Monday, August 1, 2016

Greitens Finishes as He Began

Eric Greitens’ closing TV ad is similar to the ad he used to open his campaign.  He’s playing soldier, shooting a gun at something.  See it here.

From my in-box… “Silliest Greitens ad yet…”  “This is performance art…”  “Weapons of war have no place in the homeland… They should not be used as a symbol of how we plan to deal with domestic political rivals…”  “I know 2 big donors who've asked for their $ back since his ads began. Their campaign has ignored the requests.”


MRL: Anyone But Greitens

Meanwhile Missouri Right to Life continues to say they’re OK with any Republican candidate for governor except Eric Greitens.

Here’s an email blast:

“Because we feel so strongly that Eric Greitens is a danger to pro-life Missouri, MRL PAC Board Members join together with our many PAC volunteers and other concerned pro-lifers in our message of opposition to Greitens. Because of his intentional unwillingness to fill out a pro-life survey or talk to pro-life leaders, we do not know his positions on pro-life issues. Eric Greitens claims to be pro-life, but we do not know how he defines pro-life.”


And they’re also doing robo-calls which hit a little harder.  They feature Susan Klein“Eric Greitens is not endorsed by Missouri Right to Life PAC… We believe that a vote for Eric Greitens is a vote against life…”


Bubs’ Revenge Post

On Facebook, former building denizen Bubs Hohulin lashes out at his old boss, LG candidate Mike ParsonSee it here.

Pull Quote: I am especially concerned about the race for Missouri Lieutenant Governor. This primary election pits Bev Randles against Mike Parson. I spent 2 years working for Mike Parson as his Chief of Staff and saw firsthand why he should NOT be our next Lieutenant Governor.

His understanding of issues is startlingly weak…

The thing that probably bothered me the most was the way he treated people he deemed to be beneath him…


From another building dweller (and echoed by others): “It just seems like Bubs now has a bit of an axe to grind after he was fired from Parson's staff…”


A Fresh Charter Reform Effort in STL?

St. Louis City has a few regular political cicada cycles.  One of them is charter reform.  And it looks like a new effort is underway.  Signature collections for a proposal (See a sneak peek here) which looks to have multiple aspects to it.  It would both consolidate the recorder of deeds office with the assessor office, and it would create a “police body-worn camera fund” established by the comptroller.

We’ll see….


eMailbag: Year of the Outsider?

I'm predicting a win by Greitens, Randles, Hawley, Ashcroft and Eigel.  What do all these candidates have in common?  They've never held public office.  Neither has Donald Trump.  It's almost like voters are saying, "we're just going to do the exact opposite of what we've always done!"


$5K+ Contributions

Schnelting for Missouri - $7,000 from Greg Hoberock.

Missourians for Randles - $25,000 from Missouri Club for Growth.

Harmon 2016 - $10,000 from Leapers Inc.



Happy birthdays to Rep. Bill Reiboldt, and Shannon Weber.



MOScout Pundit Contest… Want to be crowned the king or queen of punditry?  Email me ( your guesses on the primary election by Noon today (Monday).

Tell me the winners of: Republican primaries for Governor, LG, AG, Senate 23, Senate 15, and the Democratic primaries of AG and Treasurer.  Tie-breaker: winner and % of St. Louis City circuit attorney’s race.