DESE Corrects Gubby Spox

This December 26 Missourian article (see it here) pits two state government communication officials against each other to try to uncover the truth. The governor’s man, Parker Briden, gets schooled.

Pull Quote: Briden said there has not been a performance increase to match the funding increase. So we looked at data for student performance on standardized tests. Sarah Potter, the communications coordinator for the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, said Briden is wrong.  Missouri Assessment Program, or MAP, is the primary measure for K-12 schools in Missouri.  MAP scores actually increased in all content areas between 2016 and 2017. English language arts saw a 1 percent increase, math saw a 1.4 percent increase, science saw a 2.1 percent increase, and American government saw a 1.7 percent increase….