MOScout Daily Update: HRCC Shake-Up - Conservative PAC to Back Moon - Parson STL Crime Day and more...

HRCC Shake-Up

Casey Wheat is out as the executive director of the House Republican Campaign Committee.  Her employment was terminated by the five-member board of the organization.  There are various rumors about what led to her ouster, but nothing I can confirm and pass along.  I’m told that HRCC political director Chase Campbell is taking the reins until a new ED is hired.

What It Means

·         It was a jarring move, with one source describing a “lot of anger/confusion in the caucus.”

·         There will probably be a lot of back and forth in the coming days to control the narrative: why she was fired and how it will affect the caucus’ political operations in 2020.

·         But immediately, there was concern about the shake-up’s impact on the upcoming special elections, now about six weeks away.

·         Particularly House 99 where Democrats are hoping capitalize on Republican weakness in the suburbs.


Driving the Day… Parson on STL Gun Violence

Thursday, September 19, 2019, Governor Mike Parson will hold a follow-up meeting with the City of St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson, St. Louis County Executive Sam Page, and other local, state, and federal law enforcement partners to propose immediate actions the state can take to help combat violent crime in the St. Louis region.

Governor Parson will also meet with Better Family Life, a St. Louis community development corporation, as well as the St. Louis Metropolitan Clergy Coalition, and federal, state, and local prosecutors to discuss how the state can assist.

Following the meetings, Governor Parson will hold a press conference [4:30PM] unveiling several of the state's immediate action items to help fight crime in the area.


CL PAC To Back Moon

I wrote yesterday that I didn’t think CL PAC – the Conservative Caucus’ vehicle to back senate primary candidates – would support Rep. Mike Moon in Senate 29.

I believe I was wrong.  Two new data points…

·         Two sources say that Moon was at the meeting at David Steward’s home where he was clearly on the CL PAC team.

·         Table Rock Conservative PAC was recently formed.  This is a PAC to support Moon.  Its treasurer is Mark Milton.  He’s also treasurer for CL PAC and Brattin Brigade PAC.  It’s likely we’ll see CL $$$ going to Table Rock – just as there were CL dollars sent to pro-Hoskins Old Drum PAC yesterday and the pro-Robert Ross PAC today


This is the Conservative Caucus / CL PAC “slate” in Republican Senate primaries:

·         Eddy Justice in Senate 25 against Rep. Jeff Shawan.

·         Rep. Holly Rehder in Senate 27 against Rep. Kathy Swan.

·         Rick Brattin in Senate 31 against Rep. Jack Bondon.

·         Rep. Robert Ross in Senate 33 against Van Kelly

·         Rep. Mike Moon in Senate 29 against David Cole. 


Aint Gonna Be No Primary

Two readers wrote to disagree about the possibility that Eigel faces a primary as a result of CL PAC’s activities…

·         The lack of quality candidates, no serious state rep is going to run, the lack of financial support, Eigel has been doing a great job of communicating and relationships, [would make a primary] a small distraction.

·         Eigel is the rare combination of a prolific fundraiser who is also in lockstep with conservative primary voters. There is over $500,000 in Eigel’s committee and Bill PAC and Governor Parson just headlined an event for him with support from St. Charles’ grassroots and party leaders as well as a who’s who of area donors. Most importantly, he’s focused on his Senate duties full time and taken care of business in his district.  A challenge from the left of Eigel is a fool’s errand that will ultimately fail in spectacular fashion.


Arthur Kick-Off

Sen. Lauren Arthur kicks off her re-election campaign tonight (5:30PM, Summit Grill). 

·         Arthur raised $100K last quarter; now has $194K on-hand. 

·         There’s no formally announced Republican candidate yet, though the expectation is that one will come forward.

·         In last month’s MOScout’s Hallway Index, zero respondents marked Arthur’s seat as “most likely to flip.”  In January 14% of respondents had put Senate 17 in that category.


Gubby Appts

From the gov’s office…

Governor Mike Parson announced eight appointments to various boards and commissions.

Teresa Coyan, Lynne Unnerstall, and Dana Hockensmith were appointed to the Mental Health Commission.

Bob Gattermeir, and Lance Mayfield were appointed to the State Lottery Commission.

W. Dudley McCarter was appointed to the Coordinating Board for Higher Education.

Bradley Scott was appointed to the Jackson County Sports Complex Authority.

Tom Skinner was appointed to the Board of Private Investigator and Private Fire Investigator Examiners.


New Committees

Jack PAC was formed.  Its treasurer is Patrick Lynn.


$5K+ Contributions

Ozark Gateway Leadership PAC - $10,000 from Missouri Growth PAC.

Johnson & Johnson PAC Missouri - $10,000 from Johnson & Johnson Political Action Committee.

Missourians for a Responsible Budget - $35,000 from CL PAC.

Team Robert PAC - $10,000 from CL PAC.

Uniting Missouri PAC - $25,000 from Anheuser Busch Companies.



Happy birthdays to Rachel Bringer, Michael McGhee, and Alex Salsman.