Monday, August 13, 2012

MOScout Poll: Missouri in Play?

In the Missouri Scout poll conducted last week, there were some surprising results.  See the full report here.


Here are some additional results:

Right Track/Wrong Track

In general, are things in Missouri headed in the right direction, or are things off on

the wrong track?

Right direction: 45.2%

Wrong track:  54.8


Presidential Race

If the election for President was today, would you vote for Barack Obama, the

Democrat or Mitt Romney the Republican?

Obama:  46.8%

Romney:  47.9%

Undecided:  5.3%



Cunningham to Join SW Cabal?

Looking at the factions within the Senate Republican Caucus, one assumes that former state representative Mike Cunningham in Senate 33 will fall in with the southwest tribe of Sens. Ron Richard, Jay Wasson, Bob Dixon and Mike Parson.  Parson often acts as their ambassador to the broader caucus.  Cunningham was most recently chief of staff to Wasson.



When You See Diehl Wearing a Bolo Tie…

It’s said that the House Republican Campaign Committee raised $600K at their summer caucus, smashing the old fundraising record of $397K.


During their auction, Rep. Bart Korman, known for wearing a bolo tie, offered to wear a necktie in order to juice the bids for a necktie.  For the small price of $500/day, he would sport a necktie during session.  As caucus members added days to his fashion term, Rep. John Diehl jumped into the action, offering to wear a bolo tie during session for the same price.


At the end of the bidding, $40,000 had been raised.




DSCC Hits Akin on Social Security

In the ad Congressman Todd Akin says unabashedly, “I don’t like it; I didn’t design Social Security; FDR put it in place…”  See it Here.


This is the real problem for Republicans: Akin has a record Dems can run against.  And they will.


I wouldn’t have said this three months ago, but if I had to bet my house today, I’d bet on McCaskill.


Where’s it Playing?

This is part of an on-going heavy buy by the DSCC.  Feeling like a junkie this morning?

Ad buy files are now online…  Here’s DSCC’s KSDK buy (St. Louis NBC); here’s their WDAF buy (Kansas City FOX).  These reports do give some indication of the overall market buys.


I’m still feeling my way around the FCC site but it seems that we’re only going to get St. Louis and Kansas City because for now only top 50 media markets have to report (and only the networks).  I will try to find a way to integrate TV buys into my daily updates.



Carlson to Supporters: The Most Important Thing is an Accurate Count

In House 87, Rep. Susan Carlson signals a protracted process over the tight vote count.


Dear Friends,


The results so far from Election Day show that my opponent has ONE VOTE more than my vote total, 1,823 to 1,822!


These results are designated by the St. Louis County Board of Election Commissioners as "Unofficial."… 


As you can imagine, we are in close contact with the Election Board, and our lawyers are monitoring the process to make sure that all votes are counted accurately.  We will do our best to keep you updated on developments in the coming days and weeks.


We are, of course, hopeful that the final vote count will be in my favor.   If it is not, I will offer my congratulations to my opponent, and will continue to work towards the public policies and values I hold dear.  The most important thing, to both of us as well as all residents of the 87th district, is that every effort be made to insure that all votes cast are counted accurately….


Warm regards,




Lobbyist Registrations

From the Pelopidas website:


Brian Elderbroom and Robin Olsen deleted The Pew Charitable Trusts.



$5K+ Contributions

House Republican Campaign Committee Inc. - $15,000 from Ameren Missouri PAC.

House Republican Campaign Committee Inc. - $10,000 from Enterprise Holdings Inc PAC.

House Republican Campaign Committee Inc. - $15,000 from Dealers Interested in Government.

Jay Nixon for Missouri - $10,000 from Central Bancompany PAC.

Fred Sauer Governor - $30,000 from Frederick G Sauer.

Schoeller for Missouri - $10,000 from SRC Holdings Corporation.

Citizens for Ed Emery - $5,025 from Dempsey for Senate.

Pearce for Senate - $5,025 from Dempsey for Senate.

Citizens for Our Library and Our Community - $75,000 from Civic Progress Action Committee.



Cash Commentary

“Dealers” are probably interested in overriding Governor Jay Nixon’s veto of the auto tax.


Fred Sauer is settling up the bills from his quixotic gubernatorial campaign.


HRCC was collecting checks over their summer get together.


Presumptive pro tem Dempsey is shoring up winners from the primary.




Happy birthday to Aaron Baker (the big 3-0), and former Rep. Ed Wildberger (63).