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Humphreys Follow-Up

On Saturday, I speculated what David Humphreys’ denouncement of Jay Ashcroft was a prelude to.  I received this note from his lobbyist, Jorgen Schlemeier

“Dave, your assessment of David Humphreys’ statement is reading it through a political lens.  He is neither attempting to remove himself from politics nor encourage an opponent to Ashcroft, but instead his intent is one of policy, which is to get the law changed. Jorgen”

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Tonight, Missouri Democrats gather for their annual Truman Dinner in St. Louis.  “The dinner is expected to have over 400 Democrats in attendance to hear from speakers Senator Jamilah Nasheed, Representative Crystal Quade, and making her first speech since announcing her campaign for Governor, State Auditor Nicole Galloway…”

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Who Is Liberty Alliance?

The most buzz from the State Fair was generated by some folks wearing “Liberty Alliance” t-shirts, handing out Don’t Tread on Me stickers.  One of them was former Greitens staffer Scott Turk.

Who is Liberty Alliance?  See their webpage here.  And their Facebook page here.  And their Twitter here.

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Maybe Don’t Run on the Economy?

Yesterday’s stock market sell-off has folks using the “R word.”

I’ve been saying that it’s smart of Team Parson to try to stick with the policies in the governor’s wheelhouse – workforce development and infrastructure – because they reinforce the political asset of a strong economy.  But perhaps I’m wrong and it’s best to follow the president’s lead and make America’s cultural war the centerpiece. 

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Big Biz News
Big business news hit both of Missouri’s coasts yesterday.
On the eastern side: “Bunge Ltd., an agriculture, food and ingredients company, will move its global headquarters from White Plains, New York, to its offices in Chesterfield..."
On the western side: “Missouri Gov. Mike Parson and Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly on Tuesday celebrated what they said is an end to the longstanding economic border war..."
What It Means
This is likely the central theme of the Parson re-election campaign: jobs, jobs, jobs.

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Meet MadamPAC

Madam for America is a new political action committee, organized last month, which has been soliciting folks for funds.According to their website (see it here) they are “dedicated to identifying, recruiting, training and electing Black women to every level of government in the Midwest who believe in our agenda of criminal justice reform, quality housing, education and healthcare as well as economic equality, voting rights and supporting small businesses.”

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Galloway Says She’s In

Breaking this morning…. Audit Nicole Galloway has posted a snappy 2-minute video announcing that she is running for governor.  See it here.

From the video: “Dark money flows from corporations to lobbyists.  The governor takes their money, and does their bidding… it’s a broken system, the old way of doing politics.”

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This week, the MOScout Poll looks at the Senate 27 Republican primary.  Survey conducted August 7-8. 520 likely 2020 Republican Primary Election voters... Margin of Error is +/-4.3%.

TYPE OF GOP: Thinking about the various types of voters within the Republican party, which type of voter do you consider yourself to be? Evangelical, a Trump Republican, Traditional, Libertarian, or something else?

Evangelical: 21%

Trump: 46%

Traditional: 19%

Libertarian: 2%

Something else: 12%

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Copycat Shooter Comes to MO?

Missourinet reports on some bozo walking into a Walmart in Springfield wearing combat fatigues, with a tactical rifle and ammo. See it here

He was arrested, but the thing is, as Jeremy Cady tweets, I’m not sure there’s any law broken.  With a few exceptions, you can walk around with guns (and body armor and ammo) wherever you want. 

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Stenger Sentencing Back and Forth

Post-Dispatch reports on the Steve Stenger sentencing: Federal prosecutors say 37 months in prison is not enough for former St. Louis County Executive Steve Stenger…

What It Means

My reading of this is that Stenger didn’t/couldn’t help the Feds enough.  If he’d been cooperative and brought information and testimony to land a bigger fish, I imagine Goldsmith wouldn’t be hammering away.

This could be the end of the show, folks.

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Gossip from HRCC’s Summer Caucus

Tidbits from the House Republican Campaign’s Summer Caucus last weekend in Kansas City….

  • As I wrote Saturday, a special session running concurrent with veto session is a real possibility.

  • Rumors have the governor appointing some term-limited legislators to state positions between now and the start of session…

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More Stenger Scarface Quotes

Post-Dispatch reports on the Feds’ sentencing memo for Steve StengerSee it here.  It’s full of crazy, profane quotes.  But honestly this St. Louis County scandal hasn’t produced any quotes as snappy and memorable as our Jeff City brew-ha-has… “Green balloons,” “Munich is a cool place,” “Eric, why you gettin’ all yelly,” “Proper pull-up,” etc….

Nothing here that will enter the lobbyist lexicon, unfortunately.

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Shippy to Campaign

Team Parson announced that Steele Shippy was moving from the government side to the campaign side.  Shippy has been serving as communications director in the governor’s office.  He’s now taking the helm as campaign manager for Governor Mike Parson’s re-election effort.

What It Means

·         The first of likely several moves we’ll see in the next couple of months as Parson moves toward a war-footing ahead of next year’s campaign.

·         Look for similar moves from Team Galloway, probably soon after or in conjunction with a mid-August official entry announcement.

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Economist: MO Should Expand Medicaid

Springfield News Leader reports that “Missouri's low taxes and diverse manufacturing sector are strong economic assets for the Show-Me State, but that the state lags in educational achievements and that embracing Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act would likely lower health care premiums…

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O’Laughlin on Tax Credits

Sen. Cindy O'Laughlin on Facebook before chairing the first meeting of the Interim Committee on Tax Credit Efficiency and Reform, writes: I think there's a case to be made for economic incentive but the reality is massive amounts of tax credits result in a consequence which is lower general revenue… When you look at the picture in totality it's startling. I'd like to see greater accountability in the tax credit system and I'd like to see the credits scaled back. Scaled back a lot….