MOScout Daily Update: 3 Items from Parson Presser - Liberty Alliance Debuts - Mantovani Ponders 2020 and more...

3 Items from Gov’s Presser

Governor Mike Parson held a press conference at the State Fair yesterday.  Here are three takeaways.

·         First, Parson confirmed that he’s looking at calling a special session.  I wrote about this rumor a few weeks ago. It looks like it has legs.  It would run concurrent with veto session next month, and deal with a tax issue (trading in more than one used car when buying a new car). See it here.

·         Second, the governor cited his law enforcement experience to offer support of background checks for gun buyers.  It also sounded like he’s open to some form of red flag law, citing a hypothetical of someone “threatening to kill someone on social media.”

·         Third, Parson talked about his recent executive order (see it here) creating a  Flood Recovery Advisory Working Group.  He wants them to prioritize safety and protecting property.  It’s worth noting that conservationists and environmentalists aren’t thrilled with the make-up of the group.  They fear the solution will be more levees which will paradoxically lead to more flooding.  We’ll see….


Who Is Liberty Alliance?

The most buzz from the State Fair was generated by some folks wearing “Liberty Alliance” t-shirts, handing out Don’t Tread on Me stickers.  One of them was former Greitens staffer Scott Turk.

Who is Liberty Alliance?  See their webpage here.  And their Facebook page here.  And their Twitter here.

I asked around.  I’m told they’re a group organized by former state party chair Todd Graves.  Beyond that accounts vary. 

·         One source says that they’ve reached out to elected officials.

·         One says that they’re trying to elect “true conservatives.” 

·         Another that they’re going to try to influence legislation in Jefferson City.

·         And another that they’re basically a group waiting for the return of Greitens.

·         Graves appears to be associated with a number of PACs, including American Democracy Alliance - Ridgely PAC, and Chouteau PAC listed in large contributions below. 

·         RidgelyPAC and RiverGrace PAC each received $150K from the late Stan Herzog’s businesses earlier this year.

·         I’m told that although Jeff Roe and Graves have been political allies, Axiom is not involved in this enterprise.


Mantovani to Supporters: I May Run Depending

Former St. Louis County Executive candidate Mark Mantovani sent an email blast to supporters explaining his thoughts on next year’s special election for that seat. 

Almost every day, I’m asked by friends and supporters (and just plain strangers!) about my thoughts on recent events in St. Louis County, the status of our local government and my future political plans…

With regard to the most common question put to me, candidly, I have not made a decision about whether to run for County Executive in 2020…

Since the County Council’s rush to appoint Sam as interim County Executive, I have been primarily focused on the nascent effort to achieve the City’s re-entry into St. Louis County. The conversations associated with the misguided efforts of Better Together have created a regional opportunity to correct a structural error of 140 years duration…

Interim County Executive Page has the potential to play an important role in this opportunity. It is my fondest wish that he will provide aggressive, clear-throated, and sincere strategic support, in which case I will be anxious to support his efforts. On the other hand, I would be very disappointed if, despite my encouragement, Sam fails to energetically act in this matter which has overriding importance to the future of our community.  Thus, my own plans for 2020 will be influenced by how this effort develops in the next few months…

For my part, I expect to make a decision by year end about whether to seek the County Executive’s office...


Mantovani isn’t the only person looking at next year’s election… 

·         I had one person mention Sen. Brian Williams’ name.  It would be a free pass for him as he’s not up for re-election until 2022. 

·         And there’s ample talk about County Assessor Jake Zimmerman as a possibility too…



·         In the large contributions (below) Rex Sinquefield puts another $150K into his Missouri Club for Growth PAC.  In the past MOClub has backed a dozen or so Republicans in contested primaries, though it’s a little early to be getting in those races.

·         Auditor Nicole Galloway gave Missouri State Lottery Commission a coveted “excellent” rating.  See it here.

·         St. Louis Public Radio profiles Michael Person, “likely to be the next state representative from the Ferguson area.”  See it here.  He’s the Dem nominee for House 74 (Walker seat).  Not mentioned in the article: he’s the brother of politico Tim Person.


eMailbag on Why Parson Sticks with Jobs Message?

With Trump and HB 126, the culture war drivers take care of themselves.  If the economy goes south, Parson's emphasis on workforce and jobs makes him look ahead of the game.  In any case his fate will rest on whether the GOP is motivated or not… so workforce/jobs could help him hold some moderates and independents to whom Galloway will have strong appeal.  Going off on the social stuff won't gain him anyone he isn't already going to get and won't drive them to the polls if Trump is sinking.


New Committees

Committee For Liberty was formed.  It’s a PAC.  Its treasurer is Mark Milton.


$5K+ Contributions

American Democracy Alliance - Ridgely PAC - $15,000 from Chouteau PAC.

Missouri Club for Growth Political Action Committee - $150,000 from Rex Sinquefield.

Keep Government Accountable - $10,000 from Robb & Robb LLC.



Happy birthday to House Minority Leader Crystal Quade, Sue Meredith, Randy Wright, and Rep. Rudy Veit.

Saturday: David Berry, and Vernon Scoville.

Sunday: Pat Thomas.