Monday, October 16, 2017

Q&A#1:  How Much Steelman Is Too Much Steelman?

Short answer: We may be approaching Steelman fatigue in the building.


It’s seems like Steelman, Steelman, Steelman everywhere you look these days. The data points in the Steelman Overload script are mostly weak, but there are several of them.


The biggest examples of the Steelman reach are Sarah Steelman running the Office of Administration, and David Steelman seated as a curator of the University of Missouri.


Sarah has kept the relatively low profile of a director of OA, taking care of the nuts and bolts of running a state government.  However David’s influence is being observed (or imagined) in a variety of instances.


With a personality that can fill a room (or a small arena), David is said to have been the prime actor that scuttled the search.  According to the narrative emerging from close observers, when the process came down to the final two candidates, it was either going to be Steelman’s guy or no guy.  The resulting impasse led to the university ending up with nobody and now starting the process over.


Over the weekend, the Catalyst lobbying firm registered for a new client, University of Missouri Health Care. Catalyst hired the Steelman’s son, Michael Steelman, late last year.


And before that, there was the Greitens appointment of Courtney Lauer-Myers to be the student representative on the board of curators.  Lauer-Myers worked for Jane Cunningham and Doug Libla in the Senate… and is dating Sam Steelman.


One capitol player who speaks of David Steelman in glowing terms says it’s just in his nature to be aggressively involved.  Anything he’s interested in, he’ll dive into.  He’s not the type to sit back and wait for an issue to come to him.  Because he has that reputation, it’s possible Steelman fingerprints are seen now on more item than he’s even touched.


Meanwhile… Rumorville: Schnieders to Mizzou

A few sources say that Pro Tem Ron Richard’s chief of staff, Dusty Schnieders, will be headed to go help out with government relations with Mizzou.  Tipster says… “he’s going to be in the #2 position in the office. Will work with [Statehouse Strategies] Jay [Reichard] and Andy [Blunt]…”


Who will take Schnieders’ place in Richard’s office?  The early line is on either Heidi Kolkmeyer or Josh Foster taking over.


Schupp $500K+ On-Hand

The deadline isn’t until tonight, but in Senate 24 Sen. Jill Schupp reported her fundraising quarter and showed a strong quarter.  She raised another $133K, and now has $510K on-hand without any announced Republican opponent.


Rep. Charlie Davis, running in Senate 32, reported $14K raised.  He now has 20K on-hand, trailing Rep. Bill White. White previously filed his report showing $118K on-hand. It’s said that some Joplin civvies are still looking for another candidate – perhaps a businessman-type – to run for this seat (Ron Richard termed).


Greitens Uses PP Lawsuit In Fundraising Appeal

Governor Eric Greitens is wearing a Planned Parenthood lawsuit as a badge of honor – and a fundraising opp…

From the email blast

BREAKING: Planned Parenthood is suing Missouri to block the pro-life legislation Eric Greitens championed.

Eric will protect the innocent unborn, and he won't allow an organization like Planned Parenthood to bully Missourians—but he needs your help.

Can we count on you to help keep Missouri a pro-life state? Stand with Eric, and stand up to abortion activists.

- Team Greitens


Just So You Know

On the Lexington Missouri website (see it here though my browser was scared of the website), there’s a letter from the mayor about their recent efforts to collect on delinquent water bills.    See the letter here.

The City of Lexington Administrative Department desires to inform you that 162 Lexington citizens were delinquent in paying their water bills. This amounted to approximately $10,000.00.

The delinquent customers were advised by “door hangers” their water service would be shut off immediately.

Just so you know this procedure was recommended by the State Auditor Nicole Galloway. No one in this City Administration decided to implement this shut off procedure policy.  Again, to be clear the two clerks, City Clerk and two others in the office heard curse words and nasty comments from delinquent customers.  The question must be asked; is there any responsibility of ownership to pay bills on time? It must take a reorder of delinquent citizens priorities. Again this outcry on social media is over a 162 Lexington Citizens that were delinquent in paying their water bills – not the City of Lexington’s administrative Department.

Who’s bad is that?

If you have any questions  please come see me.

Thank you,

Mayor Jerry Brown


Calzone on Kraus

In Facebook discussion on Jacob Turk’s Senate 8 candidacy, non-registered lobbyist Ron Calzone wonders if Will Kraus went soft in order to get his gubernatorial appointment…

Leaving his office this way creates all sorts of problems, the least of which is not the question of the integrity of the legislative process.

As one example, I will always wonder if Kraus backed off his opposition to REAL ID, which the Governor was pushing, because of this appointment to what I suspect is the best paying job he has ever had -- one I suspect is much higher paying than anything he would have gotten by his own merits in the private sector.

If they are as committed to ethics reform as they claim, the Senate should refuse to confirm his appointment.


Dotson in Midland?

Former St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson is a finalist for the chief job in Midland Texas.  From that hometown paper’s Q&A….

“Sam Dotson is a person who will bring a progressive police department, a modern police department that will invest in the things that matter. I am a management-by-walking-around guy. I like to be out. I like to be accessible. Police chiefs have to be accessible, people have to know their chief, and they have to be comfortable talking to their chief. That is who you get with Sam Dotson.”


New Committees

Angelica Earl formed a candidate committee (Angelica Earl For Missouri) to run for a 2018 statewide office as a Democrat.  See her twitter here.  She’s been mentioned as an also-ran primary opponent to U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill, but that would be a federal office not a state office.  Maybe she filed this at the state level by mistake – or maybe she’s considering an auditor run?


Austin Montee formed a candidate committee (Montee For State Representative) to run for House 10 as a Democrat. Austin is the son of former state auditor Susan MonteeThis was rumored back in July. The current incumbent, Rep. Pat Conway, is termed.


$5K+ Contributions

Lewis & Clark Northern Missouri Forum - $10,000 from Sellenriek Construction.

Lewis & Clark Northern Missouri Forum - $10,000 from T and N Inc.

Committee to Move St. Joseph Forward - $25,119 from News-Press Media Group.

HealthPAC - $10,700 from Healthcare Leadership Committee Federal Account.

MR PAC - $29,000 from Schnucks Market Inc.

Frankline County Leadership PAC - $10,000 from Greg Hoberock

Missouri First - $12,500 from Altria Client Services.

New Approach PAC - $50,000 from Phil Harvey.

Citizens for a Safer St. Louis - $125,000 from Civic Progress Action Committee.

KC Transportation Transit and Tourism Committee (KC3T) – $15,000 from H&R Block.

KC Transportation Transit and Tourism Committee (KC3T) – $25,000 from The Civic Council of Greater Kansas City.

KC Transportation Transit and Tourism Committee (KC3T) – $25,000 from Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce.

KC Transportation Transit and Tourism Committee (KC3T) – $10,000 from Briarcliff Development Company.

Citizens for Megan Thompson – $50,000 from Megan Thompson.

Citizens for Megan Thompson – $10,000 from Matthew Thompson.

Citizens for Megan Thompson – $30,000 from TK Thompson.


By The Way

What is Citizens For Megan Thompson?  It’s the candidate committee for Megan Thompson, County Clerk Clay County.



Happy birthdays to former Sen. Rita Days, and former Alderman Antonio French.