Friday, March 30, 2012

Went to DC To Do Good, and Did Very Well?

The St. Louis Business Journal this morning has a front page story on Missouri congressional delegation paying family members. Congressman Lacy Clay leads the pack.


Pull Quote:  “Clay’s leadership PAC and campaign committee paid his sister Michelle Clay’s law office a total of $292,557 in fees during his 2008 and 2010 election campaigns for services such as fundraising, political consulting, data entry, campaign management and legal counsel.”



Senate Race Bits

Senate 7

In attendance at Rep. Jason Holsman’s Monday night Jeff City fundy: Randy Scherr, Mike Lodewegen, Ann Brand, Kyna Iman, David Jackson, Dawn Heidbreder, Brian Bernskoetter, Century Link’s Doug Galloway and Claudia Sands, KCPL’s Cara Hoover, former Rep. Jeff Roorda, Rep. Terry Swinger, Daryl Duwe, Jessica Hodges, and Giddens Groupies Nancy Giddens, Shannon Cooper and Jessica Land.



Senate 25

Look for Republicans to try to “nationalize” the bootheel Senate 25 race.  The Democratic nominee Rep. Terry Swinger is well-liked, so they’ll highlight his more Democratic votes: redistricting votes to “protect Russ Carnahan” and voting to “set up the Obamacare health exchange.”



Clearing the In-Box Before the Weekend

Lobbyist: “You see all the tax credit bills filed in the House this year?  With the budget shortfalls, what world are they legislating in?”



Pessimistic Dem: “I cannot see how Claire McCaskill wins with her polling numbers even though the Republicans are running horrible campaigns. Lt governor Republican will win as well. Governor’s race will be in the single digit margin. Koster and Clint should be less than 5 percent winning margin.”



House Dem on Final Senate Map: “Senate Ds agreed to a map that wouldn’t even give them enough members to sustain a veto.  Thankfully Sen. Kurt Schaefer saved them. And the final map is much better.”



Lobbyist: “Education reform seems to be on a track to nowhere because no one wants to settle for some reform.”




The Senate overrode the governor’s veto of the workers comp bill.  All eight Democrats voted against the override, plus one Republican… Sen. Luann Ridgeway.   Because House Republicans lost so many of their own members during the initial vote, observers assume there’s no chance for an override in that chamber.



China Hub to get some limited incentives.  Post-Dispatch has the story Here.



Republican House members without an opponent are starting to pay their tributes to HRCC.  $52K has hit so far.



Molina Healthcare sues to stop losing their state contract.  Read the suit Here.



Speed kills.  Not cellphones.  Story Here.



Below in the large contributions, the Senate’s “majority fund” drops $100K into Sen. Jim Lembke’s campaign account.



Lobbyists’ Principals Changes

From the Pelopidas website:


Gary L. Burton, Jim Foley, Chris Liese, Mike Gibbons, and Tricia Workman added Home State Health Care.

Brian Colby added MO Health Advocacy Alliance.

James Harris added Northside Regeneration LLC.

Tiffany Ingram added Natural Resources Defense Council.



$5K+ Contributions

Kander for Missouri - $5,000 from Burns & McDonnell.

Jay Nixon for Missouri - $5,000 from Seafarers Political Activity Donation.

Friends of Wayne Wallingford - $5,000 from Crader Distributing Company.

Lembke for Senate - $100,000 from Missouri Senate Campaign Committee.

Elect Cynthia Davis - $7,000 from James and Michelle Finch.

FreedomPAC - $40,000 from Missourians for Responsible Government

Jay Nixon for Missouri - $10,000 from MHA Political Action.

Kander for Missouri - $5,001 from Sosland & Co.

Missourians for Koster - $8,000 from John O’Connor.

Missourians for Koster – $10,000 from Anheuser-Busch Companies.

Missourians for Koster –  $17,000 from Wagstaff & Cartmell LLP.

Missourians for Koster – Kansas City Power & Light Co.

Missourians for Koster - $25,000 from Davis Ketchmark McCreight & Ivers PC.

Missourians for Koster – $5,000 from Missouri health Care Association PAC.

Missourians for Koster - $5,000 from Selling Source LLC.

Missourians for Koster - $5,000 from American Traffic Solutions Inc.




Happy birthdays to Sen. David Pearce (52), former state senator Wes Shoemyer (51), former Rep. Jeff Roorda (47).



Saturday: Allen Icet (55).