Second Update - August 8, 2012

Second Round of Reactions

More Winners

Oddly, no on emailed or texted me “winners” this morning.


But our hats go off to everyone who ran regardless of outcome.  Or in my case, to everyone who makes a prediction, regardless of outcome.  The MOScout picks from three weeks ago can be found here (reds are wrong, greens ok).


More Losers

Sarah Palin:  “Steelman went big with the mama grizzly b.s. and, somehow, Republican voters with more than a 3rd grade education were not wowed.”


Robin Carnahan: Having a slow and clunky election night website not the best way for exiting from public office.


Roy Temple: Lost his Missouri touch.  Both the candidates he was advising (Crystal Williams and Judy Baker) lost.



How Did the Political Consultants Fare?

Obviously they had various levels of involvement with each race.  I am sure I will hear why they were or weren’t involved in this or that.  “Defeat is an orphan” and all that.  But I’m going by MEC records.  You get paid, you get the credit or blame…


Dave Hageman – Won SOS (Schoeller), and Senate 3 (Romine), but lost Senate 21 (Mike McGhee), Senate 27 (Ellen Brandom), and Senate 31 (Scott Largent) and Senate 33 (Ward Franz).  The knock here will be that he took on more than he should have and was overextended.


David Barklage: Lost SOS (Scott Rupp), and Senate 27 (Ellen Brandom), but won Governor (Dave Spence) and Senate 33 (Mike Cunningham).


Jeff Roe: Lost SOS (Bill Stouffer), and Senate 31 (Scott Largent), but won House 116 (Kevin Engler) and House 31 (Sheila Solon).


John Hancock: Lost US Senate (John Brunner), the $7-8 million price tag has to make this particularly painful.


Mike Kelley: Won Senate 13 (Gina Walsh), but lost House 79 (Martin Casas) and House 84 (Mike Owens).


James Harris: Won Senate 27 (Wayne Wallingford) and House 64 (Robert Cornejo).


Logan Thompson: Won LG (Peter Kinder).  Write one GOP-er “Deserves credit for saving the Titanic.”




Who is Ed Emery?  “A less entertaining Jason Crowell,” says one lobbyist.  He’ll want to get involved in every issue, even when he doesn’t have expertise in the area.


Revenge of the Pearce?  Rex Sinquefield funded Missouri Club for Growth plowed $250K and Stan Herzog funded Freedom PAC added another $50K  into Senate 21 against incumbent Sen. David Pearce.  Will Pearce take his revenge on the school reformers by spiking any of their bills that come into his Education Committee?  The consensus is No.  He’s not that kind of guy.  That means that the next time he runs for something, his political enemies will be equally fearless in


But one lobbyist says even if Pearce is kind and gentle, his chief of staff “Kool-Aid” Michelson may go Luca Brasi on the offenders.



On Your Marks…

It’s started folks.


From Sen. Claire McCaskill’s fundraising email last night:

“During the Republican primary, Akin made statement after statement that showed just how out of touch he is with working-class Missouri families. Here are a few of the most shocking:  He compared federal student loans to ‘Stage III cancer.’ He didn't know what the federal minimum wage was, and wants to get rid of it altogether.  He wants to hand Social Security over to Wall Street.  He wants to privatize Medicare.  He wants to preserve taxpayer subsidies for big oil and gas companies.”


From Politico’s Morning Score:

The third-party attack ads start up again.  See the latest hit on McCaskill here.