MOScout Daily Update: Skelton in Senate 19, Others Coming? - KC Keeps Panettiere - ACLU Sues Over HB126 - DASS Targets MO and more....

Skelton in Senate 19

On Social media yesterday Michela Skelton announced for Senate 19… Caleb Rowden and the Missouri GOP have launched a full-out assault on Missouri’s women, working families and small family farmers, from the unconstitutional abortion ban and attacks on workers’ rights to curbing local control and gutting education funding…”  

·         The response from folks I talked to was underwhelming.  Skelton has lost two House races in the past two cycles.

·         One MOScouter thinks it presages a Democratic primary… “Expect Renee Hoagenson to announce soon too.”  Hoagenson ran, unsuccessfully for Congress last year against Vicky Hartzler.

·         And more… “I wouldn't be surprised if Judy Baker jumped into the race too…”

What It Means

Buckle up for a bumpy ride.  Looks like Dems are disorganized here. 


ACLU Sues Ashcroft

The ACLU sued Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft, claiming that his rejection of their referendum petition depleted the time necessary to gather signatures.  See the lawsuit here.

The suit says that the statutes which “prohibit any signatures collected before State officials finish certain referendum-petition-related administrative tasks… place an impediment on the referendum power that… make the referendum right unavailable.”  It asks for the statutes to be found unconstitutional, and the court to giver “relief as is proper under the circumstances.”  In this case I suppose that could be a new deadline to collect signatures.

What It Means

The fight over HB 126 is still in the early rounds.


DASS Targets Ashcroft

Washington Post reports (see it here) that the “Democratic Association of Secretaries of State is launching an initiative to try to wrest control of those offices from Republicans, who the group claims have used their power to make it harder for certain demographics to vote. Buoyed by successes last year in Arizona, Colorado and Michigan, the group has set its sights on flipping five more states in 2020. In addition to recruiting and supporting Democratic candidates, the association is planning a public education campaign on the importance of secretaries of state, who oversee the election process in most states… The Democratic Association of Secretaries of State hopes to unseat Republicans in Missouri, Montana, Oregon, Washington and West Virginia next year and will work to reelect Democratic secretaries in North Carolina and Vermont. Padilla said the group also will support Democrats in races this fall in Kentucky, Louisiana and Mississippi….”

What It Means

It could signal national money available for Dems in this down-ballot race.


KC Keeps Panettiere

Mike Mahoney reports that “KC Mayor is keeping veteran KC lobbyist Sam Panettiere on the job in Jeff City representing KC interests in the state Capitol.  He’s an established presence in Jeff City.  Has been a lobbyist for KC since 2011.”

One MOScouter’s take: Definitely shows some savvy on the new Mayor's part to keep a Republican like Sam that has been effective with the Republican dominated legislature instead of ditching him for being close to his opponent, former Sen. Justus. 


Special Election Candidates

The candidates are set for the November 5 special elections. See them here. House 99 is the only one expected to be competitive. 

House 22 (Ellington seat)

Tammy Louise Herrera (R)

Yolanda Young (D)

Jeff Francis (G)

House 36 (McGee seat)

Mark A. Sharp (D)

Roberta Voorhees (G)

House 74 (Walker seat)

Mike Person (D)

Nicholas Kasoff (L)

House 78 (Franks seat)

Rasheen Aldridge (D)

House 99 (Evans seat)

Lee Ann Pitman (R)

Trish Gunby (D)

House 158 (Fitzpatrick seat)

Scott Cupps (R)

Lisa Kalp (D)


Tweet of the Day

Public Service Commission Chairman Ryan Silvey sees the future as he drives to work (see it here)… In 2 mos. I’ve put over 5,500 mi. on this @Tesla. Easily over 4,500 on Autopilot. I can’t even describe what a revolution this is for highway driving. It’s like waking up from the Matrix. The Driver’s Seat has become a Captain’s Chair & I welcome the rise of our robot overlords.



·         Here’s a visual representation of the top 20 states (by economy) over the past 50 years.  See it here.  I won’t spoil the ending.

·         Former Republican gubernatorial candidate Dave Spence has a capital event.  See it here“The North County headquarters of Legacy Pharmaceutical Packaging has been sold for $12.2 million.”

·         NYTimes reports on a growing threat of cyber terrorism: municipalities having their systems held hostage.  Read about it here“This has been the summer of crippling ransomware attacks. Wilmer — a town of almost 5,000 people just south of Dallas — is one of 22 cities across Texas that are simultaneously being held hostage for millions of dollars after a sophisticated hacker, perhaps a group of them, infiltrated their computer systems and encrypted their data. The attack instigated a statewide disaster-style response that includes the National Guard and a widening F.B.I. inquiry….”


Previewing the Weekender

MOScout Weekly poll looks at Senate 5, and the Hallway tells us what state senate seat will be most competitive.


New Committees

Tammy Herrera formed a candidate committee (The Herrera Committee) to run for House 22 as a Republican in the upcoming special election.

Mark Sharp formed a candidate committee (Sharp For House) to run for House 36 as a Democrat in the upcoming special election.


$5K+ Contributions

Hy-Vee Employees PAC Federal Committee - Missouri - $17,500 from Hy-Vee, Inc. Employees PAC.

Missourians for a Responsible Budget - $5,200 from Nexus PAC.


Lobbyist Registrations

Shawn Rhoads added Missouri Sheriffs Association.

David Sweeney added Utility Associates Inc.

Aaron Baker and Hannah Beers deleted Regulatory Consulting Group.  

Thomas George deleted University of Missouri - St. Louis.



Happy birthday to Neil Swanson.

Saturday: Bob Holden, Dan Stacy, Mary Cottom, and Anna Crosslin.

Sunday: Josh Peters, and Candice Doenges–Lozano.