Whether MOScout Should Print the Age of a Woman on her Birthday




Woman, Lobbyist: I didn’t realize I had transported back to 1955 when I woke up this morning… Print the ages.


Man, Observer: I like the birthday notices, and, not being totally serious, but if women are going to have full weight in society at large, you've got to own your age and not let your age own you.


Man, Lobbyist: Oh come on politically correct and polite people ! Age is only a number right? It is not like it knocked someone out of popularity because their age is over say 30? Remember it is only a number used to chronicle your time here on this mortal coil.


Man, Lobbyist: Nothing says equality like treating one sex different than the other. I say either list them for both or don't list them for both.


Man, Former legislator: if you're not gonna print #s of women birthdays, then don't print men's. Whatever you decide, just treat both the same - isn't that what equality is all about?


Woman, Politico: Some men are just as touchy about their age, as far as mine, print it. Do women want to be equal or not?


Man, Operative: I am for equality.  If you print the guys’ ages, print for the ladies.


Woman, Legislator: In view of gender discrimination issues, print everyone's age or no one's.



Woman, Lobbyist: No ages.



Woman, Lobbyist: I assume you get our ages from facebook or some other public place. If I didn't want you or anyone to know how old I was, I would keep that shit private so you couldn't publish it.


Man, Lobbyist: I have no feelings either way but your age poll made me think of a quote —  A diplomat is a man who always remembers a woman's birthday but never remembers her age.


Man, Operative: Replace "age" with "spirit animal." Mine is a mongoose.