MOScout Daily Update: Sherod in Senate 5 - Parson Signs More Bills - Hawley to the Border and more...

Sherod in Senate 5

Michelle Sherod is entering the race for Senate 5.  The current incumbent, Sen. Jamilah Nasheed, is termed. Rep. Steven Roberts has been actively campaign for the seat.

Sherod is a credible candidate.

·         She has an impressive resume, holding both a legal degree and a CPA.

·         She has previous political experience working for Claire McCaskill for over a decade, when she was auditor and as US Senator.

·         It’s expected at Nasheed will endorse Sherod.

Other Candidates

There may yet still be other candidates. 

·         One rumor has Alderwoman Megan Green looking at the race. 

·         Rep. Peter Merideth is thought to be pursuing a bid for Assistant Floor Leader and not actively considering running for Senate 5.


Roberts has a fundraiser tonight at Brennan’s (4659 Maryland Ave, St. Louis)…


Driving the Day

U.S. Senator Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) and members of the Senate Judiciary Committee will travel to McAllen, Texas to get a firsthand look at the crisis at the southern border. The group will meet with Vice President Mike Pence and participate in a tour of the border led by the Department of Homeland Security.


Parson Signs More Bills

The press release: Governor Mike Parson signed 19 pieces of legislation into law, concluding bill signings for the 2019 legislative session… Among the bills signed was HB 397, which modifies laws relating to the protection of children. Along with its many other important provisions, the bill continues Missouri’s fight against human trafficking by protecting minors from criminal prosecution if they were coerced into illicit sexual acts or abuse.

The remaining bills signed include HB 260, SB 514, HB 604, HB 266, HB 565, SB 210, SB 36, SB 167, SCR 2, SB 213, HB 831, HB 355, SB 101, HB 138, SB 174, SB 29, SB 138, and SB 87.


PSC, OPC for Eco Devo

It went mostly unnoticed, but Wednesday in a normal PSC agenda session, Commissioners voted 5-0 to approve a tariff which ‘fixed’ Ameren Missouri’s Economic Development Incentive, or EDI. This incentive, enacted in the Smart Energy Plan (SB 564), created energy cost incentives for businesses that expand or locate in Ameren Missouri’s footprint. The new tariff fixes the five year term as firm, regardless of when a business submits application. In an environment where a filing like this can take months and months, it zoomed through the process in weeks with PSC staff and OPC allowing it to get done. 


Unite STL Wrapping Up?

The large contributions (below) from Rex Sinquefield and Pelopidas to Unite STL appear to be some final bill paying as the effort to consolidate St. Louis’ fractured governments is “entering a new phase.”  Unite STL was the campaign committee established to pass the statewide initiative petition.  That plan was shelved a few months ago.


Prepping for MMJ

The New York Times reviews a book on cannabis etiquette authored by Lizzie Post, “the great-great-granddaughter of the American etiquette doyenne Emily Post.”  See it here.

Avoid the stigmatizing term “pothead,” she advises. Mostly avoid “marijuana,” too. It has a slew of undeserved negative connotations and, anyway, it isn’t a scientific term. The term “weed,” to some, is totally disrespectful of the noble plant. “Cannabis” is the preferred word, even if using it can make you sound like a stuffed owl….


Lobbyists Registrations

Jacqueline Bardgett, John Bardgett, Ericka Leonard, Mark Habbas and Chris Roepe deleted Mikel Whittier, and Gregory Germano.

Jean Dugan deleted League of Women Voters of Missouri.

John Fairfield deleted KC For High Speed Rail LLC aka KC4HSR.

Cydney Mayfield deleted Mayfield Law Office LLC.

Richard “Rick” Watters terminated his lobbyist registration.



Unite STL - $180,366 from Rex Sinquefield.

Unite STL - $66,265 from Pelopidas LLC.

Lathrop Gage Consulting Political Action Committee - $17,500 from Southern Glazer's Wine and Spirits, LLC.

Vote Yes For Rolling Hills Library - $7,500 from Friends of the Rolling Hills Library.



Happy birthdays to Secretary Jay Ashcroft, Melissa Leach, and James Knowles III.

Saturday: Jeff Howell, Gary Marshall, Tim Meadows, Jeff Craver, Brent Lasater, and Cory McMahon.

Sunday: David Winton.