MOScout Daily Update: Poll: Parson up 10, 74% Want Background Checks - Pro-Moon PAC Gets $100K - Parson Unveils Crime Plan - Page on Family Leave and more....

MOScout/Human Agency Poll: Parson Up 10

In addition to the weekly polls by Remington Research, I’ve enlisted Human Agency to do monthly web-based polling during this election cycle.  (Of course I trust that both organizations pursue the truth.  However, it’s worth noting that Remington is owned by Republican strong-man Jeff Roe, and Human Agency is best described as utopian hippie-dippie.  So this brings something from both ends of the political spectrum).   See the full results here.

Monthly Tracker Poll: September 16-18, 2019

N = 825, MoE +-4%

Q: In the next 12 months do you expect your personal finances to be:

Much better - 10.2%

Somewhat better - 18.6%

About the same - 55.6%

Somewhat worse - 11.9%

Much worse - 3.8%

Q: Do you approve of the job Donald Trump is doing as President?

Approve - 55.5%

Disapprove - 42.6%

Not sure - 1.9%

Q: If the 2020 election for Governor of Missouri were held today, who would you vote for?

Nicole Galloway (D) - 35.9%

Mike Parson (R) - 45.0%

Not sure - 19.2%

Q: If the 2020 election for Missouri State Attorney General were held today, who would

you vote for?

Elad Gross (D) - 30.7%

Eric Schmitt (R) - 41.7%

Not sure - 27.5%

Q: Do you support or oppose background checks for all potential gun buyers?

Support - 74.5%

Oppose - 18.4%

Not sure - 7.1%

Q: Do you want to amend the Missouri Constitution to:

● Adopt Medicaid Expansion for persons 19 to 64 years old with an income level at

or below 133% of the federal poverty level, as set forth in the Affordable Care


● Prohibit placing greater or additional burdens on eligibility or enrollment

standards, methodologies or practices on persons covered under Medicaid

Expansion than on any other population eligible for Medicaid; and

● Require state agencies to take all actions necessary to maximize federal financial

participation in funding medical assistance under Medicaid Expansion?

Under this amendment, state government entities are estimated to have one-time costs

of approximately $6.4 million and an unknown annual net fiscal impact by 2026 ranging

from increased costs of at least $200 million to savings of $1 billion. Local governments

expect costs to decrease by an unknown amount.

Yes - 41.8%

No - 24.9%

Not sure - 33.4%


Moon PAC Gets $100K

The pro-Mike Moon PAC, Table Rock Conservative PAC, received $100,000 from the Dave Steward-funded CL PAC, considered a proxy for the Senate’s Conservative Caucus.

Review of CL PAC This Month

9/3 – CL PAC receives $100,000 from David Steward.

9/4 – CL PAC received $735,000 from David Steward.

9/9 – CL PAC contributes $75,000 to Uniting Missouri PAC (pro-Parson ) .

9/13 – CL PAC contributes $25,000 to Freedom's Promise PAC (pro-Koenig).

9/13 – CL PAC contributes $25,000 to Committee for Liberty.

9/16 – CL PAC contributes $100,000 to Brattin Brigade PAC (pro-Brattin).

9/16 – CL PAC receives $50,000 from David Steward.

9/16 – CL PAC contributes $10,000 to Conservative Citizens Coalition.

9/17 – CL PAC contributes $25,000 to Old Drum Conservative PAC (pro-Hoskins).

9/17 – CL PAC contributes $25,000 to MO Opportunity PAC (pro-Schmitt).

9/18 – CL PAC contributes $35,000 to Missourians for a Responsible Budget (pro-Fitzpatrick).

9/18 – CL PAC contributes $10,000 to Team Robert PAC (pro-Ross).

9/19 – CL PAC contributes $100,000 to Table Rock Conservative PAC (pro-Moon).


Parson’s STL Crime Plan

Post Dispatch reports on Governor Mike Parson’s plan to address gun violence in St. Louis City.  See it here.  It’s a yawner of timidity and incremental actions which will likely go unnoticed.

From the press release….

·         Two state troopers will be assigned to the ATF Strike Force.

·         Two state troopers will be assigned to the U.S. Marshals Fugitive Task Force.

·         Two state troopers and one cyber analyst will be assigned to the Mission SAVE Task Force.

·         Patrol surges will take place on interstates throughout St. Louis City, primarily on I-70 as well as I-55, I-44, and I-64, with four to six troopers assigned to each surge.

·         The Missouri Attorney General’s Office is working with the U.S. Attorney’s Office to assist with federal-level gun and drug cases.

·         The state currently has approximately $2 million in VOCA funds available specifically for the St. Louis region, which will be used to support Victim Service Days through the Missouri Department of Public Safety.

·         Probation and Parole is currently working with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department (SLMPD) on a heightened supervision program for violent offenders.

Democrats, predictably, criticized it as lacking any policy changes dealing with guns.  But beyond that, the plan lacks boldness.  It’s a little this and little that.  Where’s the “shock and awe?” Where’s the “this will not stand?”  Where’s the outrage that catalyzes forceful action and commands great resources?    

As one reader texted me: “Parson is a former sheriff, he should have crushed this.  It’s a joke.  $100 million for GM, but [ten] troopers for St. Louis?”

Parson Fundy

The governor stayed in St. Louis for a fundraiser with lots of heavy hitters… Andy Taylor, Sam Fox, and Warner Baxter… probably yielding hundreds of thousands of dollars with his PAC…


Page Leads on Family Leave

St. Louis County Executive Sam Page tweeted that he “requested paid parental and caregiver leave be offered to all County employees. As an employer, we strive to lead by example in making our environment a welcoming place for working families. Paid family leave is of low cost to taxpayers, and it’s the right thing to do.”  See it here.


New Committees

Cyndi Buchheit-Courtway formed a candidate committee (Buchheit-Courtway For Missouri) to run for House 115 as a Republican. The current incumbent, Republican Rep. Elaine Gannon, is termed.


$5K+ Contributions

Table Rock Conservative PAC - $100,000 from CL PAC.

Health Care Leadership Committee - $20,000 from Health Care Leadership Committee.

American Property Casualty Insurance Association Political Account - $39,125 from American Property Casualty Insurance Association.


Lobbyist Registrations

Gamble and Schlemeier added Graduation Alliance, Inc.

Robert Hollis added Broadway Lodging Two LLC, GKT Clark Lane LLC, TKG St. Peters Shopping Center LLC, and Hummingbird Properties LLC.



Happy birthdays to (Saturday) Sen. Tony Luetkemeyer, Roman LeBlanc, and Pat Strader.

Sunday: David Willis, and Bruce Franks.