure. He's going to try to run on that economic message it seems.

·         The smart thing would be to stick to bi-partisan issues and stay away from a conservative social agenda

·         He stays focused on those two things (Workforce/Infrastructure).


·         Workforce development makes sense.  The push to enlarge the available labor pool is smart because that appears to be most formidable constraint on economic growth right now.  Axios reports that there’s seemingly no shortage of capital.

·         It’s possible under that banner the portfolio of proposals grows to include items like early childhood.  That’s long-term workforce development.

·         One MOScouter says “[Parson] needs something fresh… or his agenda will get stale.


Parson Signs Budget

Governor Mike Parson signed the budget bill apparently without any line item vetoes.  See it hereGovernor Parson said, “It’s important to run Missouri with a fiscally responsible, balanced budget. We appreciate all the people involved who work extremely hard to accomplish this mission.”


Graves Blamed for MRP Money Woes

Post-Dispatch reports that the Missouri Republican Party is suffering money woes – after former Party Chair Todd Graves cut some big checks on his way out the door.  See it here.

The Missouri Republican Party, in two separate checks cut in November and January, gave a combined $200,000 to a political action committee tied to the party’s then-Chairman Todd Graves. The spending has left a bad taste in some officials’ mouths. The payments — made to a PAC pushing a redistricting initiative for 2020 — were made as Graves was ending his term as party chair.  Since then, party leaders have recommended tighter financial controls, and officials have forbidden any more spending on initiative petition efforts.


Bush to Challenge Clay Again

Progressive Cori Bush, who made a high-profile progressive primary challenge to Congressman Lacy Clay in 2018, kicks off her 2020 campaign this Saturday.  See her website here

Clay beat Bush 56% to 36% in 2018.


Butler Opens Bar

Former state representative, and current St. Louis City Recorder of Deeds, Michael Butler posts that he’s opening a bar, Open Concept.  See the website here.

I am proud to announce that after months of searching for an angel investor and an affordable commercial space; I am opening a new business! Open Concept is a draught cocktail bar that is unlike any bar you’ve ever been to. Come enjoy a unique experience with us July 4th weekend. At Open Concept all of the drinks are on us, although you pay per hour to access the space. At our bar we don't sell drinks, we sell time. That means for an average price of $10 per hour you can drink as much as you can handle.


eMailbag on Abortion Issue

In order to keep the current bill going into effect, the proponents have to win the court battle(s) and gather 100,000+ Valid signatures (which means 200,000+) all before August 28th.


eMailbag: Osmack More Moderate in Senate 15

I know you are talking statewide but your comment that the Dems are looking for Kanders and scared to death of Clintons makes me wonder what Dems are doing in SD15.  If there is a closer comparison of Kander/Clinton than Osmack/Lavender I don't see it.  Again we are our own worst enemy and short sighted with the powers that be lining up behind Lavender. 


New Committees

True North Pac was formed.  Its treasurer is Matthew Dameron.


$5K+ Contributions

Uniting Missouri PAC - $50,000 from HealthPAC.

Uniting Missouri PAC - $10,000 from Dealers Interested In Government.

City of Fountains Committee - $10,000 from Kansas City Live LLC.


Lobbyists Registrations

Doug Stone added Good-Otis LLC, Delta Quad Holdings LLC, and Glen-Kearney Development LLC.



Happy birthdays to Reps. Chuck Basye and Gretchen Bangert, and Steven Tilley.