MOScout Daily Update: Eigel Hearts MATA? - Roeber Running Again - Curtman to WI - Dandamundi Gets Abortion Case - MMJ Map Online and more....

Eigel Makes Appearance at MATA Convention

Sen. Bill Eigel, one of the leading members of the Senate’ Conservative Caucus, was spotted at the Missouri Association Trial Attorneys annual convention last weekend.

MATA has strategically cultivated relationships with Republicans in an effort to depoliticize their issues and get a fair shake from legislators.  And there’s a free market case – often espoused by former Sen. Matt Bartle – that if you want limited government and fewer regulations, you need a robust court system to hold bad actors accountable for their misdeeds.

Still Eigel’s presence at the annual shindig will surely add to the hub-bub that his conservative streak doesn’t run the whole length of the tort reformers’ agenda.

This talk started because some of the PACs associated with the Conservative Caucus (BILL PAC for example) have taken campaign contributions from trial attorneys.

Other members of the Conservative Caucus, like Sens. Cindy O’Laughlin and Eric Burlison, are thought to hold a harder line on MATA issues. 

We’ll see if any tension develops over the issue next session….


Abortion Fight Moves to AHC

Planned Parenthood filed a complaint (see it here) against the Department of Health and Social Services for denying their license.  In the complaint, Stinson SuperAttorney Chuck Hatfield writes that DHSS’ Statement of Deficiencies made incomprehensible allegations that Petitioner had no means to correct (e.g., recitations of patient medical charts, citations to journal articles from the 1970s, and misunderstandings of the basics of female anatomy, which do not appear to constitute deficiencies and for which it is unclear how a facility could offer proposed corrective action).”

The AHC hearing has been scheduled for August 1. And the complaint has been assigned to Sreenu Dandamundi.  Dandamundi ran for state representative in St. Louis City as a Democrat (losing to Rachel Storch in 2004) and was later appointed by Jay Nixon to the Administrative Hearing Commission.


Roeber for Re-Elect

Rep. Rebecca Roeber announced on Facebook that she’s running for re-election in 2020.  The state representative suffered injuries from a car accident earlier this year, missing the second half of the legislative session. 

She gives the wreck the spotlight in her announcement.  See it here.  A picture of the totaled car accompanies the tag-line: It’s no accident… Rebecca Roeber will continue to work for the 34th District.

Why It Matters

Roeber is one of the House’s foremost champions for charter school expansion.  Just as her absence last year dealt a blow to education reformers, her return will buoy their spirits.


Curtman to WI

Former Rep. Paul Curtman announced via Facebook (see it here) that he’s leaving the state of Missouri and going to work for Edward Jones in Wisconsin.  Since being termed out, and losing a statewide bid, Curtman has staffed Sen. Cindy O’Laughlin.

Curtman says that he’s prayed on the matter and with a third child on the way, he realized that instead of running for another office, he needs to be “on the ticket for his family.”

O’Laughlin is in the process of interviewing replacements. And said to be looking at folks “in and outside of the building.”


State Revenues Drift Lower Ahead of Year End

As we approach the end of the fiscal year, state revenues are drifting lower.  At the close of business Monday, June tax receipts were running 11% below last year’s numbers.  That has pulled the fiscal year-to-date revenue to just shy of a net positive 1% gain over last year.


Where the MMJ Shops Will Be 2020

Springfield News Leader reports that DHSS has put a map on-line showing where potential marijuana dispensaries will be – based on applications.  See it here.


One MOScouter writes: The Post Dispatch lawsuit about medical marijuana [information] isn’t about racial disparities… It’s about lobbyist and consultant connections and access to Parson…

We’ll see….



·         Politico reports that “Sen. Martha McSally (R-Ariz.) is shaking up her campaign team ahead of her 2020 race… Terry Nelson, a veteran strategist and managing partner at FP1 Strategies, will take on the role of general consultant to McSally’s campaign, according to multiple people familiar with the hire… Nelson is replacing Jeff Roe as the senator's top consultant…

·         NYTimes reports that Missouri’s Tea Party (anyone remember them?) diva Dana Loesch may be ending her gig with the NRA… “The N.R.A. on Tuesday also severed all business with its estranged advertising firm, Ackerman McQueen… Ackerman employees including Dana Loesch — will no longer be the public faces of the N.R.A…”


Help Wanted

Meridian Waste Solutions seeks Government Affairs Liaison. “The Government Affairs Liaison is responsible for the development and implementation of the division sales strategy for municipal contract extensions, retentions, and new business of municipal hauling and disposal sales opportunities, to ensure growth, retention, and quality of revenue in the division / area. The Government Affairs Liaison also prospects, sells, and participates in account management and retention activities to ensure the long term targeted, profitable sales growth of municipal hauling and disposal business, as well as supports and manages the government affairs activities in the assigned division…”

See it here.


Lobbyists Registrations

Alexis Martin added Planned Parenthood Action Fund.

Guy Black deleted Heavy-Vehicle Electronic License Plate, Inc (HELP Inc.).



Happy birthdays to Kurt Bahr, Kirk Mathews, Steve Cookson, Mark Coulter, and Dick Aldrich.