MOScout Daily Update: Parson Kicks Off - Rehder Kicks Off - Veto/Special Week and more...

Parson Kicks Off

Big old-fashioned kick-off from Governor Mike Parson.  It was well-executed, professional, befitting a gubernatorial campaign.  Big crowd, big introduction, big speech.  And this slick new video.

Kick-off Bits

·         MO Soybean endorses Parson.  See it here.

·         Jason Hancock writes about Parson’s relationship with Steven Tilley. See it here.

·         Scott Charton analyzes Parson’s use of Missouree/Missouriah.  See it here.

·         In the large contributions (below), $150K+ was recorded for Parson’s Uniting Missouri PAC from his recent KC fundraiser.

·         “Parson Works” is the tagline of the campaign, but it looks like some MDP staffer grabbed that Twitter handle.  See it here.

·         Being the King of Typos myself, I hate to point this out, but come on KCStar, really?? “Parsons” on the front-page headline.  See it here.


Driving the Day… Rehder Kicks Off

This morning Rep. Holly Rehder officially launches her campaign for state senate with a new video, first seen here. It’s largely a biographical piece, telling her life story.  See it here.

I grew up poor – we survived on welfare and food stamps. At 15, I had to quit school to help take care of my family.  Not long after I was a high school drop-out married and pregnant

I could have chosen a life on welfare, but I didn’t want that for my daughter… I wanted the American Dream. I took whatever jobs I could find… a hotel maid, sewing factory in Cape during the day, fast food at night... also went to school at night and on the weekends, got my GED and my degree from Southeast Missouri State University,  We even started our own business. By the grace of God, my life is proof the American Dream is alive and well.  But we need to defend it…

State of the Race

·         A MOScout poll last month showed the race tied (Kathy Swan: 27%; Holly Rehder: 26%; and Undecided: 48%). 

·         In July, they reported cash on-hand numbers in the same ballpark, but with Rehder currently ahead $179,902 vs $125,745.


Driving the Week

Folks will start descending on Jefferson City today for Wednesday’ veto session and concurrent special session. 

I haven’t heard from anyone who thinks there will be surprises: no veto overrides and no derailment of the used auto trade-in fix.  But everyone thinks that Dems – especially in the Senate – will spend a few hours raising issues close to their heart.  Look for talk about the toll of gun violence and tepid government response, as well as concern about the number of children losing healthcare coverage.


Fundraisers will happen through the day, through the week.



Folks have asked for this list from time to time.  I’ve tried to compile a list of PACs which were established to (independently) support candidates.  Probably missing some, may have a few wrong, but here’s my best stab….

Committee Name                                                      Candidate

Uniting Missouri PAC                                                Mike Parson

American Dream PAC                                               Mike Kehoe

MO Opportunity PAC                                                Eric Schmitt

Keep Government Accountable                                 Nicole Galloway

Missourians for a Responsible Budget                       Scott Fitzpatrick

Believe in Life and Liberty - BILL PAC                   Bill Eigel

Lincoln PAC                                                               Lincoln Hough

Tony PAC                                                                   Tony Luetkemeyer

Show Me Leadership PAC                                         Scott Sifton

JeffCo Now PAC                                                        Paul Wieland

Freedom Promise PAC                                               Andrew Koenig

Old Drum Conservative PAC                                     Denny Hoskins

CL PAC                                                                      Conservative Caucus

Next Gen GOP PAC                                                   Shamed Dogan

Show Me Growth PAC                                              David Gregory

Accountability PAC                                                   Hannah Kelley

Crystal PAC                                                                Crystal Quade

Team Robert PAC                                                      Robert Ross

Holly PAC                                                                  Holly Rehder

Brush Fires PAC                                                         Cody Smith

Young Guns PAC                                                       Rob Vescovo

Justice for All PAC                                                    Eddy Justice

Lyda Krewson Leadership PAC                                 Lyda Krewson

DougPAC                                                                   Doug Beck

St. Louis Progress                                                       Steven Roberts Jr.


Driving MNEA’s IP

As MNEA considers an initiative petition to roll-back the income tax-cuts and direct the extra revenue to education, here are some news pieces they may point to, justifying the need for higher teacher salaries and other costs…

·         KY3 reports on rising number of English-learning students and a teacher shortage.  See it here.

·         MO Lawyers Media reports on the Kansas City schools “innovating” to fill teacher vacancies.  See it here.

·         And KCUR reports on teacher vacancies – and also bus drivers.  See it here.


eMailbag on STL Biz Community

Does the St. Louis business community have a unified position on guns?  If so that’s news to me... [And] There isn’t much evidence that the larger business community is with the conservative caucus, but the scary question is does the caucus (have to) care?  With that much funding I’m not sure they do.


Help Wanted

Operation Food Search seeks Public Policy Analyst. “Reporting to the Director of Policy & Innovation, this individual will conduct research, analyze data, co-design strategy, and create content in support of policy efforts to protect and enhance food access for vulnerable populations in Missouri…” See the ad here.


New Committees

Nathan Bowen formed a candidate committee (Missourians For Bowen) to run for House 157 as a Republican.  The current incumbent, Rep. Mike Moon, is termed.


$5K+ Contributions

Uniting Missouri PAC - $50,000 from Ketchmark & McCreight PC.

Uniting Missouri PAC - $50,000 from Penn National Gaming Inc.

Uniting Missouri PAC - $15,000 from Kansas City Power & Light.

Uniting Missouri PAC - $6,000 from Summit View Farms. 

Uniting Missouri PAC - $37,500 from Supporters of Health Research & Treatments.


Lobbyist Registrations

Heath Clarkston, Doug Nelson, and Kurt Schaefer added Garcia Laboratory.



Happy birthdays to Rep. Alan Green, Dave Plemmons, Mark Habbas, Zach Pollock, Rod Jetton, Jorgen Schlemeier, Jack Goodman, Delbert Scott, and Garrett Webb.