MOScout Daily Update: Dems Names for 2020 - Long for PDMP - Clay County AGAIN - Dunaway Gets Nomination and more...

Dems Names in 2020

I asked around about Dems names being floated for state-wide office in 2020.  Here’s the shape of things…

·         The three candidates who are out and about right now: Auditor Nicole Galloway, Elad Gross, and Sen. Scott Sifton.

·         Galloway seems to have genuinely not made up her mind yet. However her team is moving ahead to make sure everything is in place if she greenlights the run.  This includes polling, creation of PACs, adding consultants.

·         Sifton talks to donors about running for governor.  Most Dems I talk to, though, think he’d yield that spot to Galloway – if she’s a go.  Dems don’t see a gubernatorial primary.

·         Gross is running hard, but lacks establishment backing.

·         Beyond these three, Dems are a little exasperated.  I got comments like “retreads” and “slim pickings,” and “It's a weak bench, Dave.”  Names that follow these sighs are familiar, and therefore uninspiring… Russ Carnahan, Judy Baker, Theresa Hensley, Vicki Englund

·         Sen. Jill Schupp gets mentioned a lot.  She’s a hard worker, great fundraiser, and capable communicator with a wholesome image.  But she’s mentioned for everything – from CD-2 to STL County Executive.  There’s no indication she’s gearing up for a state-wide campaign.

·         There are a couple of fresh faces in mix who may take the plunge.  Rich Finneran is a St. Louis attorney.  He’s at Bryan Cave, and previously worked for U.S. Attorney.  And Yinka Faleti, also from St. Louis and also an attorney, has an intriguing resume including education at West Point, and currently executive director of Forward Through Ferguson.

What It Means

·         17 months until November 2020, the Democratic slate will need to be firmed up this summer if they hope to compete on fundraising.

·         When assessing candidates, Dems are haunted by 2016, and the difference between Hillary Clinton (losing by 19 points) and Jason Kander (losing by 3 points).  They’re looking for Kanders and scare to death of Clintons.  The base naturally gravitates toward the Clintonesque platform liberals that get killed in rural Missouri where they seem out of touch.  Far fewer candidates can finesse the ideological spectrum like Kander who used his military background to neuter a typical Republican strength (guns and A2).


Clay County, Get Your Act Together

It just doesn’t stop.  Read the latest here.

The Clay County clerk has accused a private lawyer and the county commissioners he is working for of breaking the Missouri Sunshine Law.  The clerk also accused the commission of wasting taxpayer dollars by using a private lawyer and said the lawyer is “playing political games to the tune of $375/hour.” The allegations are just the latest salvos in Clay County’s ongoing political turmoil and concerns over transparency with the public.

County Clerk Megan Thompson’s dispute over the law stems from the County Commission’s closed meeting on June 6, 2016, when commissioners voted to hire W. Joseph Hatley, a partner in the law firm Spencer Fane, to review Sunshine Law requests made to the county.

A lawsuit filed last month against Clay County by The Kansas City Star alleges that the meeting and the subsequent vote were illegally held. And no minutes or other records of the meeting appear to exist.


Long Endorses PDMP

Springfield News Leader reports that Congressman Billy Long has endorsed a state prescription drug monitoring program.  See it here.

Since 2012, Missouri has been the only state in the union without a traditional statewide system for monitoring prescription drugs. U.S. Rep. Billy Long, R-Missouri, says it’s time for that to end. In a visit to Cox South on Thursday, he told hospital officials lamenting the situation that it's "an anomaly" that the legislature hasn't acted to create a system. And in a later interview with news reporters, he said they ought to get with the program.  "I think it's time to pass the drug registry," he said.


Dunaway Gets Dem Nod for STL County Council Seat

Press release: [T]he Democratic Central Committee voted to select Kelli Dunaway as the Democratic nominee to replace Sam Page after he was elevated to County Executive. “I’m thrilled,” said Dunaway. “I’m grateful to the committee people for trusting me to represent our party in the special election, especially when so many qualified leaders sought this nomination. I look forward to showing the people of the District that I’m the right person to represent them on the County Council.”

“There were three strong candidates for the Democratic nomination,” said current County Executive Sam Page, “and this committee has chosen someone who will bring enthusiasm and fresh ideas that will help restore honor and integrity to county government.”

Dunaway is the Director of Learning and Development at the international law firm Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner….


Title IX Saga

Kansas City Star revisits the Title IX fight.  See it here.  The article pulls together a lot of different sources to give a picture of the behind-the-scenes maneuvering.  It presents a picture of the McIntoshs working the law-making process for the benefit of their family.  But it also shows an unflattering representation of the law-makers themselves, being played as puppets by the lobbyists.  “Emails show that McIntosh dictated strategy to lawmakers, sometimes even speaking on their behalf.”

I wonder if this will spark another round of discussion about term limits, the growing influence of lobbyists, and the need for a more robust legislative staff.


eMailbag on Abortion Issue

It seems the moderates (R or D) would not only vote yes, but come out to vote for that issue. Saying that I think it helps Ds get voters to the box...we will see...


Once again I just about spewed out my coffee reading lobbyists' opinions on how the voters will react to the abortion issue! Just like many legislators, lobbyists' heads are so buried in the capitol tundra they can't think outside the capitol atmosphere with any clarity!


What are Dems thinking if they believe that the Humphreys override initiative will help them on the abortion issue?  Here's how it may play out, assuming the court allows the initiative to go forward (which it should - the "emergency" clause is a sham):

1. The petitioners get the number of signatures needed.

2. Gov. Parson moves the issue to the August ballot, where it passes. Status quo ante.

3. No measurable effect on Nov. 2020 ballot.

4. Legislators pass same bill with exceptions for rape, incest and life of the woman

Humphreys and his liberal allies have different goals.  Humphreys wants to ban abortion except in cases of rape, incest, or health of the woman.  Liberals generally want to protect Roe v. Wade. If so, why don't they do their own initiative to put Roe principles into the state constitution, walled off from legislative meddling?


Lobbyists Registrations

Mark Habbas added Missouri Wild Apothecary LLC.

Jason Zamkus deleted Kingdom Principles Inc.