MOScout Daily Update: MDP Says Galloway's In for Gov - Moon in Senate 29 - Pitman Kick-off and more...

Gepford: Galloway In for Gov

Post-Dispatch reports: Missouri Auditor Nicole Galloway is planning to run for governor next year, the executive director of the Missouri Democratic Party told the Post-Dispatch.  "She's very serious about the race and is taking steps to assemble a team and the resources it would take to win," said Lauren Gepford, executive director of the state Democrats, adding that she did not know when Galloway would make a formal announcement.

What It Means

·         This is a clever way for Galloway to signal to donors and others that she’s in, while keeping her powder dry for a big -plash official announcement.

·         It’s an important first step for the Democrats to assemble a slate of statewide candidates.


This leaves Sen. Scott Sifton hangin’.  (And the Dude has a fundraiser tonight (Bar Napoli in Clayton, 5:30PM)).  He’s previously talked to donors about running for governor.  There’s every expectation that he stops talking about that now.  But what’s his next move?

·         He could shift to attorney general and bump Elad Gross.  But the talk is that Sifton isn’t interested in running against Eric Schmitt.

·         If Sifton announces for LG or SOS or Treasurer soon, he will likely freeze out a primary opponent.

·         Galloway running for gov = the music stopping.  Now is the time for Sifton (and others) to grab an open seat in this game of musicals chairs.

Meanwhile on a Different Planet

Saundra McDowell tweets: This was the plan all along! That’s why some Republicans didn’t want me to win so Galloway would win then run for Governor in 2020.  Im told they have so much dirt they will use against her, sealing the deal for the Republican nominee to win Governor.


Moon in Senate 29

Rep. Mike Moon is officially in for Senate 29.  He’s amended his campaign committee.  He’s redesigned his website.  And he’s conducting a fundraising “money bomb” right now.

As of this writing, his “money bomb” had only raised $513.90 of its $10,000 goal.

This is the knock on Moon: he can’t raise money.  And the thinking is that he’ll get steamrolled by his primary opponent David Cole – who will raise money.

I think that’s an accurate forecast. But in a primary, someone like Moon who is clearly going to own the core of the base could pull off an upset.

From the Money Bomb: Mike has fought strongly for Lawrence County over the past six years. On every issue, he’s carefully considered whether the bill in question was in line with the Missouri and U.S. Constitutions. He’s often fought against the establishment to make sure that the rights of everyday Missourians were not infringed. Now he faces an uphill battle against an establishment candidate and needs our support. Would you consider investing a few dollars to protect your liberties?

The current Missouri Constitution was approved in 1945, so we’re asking people to contribute $19.45 to recognize Mike’s record of defending that Constitution. 

Give Mike a “High Five” by contributing $5.00.

$8.40 represents August 4, 2020, the date of the Missouri primary election. Anything you can contribute would be a great help.


More From MATA Convention

Here’s an excerpt from a speech given by Steve Gorny, Immediate Past President of the Missouri Association of Trial Attorneys, at their convention last weekend…

I have had the opportunity to forge relationships and have a number of discussions with many people who typically do not see eye-to-eye with us on issues concerning the civil justice system.  Many of these folks continue to sponsor and support tort reform legislation.  We need to continue these relationships and discussions.  Why?  So that eventually lawmakers and all Missourians will see how tort reform and its effects are materially inconsistent with so many other beliefs they hold dear…. 

[F]or starters, tort reform is not conservative in any way.  By definition, tort reform involves more government and government intrusion upon the will of men and women who sit in jury boxes and evaluate facts and evidence on a case-by-case basis. 

In addition, tort reform is materially inconsistent with the strict construction of our constitution.  Legislators and others must come to understand that they cannot rail against any limitation of the Second Amendment, yet willingly vote for bills that impede the Seventh Amendment’s inviolate right to trial by jury….

And, we cannot lose sight of why our country was founded – to escape the oppression of tyranny.  But what do laws that insulate insurance companies from liability or grant immunity to dangerous health care providers do to our American justice system?  Those laws create kings and fiefdoms who then have power and control over everyday citizens….

I have gotten to know many legislators and Missourians as men and women of strong faith.  So, therefore, we must explain that the tort reform they support is completely, materially inconsistent with the teachings of their faith.  To seek justice.  To correct oppression.  To defend the orphans.  To plead the cause of the widow.  To defend the rights of the needy….  Republican, Democrat, Conservative, Liberal, there is one thing certain….restricting justice for those who need it most is unconstitutional, immoral, irreverent, and frankly, un-American.  It is these inconsistencies, these acts of blatant hypocrisy, that we as trial lawyers, the defenders of the civil justice system, must continue to counter both inside and outside of Jefferson City….


Pitman Kick-Off

Lee Ann Pitman kicks off her House 99 campaign tonight at Lafayette Industries (179 Gaywood Dr, Manchester, Missouri 63021).  This is Jean Evans’ seat. It’s a special election slated for November.  Pitman is the Republican. It’s a GOP district, but some think it could flip given Trump, abortion, and unpredictable special election turnout.


NRA Shake-Up

Washington Post reports that the “National Rifle Association plunged further into chaos Wednesday as its top lobbyist resigned... Christopher W. Cox, who was on administrative leave, officially stepped down days after being accused in a lawsuit of participating in an alleged extortion scheme to oust the organization’s chief executive, Wayne LaPierre. Cox has denied the allegations….”


Scott Jones is the registered lobbyist for the NRA.

And…. lobbyist Whitney O’Daniel reps the lesser known gun group, National Shooting Sports Foundation.  The Atlantic says “You’ve likely never heard of the NSSF—they’ve kept a lower public profile than the National Rifle Association, but they’ve been quietly shaping American gun culture for more than half a century. Now, they’ve begun to play a much more influential role in politics… [I]ts 8000 members are gun and ammunition manufacturers and dealers….”


Lobbyists Registrations

Roxsen Koch added Kansas City Pet Project.

Gamble & Schlemeier deleted Accela, Inc.



MO Opportunity PAC - $10,000 from Missouri State Council of Fire Fighters PAC.

Old Drum Conservative PAC - $10,000 from CL PAC.



Happy birthdays to May Scheve Reardon, Ross Branson, and Bob Hilgemann.